Box of the Blues

Box of the Blues


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Rounder's four-CD Box of the Blues is, by looking at its inclusion of tracks, seemingly an ambitious proposition. But looks can be deceiving. Compiled and introduced by vice president of A&R Scott Billington -- a man whose credentials, when it comes to fighting for and preserving blues traditions, are unassailable -- these discs become a kind of theme-oriented blur of Rounder's substantial catalog holdings. Billington's schemata are quirky, sometimes ironic, and sometimes downright scary and profound as the set's first and second discs' "61 Highway" and "One More Mile" attest. The first CD concentrates its energies on the revelation of blues as it came up from the Mississippi Delta in the music of Fred McDowell, Johnny Shines, Etta Baker, Blind Willie McTell, John Hurt, and others and mutated up north to Chicago with Otis Spann, Robert Nighthawk, and others. On disc two, the blues becomes a more regional concern as expressed by everyone from Gatemouth Brown to Jack Dupree to Willie Cobbs and J.B. Hutto. Texas and News Orleans are prominently featured. And disc four, being a mishmash of current styles, has its merits even if the strategy is hard to decipher -- perhaps it is only that Billington put his favorite cuts on the disc, which would make it plenty valid even if it is a careening listen. But "Change in the Pocket" is erratic in its presentations of traditional purveyors of the music from George Thorogood and Corey Harris to the Tarbox Ramblers and Roomful of Blues. Here everything feels willy-nilly and reeks of some kind of revisionism. But still, three out of four isn't bad and the price is right, too. This is no Grammy-deserving compilation, but there are some amazing things on it -- even if it feels like Rounder patting itself on the back and trying to cash in on Martin Scorsese's Presents the Blues series on PBS.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/16/2003
Label: Rounder / Umgd
UPC: 0011661217126
catalogNumber: 612171

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Etta Baker   Guitar,Vocals
Marcia Ball   Piano,Vocals
Rory Block   Guitar
Big Bill Broonzy   Acoustic Bass
Buster Brown   Harmonica,Vocals
Eddy Clearwater   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Willie Cobbs   Harmonica,Vocals
Larry Davis   Guitar,Vocals
Champion Jack Dupree   Piano,Vocals
Lowell Fulson   Guitar,Vocals
Ted Hawkins   Guitar,Vocals
Mississippi John Hurt   Guitar,Vocals
Smokin' Joe Kubek   Rhythm Guitar
Lonesome Sundown   Guitar,Vocals
Blind Willie McTell   Vocals,12-string Guitar
Memphis Slim   Piano
Sam Myers   Harmonica,Vocals
Robert Nighthawk   Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee   Guitar,Vocals
Walter "Wolfman" Washington   Guitar,Vocals
Bill "Boogie Bill" Webb   Guitar,Vocals
Big Joe Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Young   Mandolin,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Geoff Muldaur   Guitar,Vocals
Solomon Burke   Vocals
Otis Clay   Vocals
Ry Cooder   Guitar
Bobby King   Vocals
Wilson Pickett   Vocals
Duke Robillard   Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Irma Thomas   Vocals
George Thorogood   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Ruth Brown   Vocals
Bill Easley   Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Ponder   Guitar
David Torkanowsky   Hammond Organ
Earl Turbinton   Alto Saxophone
Tracy Nelson   Vocals
Sam Lay   Drums
Bob Riedy   Piano
Jewell "Babe" Stovall   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Tee   Synthesizer
Jim Keltner   Drums
Mississippi Fred McDowell   Guitar,Vocals
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Duarte   Guitar,Vocals
Brian Murray   Trumpet
Candye Kane   Vocals
Johnny Adams   Vocals
