Body Shapers Dream Team: Unusual People, Unusual Experiment

Body Shapers Dream Team: Unusual People, Unusual Experiment

by david singer


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Mitch Green graduated from college as a journalist without a job. He finally lands a ten-week summer position at New York's The Daily Flash. As a condition for making the job permanant, Editor Perry Petro instructs Mitch to sbmit an investigative report on a topic of extraordinary interest to the paper's readership. Mitch researches fat and thin peoples' reactions to weight loss and weight gain, and how normal-weight people maintain their weight without significant change. Ingeniously Mitch hires an unlikely dream team of volunteers that include Shirley, a musician, Kim, a high-tech publisher; Leslie, an industrial design student; Marcello, an entertainment journalist; Mr.Bayley, an university professor; Dr. Scott, a physician,etc. The unusual experiment begins with these unusual participants. Being of normal weight Mitch participates by gaining as much weight as possible in the first five weeks, and losing that weight in the remaining five weeks. In addition to the experiment's unexpected findings, Mitch and all the participants find love and wealth. Mitch gets that permanent job.

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ISBN-13: 9780999822418
Publisher: david singer
Publication date: 04/09/2018
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

1-The Plan, 2- I meet Miss Shirley, 3- The Concert, 4-The Office, 5- Overeaters Anonymous, 6- Search for a thin volunteer, 7-Shirly's thoughts ,8- Day two, 9- Central Park, 10- Shirley becomes a volunteer, 11- Day three, 12-Dr.Scott, my buddy, 13- Kim the volunteer4 is ready. 14- Shirley's call, 15- Day four, 16-The Strand, 17- Our first meeting, 18- The Questions, 19- Day Five, 20- Back to Hofstra, 21-George's thoughts, 22-,Leslie's thoughts, 23-Marcello's plan, 24-Friday afternoon, 25- Day six, 26- Day seven, 27- Day eight, 28-, Mr. Bayley Calls, 29- My thoughts, 30-Leslie's thoughts, 31- Night activity,32- My family, 33- Week two, 34- Esperanza's thoughts, 35- Dr Scott's hopes, 36- The day continues, 37-Next day full of events, 38- My new idea, 39- The newcomers, 40- Week two-and-a-half, 41- Call to Mr. Bayley, 42- Soon the end of week two,43-Paul's thoughts, 44- Starbucks, 45- The Saturday, 46-The Party, 47-Special Sunday, 48- As the week progress, a resume, 49- The Company Organization starts, 50-Le Cirque, 51- The diet continues,52-The Concert and the end--or is it The Beginning?, 53- Conclusion

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