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Body Contouring: Art, Science, and Clinical Practice / Edition 1

Body Contouring: Art, Science, and Clinical Practice / Edition 1

by Melvin A. Shiffman, Alberto Di GiuseppeMelvin A. Shiffman


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As plastic surgeons, we seek to combine art and science to improve the results we see in clinical practice. Through our artistic sensibilities, we try to understand and obtain aesthetic results. Scientifc analysis provides the data to predict which approaches will be successful and safe. Both art and science connote a high level of skill or mastery. At the present time, our literature is replete with descriptions of specifc pro- dures for body contouring. However, there remains a need for a defnitive reference describing the basic principles to address the complete scope of body contouring including the postbariatric patient and their plastic surgery deformities. Dr. Shiffman and Dr. Di Giuseppe saw this need and sought to address the needs of plastic surgeons faced with the complexities of body contouring surgery. This is a comprehensive text aimed at providing multiple perspectives. The numerous sections, which include a- posity and lipolysis, the breast, abdomen, chest, and buttocks, the extremities, and liposuction, offer various approaches from the foremost authors. Indeed it is with a tremendous amount of skill and mastery that Dr. Shiffman and Dr. Di Giuseppe have successfully edited and collated the numerous contributions to this work. In addition, they have authored individually or, in collaboration, over a dozen of the 87 total chapters. Their combined work as editors and authors are e- dent throughout their text. The fnal result is a comprehensive contribution that will beneft all plastic surgeons seeking to improve their approach to body contouring.

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Publication date: 11/04/2010
Edition description: 2010
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About the Author

Melvin A. Shiffman, M.D., J.D.: 38 years practice as a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, a juris doctorate, has written over 320 books and articles in surgery, cosmetic surgery, and law and medicine. In February he became President of the American College of Legal Medicine

He is a diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, American Board of Forensic Examiners, and American Board of Forensic Medicine. He has been in practice in Tustin, California, doing cosmetic, reconstructive, and oncologic (cancer and allied diseases) surgery since 1964. A former Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of California, Irvine, Dr. Shiffman is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery as well as former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. He is a past president of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery and lectures multiple times yearly at national and international meetings on medical jurisprudence and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Shiffman is a former District Medical Consultant for the Medical Board of California and has been a medical legal consultant since receiving his J.D. degrees in 1976 from Western University College of Law.

Alberto Di Guiseppe, M.D.: Board certified in surgical emergencies, and plastic and reconstructive surgery, and maxillofacial surgery, practice in hand surgery and burns management. Senior registrar of the Plastic Surgery Department of the University of Ancona. Member and Honorary Member of many societies.

Became one of the outstanding leaders in body contouring surgery performed with ultrasonic device applying the technique to new areas as breast and face. Introduced superficial ultrasonic internal treatment of the aging face for achieving skin retraction (ultrasonic assisted face-lift or skin remodelling). The technique has been presented in meetings all over the world and the video of the technique has been accepted in the "Video Library" of the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation for teaching purpose.