Wilbert "Junkyard Dog" Arnold   Drums
David Barard   Bass
Basile   Cornet
Gordon "Sax" Beadle   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Carey Bell   Harmonica,Vocals
Warren Bell   Alto Saxophone
Scott Billington   cowbell
Thomas Bingham   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Gaylord Birch   Drums
Brian Bisesi   Guitar
Franchot Blake   Drums
Carl Blouin   Baritone Saxophone
Alonzo Bowens   Trombone
Doyle Bramhall   Drums
Bertram Brown   Background Vocals
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown   Guitar,Vocals
Charles V. Brown   Piano,Vocals
Kerry Brown   Drums
Stephen Bruton   Guitar
Donald Bryant   Background Vocals
Little Milton   Guitar
Bobby Campo   Trumpet
Frank Capek   Guitar
Danny Caron   Guitar
John Cephas   Guitar,Vocals
Maynard Chatters   Trombone
Jon Cleary   Synthesizer,Piano
Cranston Clements   Electric Guitar
Stacy Cole   Trumpet
Johnny Copeland   Guitar,Vocals
Rodney Craig   Drums
Sammy Creason   Drums
Jack Cruz   Bass
David   Saxophone
Ruth Davies   Bass
Daryl Davis   Piano
Tom DeQuattro   Drums
Popsy Dixon   Drums,Vocals
Nathaniel Dove   Piano
David "Honeyboy" Edwards   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Charles Elam   Background Vocals
Bob Enos   Trumpet
Thomas Enright   Bass
Herman V. Ernest   Percussion,Drums
Laurence Etkin   Trumpet
Terry Evans   Vocals
Tom Fitzpatrick   Tenor Saxophone
Clarence Ford   Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Forrester   Piano,Hammond Organ
Anson Funderburgh   Guitar
Ollie Count Gaines   Bass
Ernie Gautreau   Trombone,Valve Trombone
Victor Goines   Baritone Saxophone
Ken "Doc" Grace   Bass
Howard Grimes   Drums
Jimmy Grisby   Background Vocals
Donald Harrison   Alto Saxophone
Charles Hodges   Organ,Piano
Charles "Chas" Hodges   Organ
Leroy Hodges   Bass
Mabon "Teenie" Hodges   Guitar
Wendell Holmes   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Hopper   Bass
Steve Howard   Trumpet
J.B. Hutto   Guitar,Vocals
Wayne Jackson   Trombone,Trumpet
Doug James   Baritone Saxophone
Darryl Johnson   Bass
Andrew Jones   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
George Journigan   5-string Bass
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff   Tenor Saxophone,Soloist
Fred Kemp   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Kilson   Drums
Bnois King   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Simon Kirke   Percussion,Drums
Paul Klemperer   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Krown   Organ,Piano
Kenny Krumbholz   Bass
Lloyd Lambert   Acoustic Bass
Rich Lataille   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
S.P. Leary   Drums
Melvin Lee   Bass
Kenn Lending   Guitar
Ron Levy   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Leader,Hammond Organ
David Li   Saxophone
Andrew Love   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Glen MacArthur   Trumpet
Richard Martinez   Trombone
Matt McCabe   Piano
Cedric Cowboy McCory   Drums
Michael Merritt   Bass
James Mitchell   Baritone Saxophone
Melvin Moore   Trumpet
Ray Moore   Alto Saxophone
Sugar Ray Norcia   Harmonica,Vocals
Spooner Oldham   Organ
Buster Paterson   Electric Bass
Ann Peebles   Vocals,Background Vocals
Joel Perry   Rhythm Guitar
Leroy Pina   Drums
Ken Pino   Guitar
Renard Poché   Guitar
Shannon Powell   Drums
Carl Querfurth   Trombone
Red Rails   Baritone Saxophone
Thadeus Richard   Keyboards,Alto Saxophone
Marty Richards   Drums
Glen Rogers   Drums
Jimmy Rogers   Guitar,Vocals
Eugene Ross   Guitar
John Rossi   Drums
James Rudy   Piano
Joe Salisbury   Alto Saxophone
Bill "Foots" Samuel   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jamil Sharif   Trumpet
Scott Shetler   Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Shines   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Shipley   Drums
