Breaking Out of New Orleans 1922-1929

Breaking Out of New Orleans 1922-1929


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JSP's Breaking Out of New Orleans compiles four CDs with 101 tracks containing a mixture of both rare and classic jazz from the '20s, including the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, Piron's New Orleans Orchestra, Red Onion Jazz Babies, Cookie's Generals, New Orleans Wanderers, and Chicago Footwarmers. While this set excludes solo recordings by Louis Armstrong, he is featured as an ensemble player along with other superlative musicians of the genre like Kid Ory, Sidney Bechet, Lil Armstrong, Freddie Keppard, and Johnny Dodds. These historic prewar recordings have been remastered, and the majority of this material sounds decent as most JSP sets do. The liner notes are informative, listing personnel, dates, and concise history without going on ad nauseam. Since this is a budget-priced set, it is highly recommended for both the jazz novice and collector.

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Release Date: 09/14/2004
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065902124
catalogNumber: 921
Rank: 107202


Disc 1

  1. Original Tuxedo Rag
  2. Careless Love
  3. Black Rag
  4. I'm Satisfied You Love Me
  5. My Josephine
  6. Station Calls
  7. Station Calls
  8. Give Me Some More
  9. Dear Almanzoer
  10. Papa's Got the Jim-Jams
  11. As You Like It
  12. Just for You Dear, I'm Crying
  13. Just for You Dear, I'm Crying
  14. When I'm With You
  15. It's a Jam Up
  16. The Sweetheart of the TKO
  17. Ta Ta Daddy
  18. Pretty Audrey
  19. To-Bac-A-Wa
  20. Franklin Street Blues
  21. Red Onion Drag
  22. Astoria Strut
  23. Duet Stomp
  24. Damp Weather
  25. Tip Easy Blues
  26. Tip Easy Blues

Disc 2

  1. Steppin' on the Gas
  2. Everybody's Talking About Sammy
  3. Mobile Stomp
  4. Sing On
  5. Short Dress Gal
  6. Boogalousa Strut
  7. Down by the Riverside
  8. Over in the Gloryland
  9. Bouncing Around
  10. Kiss Me Sweet
  11. New Orleans Wiggle
  12. Mama's Gone, Goodbye
  13. Sud Bustin' Blues
  14. West Indies Blues
  15. Do-Doodle-Oom
  16. West Indies Blues
  17. Ghost of the Blues
  18. Bright Star Blues
  19. Louisiana Blues
  20. Sitting on a Curbstone Blues
  21. Red Man Blues
  22. Do Just as I Say
  23. Do Just as I Say
  24. Of All the Wrongs You Done Me
  25. Terrible Blues
  26. Santa Claus Blues
  27. Santa Claus Blues
  28. Cake-Walking Babies (From Home)

Disc 3

  1. Krooked Blues
  2. When You're All Gone
  3. Maybe Some Day
  4. That Sweet Something Dear
  5. Ory's Creole Trombone
  6. Society Blues
  7. Frankie and Johnny
  8. Pianoflage
  9. Cutie Blues
  10. Chinaman Blues
  11. Scissor Grinder Joe
  12. Lonely Little Wallflower
  13. So This Is Venice
  14. Moanful Man
  15. The Memphis Maybe Man
  16. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
  17. Messin' Around
  18. High Fever
  19. Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man
  20. Love Found You for Me
  21. Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man!
  22. Brown Sugar
  23. High Fever
  24. Spanish Mama

Disc 4

  1. Stockyard Strut
  2. Salty Dog
  3. Salty Dog
  4. Perdido Street Blues
  5. Gate Mouth
  6. Too Tight
  7. Papa Dip
  8. Mixed Salad
  9. I Can't Say
  10. Flat Foot
  11. Mad Dog
  12. Come on and Stomp, Stomp, Stomp
  13. After You're Gone
  14. After You're Gone
  15. Joe Turner Blues
  16. When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo
  17. Ballin' the Jack
  18. Grandma's Ball
  19. My Baby
  20. Oriental Man
  21. Get 'Em Again Blues
  22. Brush Stomp
  23. My Girl
  24. Sweep 'Em Clean
  25. Lady Love
  26. Brown Bottom Bess

