Bohemian Rhetoric

Bohemian Rhetoric

by Lucas D. Camaney


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My friend, a pseudo-intellectual like so many of us out here, once told me that culture, class and sophistication are concepts that are for everyone to grasp and not only meant for the rich people to enjoy. If any person should think that cultural likings, can't give to him or her an international type of robust living, it is because that person has decided to stay introverted by choice, rather than circumstance. If humanity doesn't destroy the ecospheres or plunges itself into a nuclear war, the end of our basic existence will become phenomenal with impersonal technology. As it is the children of today seldom climb a tree to look into the nest of an amazing bird and for that we can only imagine what will be of the children living one thousand years from now?
I have written them a letter in hope that the life sustaining properties of our planet Earth are still there for them to use and get to also enjoy the sun being born out of the Caribbean Sea. We should consider ourselves bless for having nature be so nice, to you and I, till this day already gone by.

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ISBN-13: 9781796078244
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Publication date: 12/16/2019
Pages: 964
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