James Singleton   Bass,Acoustic Bass
Lonnie Smith   Hammond Organ
Clifford Solomon   Tenor Saxophone,Soloist
Sonny Terry   Harmonica
Jim Spake   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Otis Spann   Piano,Vocals
Curtis Steele   Drums
Akira Tana   Drums
Dennis Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Scott Thompson   Trumpet
Jon Tiven   Guitar
Michael Toles   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Roland S555
John Touchy   Trombone
Terry Tullos   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Archie Turner   Piano
Alvin "Red" Tyler   Tenor Saxophone
Chris Vachon   Guitar
Ken Vangel   Keyboards
Ernest Vantrease   Piano
Johnny Vidacovich   Drums
Dennis Walker   Bass
Ina Bea Walker   Background Vocals
Phillip Walker   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Whitehead   Drums
Phil Wiggins   Harmonica
Sonny Boy Williamson   Harmonica,Vocals
Michelle Willson   Vocals
Keith Winking   Trumpet
Arthur Woods   Piano
Miles Kevin Wright   Bass
Craig Wroten   Piano,Keyboards
Kermit "Champ" Young   Hammond Organ
Lee Allen Zeno   Bass
Randy Zimmerman   Trombone
Jol Dantzig   Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Hill   Drums
Fred Hodges   Piano
Charlie Miller   Trumpet
Walter Payton   Bass
Bill Rich   Bass
Earl J. Smith   Background Vocals
Eugene Dacosta Cordew   Keyboards
Edward Forehand   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Jerry Harshaw   Tenor Saxophone
Alan Levy   Bass
Lannie McMIllian   Tenor Saxophone
Timothy Richardson   Tenor Saxophone
Tommy Tucker   Bass,Drums
Cano   Background Vocals
Corey Harris   Guitar,Vocals,Lap Steel Guitar
Sally Tiven   Bass
Raymond Weber   Drums
Danny Cochran   Drums
John Jordan   Bass
Mary Thomas   Trumpet
Jim Wydra   Bass
Bruce Hammond   Trombone
Herb Quinn   Mandolin
Little Jimmy King & The Memphis Soul Survivors   Guitar,Vocals
Ed Petersen   Tenor Saxophone
Llew Matthews   Keyboards
Johnny Sciascia   Vocals,Bass Fiddle
Steve Wilcox   Guitar
Greg Willis   Electric Bass
Robert Lee Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Cornell Williams   Bass,Background Vocals
Barney Floyd   Trumpet
Chris Mason   Saxophone
Dave Limina   Piano
John Street   Piano,Hammond Organ
Theryl DeClouet   Vocals
Steve "Syco Steve" Williams   Guitar
John Packer   Electric Bass
Sky Williams   Keyboards
June Yamagishi   Guitar
Daniel Kellar   Violin,Vocals
John Cohan   Percussion,Drums
Abram Wilson   Trumpet
Steve Smith   Trumpet
Jeff Alexander   Drums
Jamal Millner   Guitar
William "Billy" Brown   Background Vocals
Tony West   Piano,Hammond Organ
Steven Walker   Trombone
Joey Vee   Drums
Ronnie Bramhall   Organ
Mark Braud   Trumpet
Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax   Drums
Earl The Pearl   Guitar
Stuart Holmes   Vocals,Wurlitzer
Charles "Sugar Boy" Jones   Drums
Chris Jones   Electric Bass
Paul Kelly   Vocals,Background Vocals
Guthrie Kennard   Bass
Bob Mathes   Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy "Blue Shoes" Pendleton   Drums
David Peters   Drums
Richard "Hubcap" Robinson   Drums
Houston Ross   Bass
Michael Tarbox   Guitar,Vocals
David Lee   Drums
Don Bennett   Bass
Kenneth "Spider Webb" Rice   Drums

Technical Credits

Etta Baker   Composer
Marcia Ball   Composer,Producer
Rory Block   Producer
Charles Brown   Composer
Eddy Clearwater   Composer,Producer
Willie Cobbs   Composer,Producer
Larry Davis   Composer
Lowell Fulson   Arranger,Composer
Ted Hawkins   Composer
Holmes Brothers   Contributor
Mississippi John Hurt   Composer
Smokin' Joe Kubek   Composer
Blind Willie McTell   Composer
Sam Myers   Composer
Walter "Wolfman" Washington   Composer
Big Joe Williams   Composer
Johnny Young   Composer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Michael Melford   Producer
Solomon Burke   Composer,Producer
Ry Cooder   Producer
Wilson Pickett   Composer