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alberta Hunter   Vocals
Papa Charlie Jackson   Vocals
Buster Bailey   Trombone
Johnny Dodds   Clarinet
Freddie Keppard   Cornet
Jelly Roll Morton   Vocals
Kid Ory   Trombone
Peter Bocage   Trumpet
Natty Dominique   Cornet
Earl Humphrey   Trombone
Jimmie Noone   Clarinet
Jim Robinson   Trombone
Zutty Singleton   Drums
Jimmy Blythe   Piano
Papa Mutt Carey   Cornet
Oscar "Papa" Celestin   Cornet
Jimmy Bell   Violin
Stan Wilson   Banjo
Paul Barnes   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Joe Howard   Bass
Johnny St. Cyr   Banjo
Sidney Brown   String Bass
Armand Piron   Violin,Vocals
Richard Alexis   Cornet
Louis Armstrong   Cornet
Lil Armstrong   Piano
Sidney Arodin   Clarinet
Baby Dodds   Drums,Washboard
Sidney Bechet   Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone
Jimmy Bertrand   Drums
Arthur Campbell   Piano
Buddy Christian   Banjo
Joe Clark   Alto Saxophone
Lee Collins   Trumpet
Honore Dutrey   Trombone
Abbey Chinee Foster   Drums,Background Vocals,Swanee (Slide Whistle)
Joseph Frazier   Drums
Ed Garland   String Bass
Andrew Hilaire   Drums
Charlie Irvis   Trombone
Louis James   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Johnson   String Bass
Guy Kelly   Clarinet
Narvin Kimball   Banjo,Guitar
John Lindsay   Trombone
Kid Shots Madison   Cornet
Morgan   Vocals,String Bass
Sam Morgan   Trumpet
Bill Newton   Bass
Jerome Pasquall   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Poston   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Theodore Purnell   Alto Saxophone
Emanuel Sayles   Banjo
Bud Scott   Banjo
Joe Strode   Drums
Jasper Taylor   Wood Block
Walter Thomas   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Vincent   Trombone
Fayette Williams   Trombone
Bob Ysaguirre   Bass
Clarence Hall   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Sid Carriere   Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Louis Dumaine   Cornet
Willie Joseph   Clarinet
John Marrero   Banjo
Simon Marrero   String Bass
Leonard Mitchell   Banjo,Vocals
Norval Morton   Tenor Saxophone
Earl Pierson   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Robechaux   Piano
Morris Rouse   Piano
August Rousseau   Trombone
Jeanette Salvant   Piano
James Tate   Cornet
James Willigan   Drums
Charlie Alexander   Piano
Dink Johnson   Clarinet
Clarence Todd   Vocals
William Matthews   Trombone
Walter Decou   Piano
Robert Shelley   Banjo
Lorenzo Tio   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Erskine Tate   Banjo
Aaron Thompson   Trombone
Roy Evans   Drums
Elwood Graham   Cornet
Roberta Dudley   Vocals
Angelo Fernandez   Clarinet
Andrew Morgan   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Adrian Robinson   Piano
Kenneth Anderson   Piano
George Mitchell   Clarinet,Cornet
Ben Borders   Drums
Louis Cottrell   Drums
David O Jones   Tenor Saxophone
George MacCallum   Cornet
John Thomas   Trombone
Bert Bailey   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Charles Bocage   Banjo
Norman Mason   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Steve Lewis   Piano
Oliver Alcom   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Tink Baptiste   Piano
Johnny Dave   Banjo
Sidney Devignes   Trumpet
Earl Fouche   Alto Saxophone
Fred Gariand   Trombone
Charles Gilllis   Vocals
Ernest Kelly   Trombone
Henry Kimball   Bass
Ford King   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Harvey Lanktord   Trombone
Ruth Lee   Vocals
Manuel Maetta   Piano
Isaiah Morgan   Trumpet
Rudolph Reynaud   Bass
William Ridgley   Trombone
Willard Thourny   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Louis Wamecke   Alto Saxophone
Amos White   Trumpet
Freddy Washington   Piano
Fate Marable   Piano

Technical Credits

Cal Smith   Composer
Paul Barbarin   Composer
Johnny Dodds   Composer
Fats Waller   Composer
Peter Bocage   Composer
Natty Dominique   Composer
Jimmy Blythe   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Armand Piron   Composer
Louis Armstrong   Composer
Sidney Bechet   Composer
Tim Brymn   Composer
Lil Hardin   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Martha E. Koenig   Composer
Steven Chino Lewis   Composer
Steven Lewis   Composer
Jasper Taylor   Composer
Clarence Williams   Composer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Roy Bargy   Composer
Keith Briggs   Liner Notes
Reverend Charlie Jackson   Composer
Erskine Tate   Composer
Sam Coslow   Composer
Walter Hirsch   Composer
James Henry Burris   Composer
Edgar Dowell   Composer
Chris Smith   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Charley Straight   Composer
William Ridgley   Composer

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