Table of Contents

Anatomy, Classification of Adiposities, Body Contouring, Injection Lipolysis.- Mammary Anatomy.- Gluteal Contouring Surgery: Aesthetics and Anatomy.- Anatomy and Topography of the Anterior Abdominal Wall.- History of Classifications of Adiposity Excess.- Body Contour: A 50 Year Perspective.- Injection Lipolysis for Body Contouring.- Breast.- History of Breast Augmentation.- Inframammary Approach to Subglandular Breast Augmentation.- Hydrodissection Axillary Approach Breast Augmentation.- Complications of Breast Augmentation.- Regnault B Mastopexy: A Versatile Approach to Breast Lifting and Reduction.- Mastopexy/Reduction and Augmentation Without Vertical Scar.- Breast Reduction and Mastopexy with Vaser in Male Breast Hypertrophy.- Gynecomastia Repair Using Power-Assisted Superficial Liposuction and Endoscopic Assisted Pull-Through Excision.- Mastopexy Complications.- History of Breast Reduction.- Strombeck Breast Reduction Technique.- Inverted Keel Resection Breast Reduction.- Vaser-Assisted Breast Reduction.- Complications of Breast Reduction.- Abdomen, Chest, Buttocks.- History of Abdominoplasty.- Abdominoplasty Principles.- Liposculpture of the Abdomen in an Office-Based Practice.- “Anchor-Line” Abdominoplasty: A Comprehensive Approach to Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Body Contouring.- Circular Lipectomy with Lateral Thigh–Buttock Lift.- Prevention and Management of Abdominoplasty Complications.- Mastopexy with Extended Chest Wall-Based Flap After Massive Weight Loss.- Extremities.- Brachioplasty: How to Choose the Correct Procedure.- Brachioplasty: A Body-Contouring Challenge.- “Fish-Incision” Brachioplasty.- Brachioplasty Technique with Molds Combined to Vaser Assisted Lipomyosculpture.- Limited Incision Medial Brachioplasty.- Augmentation Brachioplasty with Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants.- Long-Term Outcomes and Complications After Brachioplasty.- Lymphoscintigraphy: Evaluation of the Lymphatic System.- Medial Thigh Lift and Declive: Inner Thigh Lift Without Using Colle’s Fascia.- Spiral Lift: Medial and Lateral Thigh Lift with Buttock Lift and Augmentation.- A Novel Treatment Option for Thigh Lymphoceles Complicating Medial Thigh Lifting Procedures.- Fat Augmentation of Buttocks and Legs.- Lower Leg Augmentation with Combined Calf-Tibial Implant.- Liposuction.- Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty: Basic Physics, Tissue Interactions, and Related Results/Complications.- History of Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty.- Face and Neck Remodelling with Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty (Vaser).- High Definition Liposculpting.- Vaser-Assisted Liposculpture for Body Contouring.- Circumferential Para-Axillary Superficial Tumescent (CAST) Liposuction for Upper Arm Contouring.- Body Contouring with Focused Ultrasound.- Focus Ultrasound on Limited Lipodystrophies.- Aesthetic Body Contouring of the Posterior Trunk and Buttocks Using Third Generation Pulsed Solid Probe Internal Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty.- Treatment Options in Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis.- Liposuction for Madelung’s Neck.- Body Contouring of the Thigh: The Third Dimension by Leonardo Da Vinci.- Liposuction of the Calves and Ankles Associated with Calf Implant.- Management of HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy: Medical and Surgical Options for Lipoatrophy and Lipohypertrophy.- Prevention and Treatment of Liposuction Complications.- Comparison of Blood Loss in Suction-Assisted Lipoplasty and Third-Generation Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty.- Fat Transfer.- Fat Transfer Principles.- Enhancing Muscle Appearance with Extensive Liposuction and Fat Transfer.- Remodelling Breast and Torso with Liposuction and Fat Grafts.- Buttocks Remodeling with Fat Transfer.- Complications of Fat Transfer.- Body Contouring After Severe Weight Loss.- History of Bariatric Surgery.- Psychosocial Aspects of Body Contouring Surgery After Bariatric Surgery.- Psychosocial Issues in Body Contouring.- Nutrition Issues After Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss.- The Body’s Aesthetic Units for Body Contouring Surgery in Massive Weight Loss Patients.- Classification of Contour Deformities After Massive Weight Loss: Clinical Applications of the Pittsburgh Rating Scale.- Facial Contouring in the Postbariatric Surgery Patient.- Total Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss.- Transaxillary Breast Augmentation/Wise-Pattern Mastopexy in the Massive Weight Loss Patient.- Mastopexy with Extended Chest Wall-Based Flap After Massive Weight Loss.- Medial Thigh Lift Free Flap for Breast Augmentation After Bariatric Surgery.- Rotation-Advancement Superomedial Pedicle Mastopexy Following Massive Weight Loss.- Flank Reshaping.- Perforator Sparing Abdominoplasty: Indications and Operative Technique.- Abdominal Lipectomy and Mesh Repair of Midline Periumbilical Hernia After Bariatric Surgery Sparing the Umbilicus.- Combined Abdominoplasty and Medial Vertical Thigh Reduction Following Severe Weight Loss.- Complications in Abdominoplasty Patients After Bariatric Surgery.- Quality of Life After Abdominoplasty Following Bariatric Surgery.- Algorithm for Surgical Plane in Brachioplasty After Massive Weight Loss.- L Brachioplasty Following Massive Weight Loss.- Brachioplasty After Bariatric Surgery.- Brachioplasty and Axillary Restoration with Treatment Algorithm for Brachioplasty.- Current Techniques in Medial Thighplasty.- Thighplasty.- Combined Thigh and Buttock Lift After Massive Weight Loss.- Venous Thromboembolism in Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery.

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