Duke Robillard   Producer
Gene Simmons   Composer
Bill Easley   Arranger
Tommy Tate   Composer
Terry Manning   Engineer
Willie Mitchell   Producer
Bob Riedy   Producer
Mississippi Fred McDowell   Composer
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson   Composer
Robert Lockwood   Producer
Willis James   Engineer
Alan Lomax   Engineer
Paul Kelly   Composer
Candye Kane   Composer
D. Amy   Composer
Joe Arlotta   Engineer
Jim Bateman   Producer
Glenn Berger   Engineer
Scott Billington   Producer,Liner Notes,Art Direction
Stu Black   Engineer
Doyle Bramhall   Producer
Andy Breslau   Producer
Bruce Bromberg   Producer
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown   Producer
Homer Brown   Composer,Horn Arrangements
Jon Burr   Song Clearance
A.P. Carter   Composer
John Cevetello   Engineer
Joe Clayton   Composer
Vera Cobbs   Composer
Johnny Copeland   Composer
Tony Daigle   Engineer
Bill Dashiell   Engineer,Remixing
Norman Dayron   Producer,Engineer
Dan Doyle   Producer
Dennis Dragon   Engineer
Tom Edmonds   Engineer
David "Honeyboy" Edwards   Composer
Terry Evans   Composer
David Farrell   Engineer
Sandy Fisher   Engineer
Anson Funderburgh   Composer,Producer
Jim Gaines   Producer
Jay Gallagher   Engineer
John Paul Gauthier   Engineer
Victor Goines   Horn Arrangements
Phil Greene   overdub engineer
Donald Harrison   Horn Arrangements
Larry Hirsch   Engineer
Mabon "Teenie" Hodges   Producer
Sherman Holmes   Composer
Thomas Hoskins   Producer
J.B. Hutto   Composer
Darryl Johnson   Composer
Andrew Jones   Composer,Producer
Bruce Kaplan   Producer
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff   Horn Arrangements
Bnois King   Composer
Wes Lachot   Engineer
Huddie Ledbetter   Composer
Ron Levy   Arranger,Producer,Horn Arrangements,rhythm arrangement
Mark Linett   Engineer
John A. Lomax   Engineer
Gregg Lunsford   Engineer
McKinley Morganfield   Composer
Muddy Waters   Composer
Paul Mufson   Engineer
John Nagy   Engineer
Jeff Powell   Engineer
Carl Querfurth   Producer
Jerry Ragovoy   Composer
Steve Reynolds   Engineer
Jimmy Rogers   Composer
Richard Rosenblatt   Engineer
Steve Rosenthal   Engineer
Bill "Foots" Samuel   Horn Arrangements
Johnny Shines   Composer,Producer
Bob Shumaker   Engineer
Peter Silitch   Engineer
Sonny Terry   Composer
Otis Spann   Composer
Richard K. Spottswood   Producer
Stuart Sullivan   Engineer
Jon Tiven   Composer,Producer
Walter Turbitt   Engineer
Jared Tuten   Engineer
Ken Vangel   Arranger,Producer
Dennis Walker   Producer
Michael Ward   Composer
Miles Wilkinson   Producer,Engineer
Hank Williams   Composer
Michelle Willson   rhythm arrangement
Smokey Wilson   Composer
Michelle Wilson   Composer
Chris Rival   Producer,Engineer
Stephen Van Dam   Engineer
Edward Forehand   Composer,Horn Arrangements
Jerry Harshaw   Horn Arrangements
Corey Harris   Producer
David Evans   Engineer
Sally Tiven   Composer
Mary Thomas   Horn Arrangements
Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets   Contributor
Ed Petersen   Horn Arrangements
Skidd Mills   Engineer
Bruce Loughry   Engineer
Paul Osborn   Producer,Engineer
Robert Lee Wilson   rhythm arrangement
James A. Lane   Composer
Hoy Lindsey   Composer
T. Beckerman   Composer
Ricky Ray Rector   Composer
William Jack Dupree   Composer
Joe Johnson   Engineer
C. Green   Composer
Jeff Juliano   Engineer
Dave Limina   Composer,rhythm arrangement
Joe "Flip" Wilson   Producer
Ron Laury   Engineer
Gibney   Arranger
Lewis Jones   Engineer
Theryl DeClouet   Producer
Traditional   Composer
Ruby T. Lomax   Engineer
Sky Williams   Composer
Jamal Millner   Producer
William "Billy" Brown   Producer,Engineer
Jeff Bagby   Engineer
John Early   Engineer
Richard Kuebler   Composer
John W. II Work   Engineer
Lane   Composer

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