Breaking the Silence: Poetry and the Kenotic Word

Breaking the Silence: Poetry and the Kenotic Word




This book of essays on poetic speech, viewed in a literary-critical, theological and philosophical light, explores the connections and disconnections between vulnerable human words, so often burdened with doubt and pain, and the ultimate kenosis of the divine Word on the Cross. An introductory discussion of language and prayer is followed by reflections linking poetry with religious experience and theology, especially apophatic, and questioning the ability of language to reach out beyond itself. The central section foregrounds the motif of the suffering flesh, while the final section, including essays on seventeenth-century English metaphysical poetry and several of the great poets of the twentieth century, is devoted to the sounds and rhythms which give a poem its own kind of «body».

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ISBN-13: 9783631655146
Publisher: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften
Publication date: 04/30/2015
Series: Transatlantic Studies in British and North American Culture Series , #10
Pages: 267
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

About the Author

Professor Małgorzata Grzegorzewska lectures at the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland.
Professor Jean Ward lectures at the Institute of English and American Studies, Gdańsk University, Poland.
Professor Mark S. Burrows lectures at the University of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany.

Table of Contents

Contents: Tadeusz Sławek: The Tremulous Word: On Language in Prayer – Jennifer Reek: Word into Flesh / Flesh into Word: The Making of an Incarnational Textuality – Bernard Sawicki OSB: The Dogmatic Definition of the Council of Chalcedon (451) of Two Natures in the Person of Jesus Christ as a Criterion of the Incarnational Character of Poetry – Marcin Polkowski: «That true word … shal be felt withall». The Incarnation of the Word in Sibilline Oracles as a Theme of Renaissance Poetry and Iconography – Stefano Maria Casella: Eugenio Montale, «The Poor Nestorian at a Loss» – Jamie Callison: Celestial Music Unheard: T. S. Eliot, «Marina» and the Via Negativa – Mirosława Modrzewska: Robert Burns’s «Jarring Thoughts»: Carnivalesque Metaphorisations of Existentialist Spirituality – Olga Włodarczyk-Elsbach: The Embodied «I», the Suffering «I» in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins – Katarzyna Dudek: World as the Icon of the Word: Sacramental Imagination in R. S. Thomas’s Nature Poems – Przemysław Michalski: Lacerating Logos. The Divinity of R. S. Thomas’s Mythic Poems - A Reckless Experimenter or a Selfless Saviour? – Jacek Gutorow: Words Against Words. Four Quartets and the Failure of Poetry – David Malcolm: Feet in Eden?: Some Aspects of Technique in Religious Verse - Edwin Muir, Jon Silkin, and Anne Stevenson – Martin Potter: Incarnation and Embodiment in The Poetry and Theoretical Writings of David Jones – Mary Elisabeth Regina Esser: «One feels its action moving in the blood»: Arrhythmia as the Art of Reality in Wallace Stevens’s «Esthétique du Mal» – Klaudia Łączyńska: Word-As-Flesh Made Artefact: Andrew Marvell’s Poetic Moulding Of The Word.

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