The Book Of Revelation

The Book Of Revelation

by Terry L. Newbegin


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"Revelations: A New Beginning" contains the hidden secrets of Saint John's Revelations, and as you know, it is one of the most debated and most difficult books of all the scriptures to read and understand because of the extreme symbolism tied to it. We have always assumed the words of God's prophets and their stories were indisputable just because of one's eminence in interpreted them as being true. Man has forgotten the history of himself, Earth, God, the origin of the universe, and how the scriptures have been documented, interpreted, and strictly passed down by our ancestors and religious leaders.

As symbolic as Revelations is it has nothing to do with the end days or even about a solitary Anti-Christ as we understand it nor is it about Jesus coming to save you. In truth, Revelations is your own guide showing you that you no longer need to look at yourself as a sinner because you have bared your cross, like Jesus, and now the time has come for you to ascend to a higher state of Mind. Revelations: "A New Beginning" is a book that will help open the gates of your Soul memories so you can become aware of your own divineness and that you are a God too.

My fellow Gods, what is coming to an end is the old ways of perceiving and understanding God. It is not that God is a mystery. It is you that is the mystery, and when fear is resolved within, you are then ready to open up to the hidden secrets behind the Book of Revelations that religions have kept as a secret for thousands of years, either on purpose or because of ignorance.

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ISBN-13: 9781452501055
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/18/2011
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.58(d)

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The Book of Revelation: A NEW BEGINNING

By Terry L. Newbegin


Copyright © 2011 Terry L Newbegin
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0105-5

Chapter One


Who Are You, Really?

"Who are you?" really is a great question. Who do you believe you are? Do you believe you are the name on your birth certificate, a child of God, a child of your parents, or do you believe you just happen to be here indiscriminately? Have you ever stopped to think about why you are here on earth, why you were born a male or female, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, witty or uninteresting? The answers to these questions and more can be found deep within your soul memories, and all that you have to do is tap into them and remember.

In the introduction, I mentioned that man always seems to make everything complex, like God, Satan, earth, his physical body, the Bible, how he is taught to understand memory, and many other things. I also said that our religious teachers hide the real truth from us by keeping us preoccupied with our biases, our opinions, our judgments, and the fear of God's punishments. I guess it is easy to see why we always believe that what is being passed down from one generation to the next is the truth, especially when you consider the way we express our trust in the Bible. Well, the book of Revelation actually gives you a different story from what you have been taught by your spiritual leaders.

You see, our spiritual leaders always begin their teachings at the time of man's birth, and then they get us to commit to a set of rules that our parents, our grandparents, and their parents before them always accepted as being truths. Then they add the wording of the gospels to keep our minds and hearts filled with their explanations of what God and Jesus were attempting to tell us. Of course, what is being ignored, misinterpreted, and misrepresented by our religious teachers is that the book of Revelation is not about the end times but suggest a bigger picture, through memory, of where we actually came from, why we are here on earth, and the reason we choose the experiences we are experiencing.

Notwithstanding our religious teachings, Revelation is a book that should never be feared, because the book is actually about our own journey from the time we felt our spirit and our original Oneness, long before Adam and Eve, and even before the earth, its moon, the stars, and the physical universe were formed.

As I said, the book of Revelation seems very complex because of the acute metaphors, the extravagant symbolism, and the allegorical language, to say the least. However, to understand the book of Revelation and the coming of Christ, you need to start from the beginning, before sin, the Earth, and physical man.

Now, to expand on what I mentioned in the preface and in the introduction, we all have been taught to believe that the beginning was God, that "all that was" was God, and that, according to Genesis 1:27, both man and woman were created in the divine image of God. So, does this mean that God and "all that was" was physical first, or does it mean something else? The Bible says that Adam and Eve were physical first, but according to Genesis: 1:27, it was God. So, was God physical first or were Adam and Eve? I guess this is why man is so confused when it comes to God and his teachings.

As said previously, Genesis and Revelation bring out the true story of "all that was" (God), the serpent, Adam and Eve, and the significance of being physical. So again, if God was "all that was," the original Oneness of consciousness complete unto himself, then that means God knew nothing other than himself. You could say that God did not even know what was good or evil.

However, what is missing here is how God, the original Oneness, in a passion of great love, asked himself, "Who am I?" It was from this question that this original Oneness (God) instantly created countless images of himself in order to see himself. "All that was" (God) burst into what are now God's children, known today as soul beings.

Therefore, the first explosion was not the creation of the universe or Earth. It was the spirit of God breaking up into gazillions of pieces of itself, and within each piece, we, as souls, in the divine image of God, came into being. This means God was never a single, solitary consciousness. God is the composite of all souls, and within each soul (you) contains the divine spark or essence of a pure and unchangeable you, for you are God.

From this expanded explanation of Genesis 1:27, you can see why the garden of Eden is really not a place but represents the original Oneness of God's consciousness from which we souls came, for that was "all that was." In other words, nothing existed outside of this oneness of God except us souls. There was no Earth, physical man (Adam and Eve), stars, or universe.

