Bloody Paralyser: The Giant Handley Page Bombers of the First World War

Bloody Paralyser: The Giant Handley Page Bombers of the First World War

by Rob Langham


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The First World War saw tremendous technological advancements, especially in the world of aviation. Many amazing sights were to be seen in the air during the war, and one of the largest and most impressive was that of the Handley Page bombers. The first two-engine Handley Page bomber flew in 1915, and the Handley Page O/100 and O/400 bombers flew operational missions over Germany and German-occupied Europe as well as further afield for almost two years of the war. The even larger four engine Handley Page V/1500 was all set to conduct an audacious mission to bomb Berlin, cancelled just on the eve on the Armistice. The contribution of these machines and the men that flew and operated them is largely forgotten today, with a lot of focus being given to the seemingly more glamorous single-seat scout pilots. This book aims to try and redress the balance and tell the story of the ‘Bloody Paralyser’ aeroplanes and their crews.

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ISBN-13: 9781781550809
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publication date: 02/18/2016
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Rob Langham is a Great War Historian with strong interests in the home front and the Gallipoli Campaign. He is a graduate in Aviation Management BSc and has since worked in the aviation and logistics industries. Rob currently resides in Hampshire

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 6

Introduction 7

1 Beginnings 11

2 Prototypes 20

3 The Bloody Paralyser 27

4 Into Action 49

5 Another Start 63

6 With 41st Wing 82

7 To the Dardanelles 90

8 Flight to Damascus 94

9 1918 97

10 The Worst Night 133

11 The End in Sight 140

12 Super Handley Page 156

13 Paralysers in Peacetime 165

14 From Bombs to Passengers 170

Epilogue 178

Endnotes 182

Bibliography 188

Sources 191

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