Blueprint Reading for Welders

Blueprint Reading for Welders

by A. E. Bennett, L. J. Sly


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Complete, hands-on practice in reading and interpreting blueprints. Step-by-step, students will develop the necessary skills to interpret all types of working sketches and prints-from the simplest to the most complex. The spiral binding makes it easier than ever before to use this book side-by-side with blueprints! Completely updated to American Welding Society and ANSI standards and now features new chapters on CAD and ISO standards.
Instructor's Manual, ISBN: 0-7668-0912-9

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780442203245
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold
Publication date: 08/28/1978
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

A.E. Bennett was an instructor in New Brunswick, Canada.

Following a successful career as a high school drafting teacher, Louis J. Siy spent 20 years as an industry professional, serving as both a draftsman and a consultant. Siy remains active in the AWS and has served on the organization's Symbols Committee.

Table of Contents

PREFACE. THE PURPOSE AND MAKEUP OF PRINTS. UNIT 1: Basic Lines and Views. UNIT 2: Sketching. UNIT 3: Notes and Specifications. UNIT 4: Dimensions. UNIT 5: Bill of Materials. UNIT 6: Structural Shapes. UNIT 7: Other Views. UNIT 8: Sections. UNIT 9: Detail, Assembly, and Subassembly Prints. UNIT 10: Welding Symbols and Abbreviations. UNIT 11: Basic Joints for Weldment Fabrications. UNIT 12: Fillet Welds. UNIT 13: Groove Welds. UNIT 14: Back or Backing and Melt-Thru Welds. UNIT 15: Plug and Slot Welds. UNIT 16: Surfacing Welds. UNIT 17: Edge Welds. UNIT 18: Spot Welds. UNIT 19: Projection Welds. UNIT 20: Seam Welds. UNIT 21: Stud Welds. UNIT 22: Applied Metrics for Welders. UNIT 23: Pipe-Welding Symbols. UNIT 24: Dual Dimensioning. UNIT 25: Inspection and Examination. UNIT 26: International Standard Symbols for Welding. UNIT 27: Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). APPENDIX 1: Inch-Millimeter Equivalents. APPENDIX 2: Structural Metal Shape Designations. APPENDIX 3: Pipe Dimensions and Weights. APPENDIX 4: Drill Dimensions Chart. APPENDIX 5: Steel Rule Diagram. APPENDIX 6: Metric Threads—Fine and Coarse. INDEX. INDEX OF TABLES: Common types of lines used on a print. Standard gages—wire, sheet, plate. Size specifications for structural shapes. Material abbreviations. Letter designations for welding processes. Letter designations for cutting processes. Letter designations applying welding processes. SI base Units. SI supplementary units. Derived units pertaining to welding. Comparison of decimal numeration to prefixes. Listing of coarse and fine metric threadsizes. Constants for metric conversions. Nondestructive testing symbols. Conversion tables. Elementary symbols. Supplementary symbols. ISO symbols—main dimensions. Examples of the use of elementary symbols. Examples of application of supplementary symbols. Examples of combinations of elementary symbols. Examples of combinations of elementary and supplementary symbols. Examples of exceptional cases. Comparison of ISO symbols to AWS symbols. Additional AWS Symbols for which there are no comparable ISO symbols.

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