For instance, look at the sun as symbolizing God and being "all that was," meaning there was no Earth or any Physicality. Now, see the sun (God) as being only spirit at first. Now, imagine the sun exploding or expanding into gazillions of smaller suns. These smaller suns — or gods, if you will — would each have the same makeup as the larger sun, divine and Christ like. This is what is meant by the statement that we souls are created in the exact image of "all that was" (God) before Earth and physical man ever existed, even before Adam and Eve.

From this explosion, each and every soul-being (you) became an original Oneness of its own; thus, you were born of spirit first before physicality ever made its appearance. From your birth in spirit, you were given everything the Father God has, including total freedom to express, love, experience, and choose your own fate — and even to turn your back on the original Oneness (God) because you always knew (from a higher consciousness) that you would return to your own divine Oneness.

To expand on what was said before, after you felt separation from the original Oneness of "all that was," you, having the same authority and power as God, instantly mimicked the original Oneness of "all that was" and created the ability to see your own self through the many images (lifetimes) that you created so that you could explore the question "Who am I?" And as you know, the first image you created was the mind, because you needed the mind to help you create a consciousness of thought, perception, memory, emotions, and free will as being real, even though it is all just an illusion.

For instance, it took the mind and your Christ-spirit to produce an ego consciousness in order for you to feel your uniqueness and separateness from your own original Oneness (the spark of God). You did this in order to move into many different directions to learn about life and to answer the question "Who am I?" It was magical, divine, and perfect, because your divine spirit knew now that it could do more than just exist without wisdom or knowledge of itself.

Through the manifesting of your mind and ego, your divine spirit could now learn, feel, expand, and get to know all things, rather than just be in a state of incompleteness. And so, the beginning of a new day was created, which correlates with Genesis and the creation during the six days set forth by God. In fact, the creation is nothing more than your own divine Christ-spirit creating many "personality aspects" of yourself in order to learn the wisdom behind the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, also known as duality.

It was the only way for you to become a complete, sovereign God in your own right. In other words, before your mind (Adam), soul (Eve), and rebellious ego nature (the serpent), your awareness was based only on a oneness of consciousness of just being there without any wisdom or understanding of life or what it means to be alive and make choices. All that you were in the beginning was a "consciousness" of a non-activating force. You did not even know who you were.

For example, when a baby is born, it knows nothing of itself. The baby has a consciousness but is not even aware of itself until it evolves (grows) to a consciousness where the baby can begin to make choices.

Once your divine spirit allowed this act of forming a soul, a mental consciousness, and an ego to feel your separateness from your own original Oneness (your God self), you began to feel a great urge deep within yourself to move outside of your oneness and explore beyond the boundaries of the garden (your oneness). This, my fellow gods, is where the book of Genesis comes into play, as the book symbolically spells out for you man's historical journey.

It is a book that symbolically takes you, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, into a discovery of everything we souls undertook in order to learn everything there was to learn about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But as the story goes, once we all felt our unique separateness, we began to doubt ourselves as being gods too.

Because we souls did not know what fear was, we chose to say farewell to our divine spirit and went on to explore the question of "Who am I?" This choice led us souls down a road of feeling, for the very first time, a nervousness that was never experienced before. It was because of this nervousness that we souls began to feel uneasy, which then caused uncertainty, doubt, and the fear of losing our awareness of being unique. This fear, drew all souls into what is called the "wall of fire." Once you, and all souls alike, entered into this wall of fire, great confusion and chaos set in, because you found that it was ripping your energy into billions and billions of pieces that ended up being a great number of potentials and lifetimes for you to experience.

Now, this does not mean you have billions of lifetimes, even though you could. It is about you creating billions and billions of potentials to experience. Therefore, the true story of Genesis is not about Adam and Eve being kicked out of the Garden. It is about Adam and Eve being a metaphor for your own story and journey to new places, far beyond your original, divine Oneness.

Adam became representative of your outer mind. Eve is symbolic of your soul-self, recording everything that you choose to experience from a mental level and then giving that choice life. The ego (the serpent) became the metaphor for your rebellious nature, which is known today as your beastly nature. It actually took your ego to move you outside of yourself (oneness) and into a personality that became stronger than your mental level as it moved you toward a dual force called positive and negative. The Bible depicts it as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Once, your mind (Adam), soul (Eve), and ego (Satan) entered into a force of "two" (positive and negative), they began to rebel against each other, which means you began to rebel against your own divine oneness, your own perfection and that of other souls. This is when you started taking on an independent character or personality that made you feel separated, free, and unique in your own way.

Of course, this uniqueness caused a lot of chaos deep within the self because we became conscious of darkness, which was the first time we felt this positive and negative force. This unknown force of positive and negative, through time and space, began to build up as our fears and choices created many personality aspects of self. These personality aspects of the soul were necessary to experience this previously unknown state of duality in order to understand its lack of clarity.

