B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs, Volume 1

B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs, Volume 1


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In 2001, Hellboy quit the B.P.R.D., leaving Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and a bizarre roster of special agents to defend the world from any occult threats, and the growing menace of the frog army.
Mike Mignola and Dark Horse present the complete Plague of Frogs saga in four volumes, from Hollow Earth to King of Fear. This first book explores the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense after Hellboy's departure, cracks open the secrets of Abe Sapien's origin, and sets the war on frogs in motion.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781595826756
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Publication date: 11/04/2014
Series: B.P.R.D. Series
Pages: 408
Sales rank: 175,444
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 10.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Mike Mignola was born September 16, 1960 in Berkeley, California and grew up in nearby Oakland. His fascination with ghosts and monsters began at an early age and reading Dracula at age 13 introduced him to Victorian literature and folklore from which he has never recovered. In 1993 Mike created Hellboy— a half-demon occult detective who may or may not be the Beast of the Apocalypse. While the first story line, Seed of Destruction, was co-written by John Byrne, Mike has continued writing the series himself. There are numerous Hellboy graphic novel collections with more on the way, several spin-off titles (BPRD, Lobster Johnson, Abe Sapien and Witchfinder), three anthologies of prose stories, several novels, two animated films, and two live action films staring Ron Perlman. Hellboy has earned numerous comic industry awards and is published in a great many countries. The author lives in Los Angeles, CA..

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B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs, Volume 1 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TheLobstersClaw More than 1 year ago
I'm not going to review the story, I assume if you're looking at this you have a passing familiarity with the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. universe. If you don't, you should read the first couple trades of Hellboy before getting into BPRD, at least until "The Right Hand of Doom" the book where Hellboy and the BPRD part ways. So first off this is not an over-sized hardbound like the Hellboy library editions, which is my only quibble and the reason for the 4.5/5. The book size is the same as a standard trade pb, and it does have the title stamped into the spine and cover in silver so if you like to take the dust jacket off (like me) it still looks really nice (epescially lined up next to the Hellboy library ed.). The book has a new introduction from the series editor Scott Allie, and a new afterword from Mike Mignola. It also collects all the sketchbook supplemental material from the original three trades, which include notes from the contributing artists which is a nice little extra. Also its a sewn binding, so all of the panels are clearly visible and don't get lost down into the crack of the binding like some collections. Overall its a very nice collection and its a really good price considering its hardbound and collects three trades. The only regret is that it didn't get the deluxe treatment of Hellboy but maybe that will mean these collections (there's three more planned volumes for the Plague story arc, which is finished) will be released quicker. Great story, great art, great value, I highly recommend this collection.
Sean_From_OHIO More than 1 year ago
I was leery of the B.P.R.D. without Hellboy but this was a really good read. Equal parts scary and freaky, the B.P.R.D. can handle a book on their own. Mignola enlists an army of top notch creators to tell some spectacular tales. The history of the book is still there but Mignola is now adding to it. I like the addition of Johann and look forward to the team's continuing adventures.