Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

by Chris Guillebeau


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Have you ever met someone with the perfect job?

To the outside observer, it seems like they've won the career lottery—that by some stroke of luck or circumstance they've found the one thing they love so much that it doesn't even feel like work—and they're getting paid well to do it.  

In reality, their good fortune has nothing to do with chance. There’s a method for finding your perfect job, and Chris Guillebeau, the bestselling author of The $100 Startup, has created a practical guide for how to do it—whether within a traditional company or business, or by striking out on your own.

Finding the work you were “born to do” isn’t just about discovering your passion. Doing what brings you joy is great, but if you aren’t earning a living, it’s a hobby, not a career. And those who jump out of bed excited to go to work every morning don’t just have jobs that turn their passions into paychecks. They have jobs where they also can lose themselves for hours in the flow of meaningful work.

This intersection of joy, money, and flow is what Guillebeau will help you find in this book. Through inspiring stories of those who have successfully landed their dream career, as well as actionable tools, exercises, and thought experiments, he’ll guide you through today’s vast menu of career options to discover the work perfectly suited to your unique interests, skills, and experiences.

You’ll learn how to:
• Hack the job of your dreams within a traditional organization by making it work for you
• Find not only your ideal work but also your ideal working conditions
• Create plans that will allow you to take smarter career risks and “beat the house” every time
• Start a profitable “side hustle” and earn extra cash on top of your primary stream of income
• Escape the prison of working for someone else and build a mini-empire as an entrepreneur
• Become a rock star at any creative endeavor by creating a loyal base of fans and followers

Whichever path you choose, this book will show you how to find that one job or career that feels so right, it’s like you were born to do it.

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ISBN-13: 9781101903988
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 416,646
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

CHRIS GUILLEBEAU is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit, and is creator and host of the annual World Domination Summit, a gathering of cultural creatives that attracts such speakers as Susan Cain, Brené Brown, and Gretchen Rubin. Guillebeau speaks at dozens of events, companies, and universities, including Google, Facebook, SXSW, Evernote, LeWeb, and more. He recently completed a personal quest to visit every country in the world (193/193).

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Excerpted from "Born for This"
by .
Copyright © 2016 Chris Guillebeau.
Excerpted by permission of The Crown Publishing Group.
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Table of Contents

Plan of Attack 1

Terms of Engagement 3

1 Flip the Script 9

Objective: Choose the Winning Ticket to Your Career Lottery 9

2 Your Money and Your Life 25

Objective: Have Both 25

3 Always Bet on Yourself 57

Objective: Beat the House 57

4 Prison Break 101 77

Objective: Master the Right Skills 77

5 The Answer in Your Inbox 101

Objective: Find Your Thing 101

6 Life Coaching from Jay-Z 123

Objective: Expand Your Options, Then Limit Them 123

Next Steps: A Menu of Options 140

7 Side Hustle 143

Objective: Make More Money 143

8 You, Inc. 175

Objective: Build a Small Empire 175

9 How to Become a Firefighter (or Whatever You Want) 195

Objective: Play the Came That Will Increase Your Odds 195

10 The Self-Employed Employee 221

Objective: Become Indispensable 221

11 DIY Rock Star 243

Objective: Recruit a Small Army of Fans and Supporters 243

12 How to do Everything You Want 263

Objective: Refuse to Choose 263

13 Winners Give Up All the Time 287

Objective: Pursue the Right Opportunities (and Say Farewell to the Wrong Ones) 287

Appendix 1 Tool Kit 303

Appendix 2 "Here's How I'll Make You a Lot of Money" (Email Pitch) 306

Appendix 3 Never Lose at Tic-Tac-Toe (Bonus Lesson!) 308

Index 310

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Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Time will tell if reading this book will be a life-changer for me, but I’m hopeful. At the minimum, I am motivated to wake up tomorrow with a new outlook on life and a renewed drive for success.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He does it again! - An amazing read that is so incredibly helpful. - I've already put Chris's suggestions into practice and the book has only been out for a week!
anneb10 More than 1 year ago
Chris Guillebeau's new book, Born For This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do reads more like a conversation than a how-to book. An easy, engaging on how to take a more ...unconventional approach to finding the work the reader is (wait for it) born to do. It's filled with anecdotes on how both Chris himself and other people found fulfilling work that hit the sweet spot between joy and money. It certainly gave me a lot of ideas. It's definitely worth your time, especially if you're hitting a wall at work and want to find a meaningful way out of a job you hate. Full disclosure: I received my ARC of the book as I am on his mailing list, and I was randomly drawn from that list.
-Bibliotraveler More than 1 year ago
Similar to his previous work, like The Happiness of Pursuit (which inspired me to go on my cross-country trip last year), this new book is full of inspiration for the entrepreneurial lifestyle with successful examples. It's not just for online entrepreneurs; Chris offers advice and examples of "hacking one's job" or improving your current career. I liked that, instead of giving the popular advice of finding a niche, this book acknowledges people who have multiple interests. Sometimes the interests have a common thread, like me with genealogy, archives work, and antiquarian bookselling. One takeaway for me was the "side-hack," or creative side job that could either become a future career or just provide near-term financial support. Born for This is great for a secular book about finding meaningful work. I'd love it if Chris could combine his energy and world-traveling insight with somebody spiritually grounded like Rick Warren into writing that provides practical steps with heavenly priorities.
DebbieD-Berkeley-CA More than 1 year ago
Hands down the clearest book I've read on finding the perfect work for your personality and skills, and I've read a lot of them! Buy it now and save yourself years of wondering, teeth-gnashing, and wasted time. You'll thank me as soon as you read it (and Chris!).