This previously unknown principle of duality created within all souls a consciousness of desire to explore a course of action that in the end created everything you now see outside of your oneness - including layer after layer of astral-etheric-realms as well as a physical realm. This is why the Bible states that there are many mansions or places in God's Kingdom (John 14:2). This is where your soul-self created and manifested the many personality aspects of light and dark (lifetimes) to come to earth and slow down your energy so you could find your way back to your own oneness again (true nature).

Your soul-self (Eve consciousness) gave birth to your many personality aspects, enabling you to explore the dark recesses of your consciousness and to answer the question "Who am I?" This is where you stopped trying to remember who you were, and that is when you finally let go of the idea of being a Christ.

Because of this desire and the experiences of your choices over time, good and evil, you ran and hid from your divinity (Christ self) because you felt unworthy of being a Christ again. You actually carry within your soul a deep feeling that you have let your Christ-spirit down because of your choice to rebel against your own true nature. This, my fellow gods, is the meaning of sin and the symbology of you (Adam principle) taking the bite of the apple. It is not that Adam and Eve literally took a bite of an apple or that they ever lived. It is not even about them being kicked out of any garden.

Adam and Eve metaphorically means that you (all souls) chose a long time ago to descend from your higher state of consciousness to a lower place in consciousness that translated into something of judgment, positive and negative, good and evil, duality. Therefore, sin only exists within the mind and ego levels of your total consciousness and is not part of your divine nature.

We have forgotten that we have many phases of mind and consciousnesses. We have the universal mind of God (Christ-spirit), which makes us a divine being; we have the mind of our sub-consciousness or soul; and we have the mind of the physical. This idea of the differing functions of the mind (spirit, mind, and ego) is to call attention to the different planes of our soul development through time and space as we learn about the unknown principles of duality.

Of course, each stage of our soul development is made manifest through the physical realm, which is actually the testing portion of the universal vibrations. From this idea, we sooner or later come to learn about being responsible for the development of our own soul. By studying the Bible from the standpoint of seeing self, first and foremost, as a spiritual being, rather than holding to a physical point of view, we become aware of our soul and its origination from somewhere beyond the physical world.

As you see, most of us are not aware of our beginning and how we came to live upon a physical world, and that is because most people are on different levels of understanding (by their own free choice) when it comes to God. Therefore, what I write here is for those who are ready to open up to the hidden secrets behind the book of Revelation that pertain to God, Jesus Christ, and how Revelation relates to the end of your suffering (sin) rather than the end of the world.

My fellow gods, after reading this book, you are no longer to look at yourself as a sinner, because you have born your cross and have done your sowing and reaping. Now, the time has come for you to ascend to a higher state of being, without reservation, wholly in acceptance and love for who you really are. The time has come to let go of all limitations of your human existence and fully integrate all parts of you, for you are truly a Christ too.

To help you see and understand this, let us look at the true meaning of Revelation Chapter 1, verse by verse.

(Rev. 1:1): "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him, to show his servants what must happen soon. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John."

What is "the revelation of Jesus Christ"? First, Jesus fulfilled his mission over two thousand years ago. Second, the real author of the book of Revelation is not Jesus or John. It is the Christ-spirit within you, whom John symbolizes. The Apostle John, like you, was an outer expression of his own soul-self; the name John is that of a servant or an aspect of his own Christ-identity, and it is the same for you.

The phrase "which God gave to him" verifies that it was John's own Christ-spirit enlightening him, while in physical form, about him becoming aware of a new truth about his identity. You see, John's deeper self or his Christ-spirit is symbolized by the man Jesus and has nothing to do with Jesus giving John a message. Therefore, the symbology behind this verse is representative of our own Christ-spirit making an effort to inform us, while we are in human form, that we, too, are a divine being just as much as John and Jesus.


Excerpted from The Book of Revelation: A NEW BEGINNING by Terry L. Newbegin Copyright © 2011 by Terry L Newbegin. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Revelation 1: Who Are You, Really?....................1
Revelation 2: The Human Body and the Endocrine System (Part I)....................46
Revelation 3: The Human Body and the Endocrine System (Part II)....................80
Revelation 4: The Dualistic Forces of Positive and Negative....................102
Revelation 5: Memory and How It Works....................127
Revelation 6: The Opening of the Seven Seals....................157
Revelation 7: The Sealing of the Thousands....................181
Revelation 8: Total Recall....................212
Revelation 9: Time, Space, and Incarnations....................238
Revelation 10: How Space (Incarnation) Works....................285
Revelation 11: Moving from 2-D to 3-D to 5-D....................300
Revelation 12: You Are a Divine Being....................327
Revelation 13: The Beast and Antichrist Revealed....................365
Revelation 14: Overcoming the Division of the Mind....................400
Revelation 15: The Revealing of Memories....................433
Revelation 16: Hell (Ignorance) Becomes Heaven (Understanding)....................447
Revelation 17: The Outer False Personality Consciousness....................490
Revelation 18: Why You Believe You Fell from Grace....................527
Revelation 19: The Coming of Christ....................569
Revelation 20: Your Personal Journey through Time and Space....................600
Revelation 21: The New Heaven and the New Earth....................628
Revelation 22: The Prophecy of Christ's Return Is Now Fulfilled....................656

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