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Breath of Life: A Theology of the Creator Spirit

Breath of Life: A Theology of the Creator Spirit

by Denis EdwardsDenis Edwards
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ISBN-13: 9781570755255
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Pages: 214
Sales rank: 1,128,054
Product dimensions: 5.96(w) x 9.16(h) x 0.45(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Two Building Blocks for a Theology of the Spirit
1.The Story of the Universe7
The Story of the Universe10
Made from Stardust13
2.Basil on the Holy Spirit16
Basil's Lived Theology of the Spirit17
God as Communion21
The Breath of God as the Communion-Bringer26
Part 2The Story of the Spirit
3.Breathing Life into a Universe of Creatures33
Biblical Tradition of the Breath of Life35
Patristic Theology of the Creator Spirit39
The Spirit as the Immanent Source of the New in an Emergent Universe43
4.Enfolding Human Beings in Grace50
Experience of the Holy Spirit51
The Grace of the Spirit and Salvation through Christ55
The Spirit of God and the Religious Traditions of Humankind59
5.Bringing About the Christ Event66
Mark: Jesus as One on Whom the Spirit Descends like a Dove66
Matthew: Jesus as Conceived from the Holy Spirit68
Luke-Acts: Jesus as Anointed with the Holy Spirit69
John: Jesus as the One on Whom the Spirit Rests72
Contemporary Spirit Christologies75
Jesus as the Spirit-Anointed Wisdom of God78
6.Poured Out on the Church87
Charismatic and Prophetic Movements of the Spirit87
Reciprocity of Word and Spirit91
Reciprocity of Local Church and Universal Church96
Reciprocity of Synodality and Ordained Ministry98
The Life of the Church as One Long Invocation of the Spirit101
Part 3Exploring the Theology of the Creator Spirit
7.The Spirit as Midwife and Companion as Creation Groans in Giving Birth105
Self-Limitation in Love in the Work of Creation107
The Spirit as Midwife to the Birth of the New110
The Spirit as Faithful Companion Accompanying Each Creature112
8.A Distinctive and Proper Role of the Spirit in Creation117
The Immanent One Who Creates through Bringing Each Creature into Dynamic Relationship with the Divine Communion117
A Proper Role for the Spirit of God in Creation121
The Spirit of God as the "Unspeakable Closeness of God"128
9.A Relational Universe Evolving within the Relational Life of God130
Entities Are Constituted by Relationships131
Individual Entities Have Their Own Integrity134
The Universe Has an Emergent Character and Evolves in Time136
A Particular Form of Panentheism139
Part 4Two Particular Issues in Spirit Theology
10.The Procession of the Spirit145
Basil and the Other Cappadocians on the Procession of the Spirit146
Toward a Theology of Reciprocal Relations of Word and Spirit148
11.Discernment of the Spirit158
Discernment of the Spirit as Following Jesus159
The Cognitive Dimension of Discernment160
The Discernment of Interior Movements162
Discernment on the Basis of the Experience of Being Drawn Wholly into God's Love167
Conclusion: The Creator Spirit: Making All Things New171

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