Bloodline (Sigma Force Series)

Bloodline (Sigma Force Series)

by James Rollins

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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Bloodline, a breathtaking Sigma Force thriller from the phenomenal James Rollins, is further proof that, when it comes to explosive adventure and nail-biting suspense, this New York Times bestselling author is one of the very best in the business! Bloodline is a lightning-paced, unputdownable international thriller chock-full of the trademark elements that have propelled Rollins to the top of virtually every national bestseller list: cutting-edge science ingeniously blending with history and nonstop action. A relentlessly exciting tale that races across the globe, Bloodline ensnares popular series hero Commander Gray Pierce in a deadly conspiracy involving Somali pirates, the kidnapped daughter of the U.S. Vice President, and a dark secret hiding in the human genetic code. This is mystery, suspense, surprise, and ingeniously inventive storytelling as only James Rollins can do it.

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ISBN-13: 9780061785665
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 03/26/2013
Series: Sigma Force Series , #8
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 656
Sales rank: 63,912
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 7.50(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

James Rollins is the author of international thrillers that have been translated into more than forty languages. His Sigma series has been lauded as one of the “top crowd pleasers” (New York Times) and one of the "hottest summer reads" (People magazine). In each novel, acclaimed for its originality, Rollins unveils unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets—and he does it all at breakneck speed and with stunning insight. He lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Sacramento, California

Date of Birth:

August 20, 1961

Place of Birth:

Chicago, Illinois

What People are Saying About This

Brad Meltzer

“From the hidden Indian treasure, to the Fort Knox secrets, to the conspiracy at the beginning of the United States The Devil Colony gives you every reason why you’ll want to be a member of Sigma Force.”


In Bloodline, you introduce two new characters, Tucker and Kane, a pair unlike any your readers have seen before. Tell us about them, and why you decided to write about them?

First of all, I wanted to honor these unique American heroes. Tucker Wayne is a former captain with the Army Rangers. After two tours of duty in Afghanistan, he leaves the service disillusioned after a bloody battle. Aided by members of his own unit, Tucker steals his war dog, Kane. Since then, Tucker has been adrift in the world with Kane at his side. After all he saw in Afghanistan, Tucker needs new horizons, new vistas, but mostly, he has a drive to keep moving. Tucker finds purpose when he and Kane run afoul of kidnappers who have taken the daughter of the U.S. president hostage.

What I liked best about exploring this pair's unique relationship is a phrase commonly used by military war dog handlers-It runs down the lead-describing how the emotions of the pair became shared over time, binding them together as firmly as any leash. And it's that bond and ability for the two to operate as one that I wanted to explore in this novel.

Can you tell us about your research into military dogs?

Research has always been an important element in my novels and even more so in Bloodline. The first recorded use of war dogs goes back to 4000 BC, when the Egyptians used them in battle. But the modern use of dogs in the U.S. military really started in WWI. Since then, dogs have become an integral part of the U.S. military-including the dog, Cairo, who was involved with the takedown of Osama Bin Laden.

About a year and half ago, I was lucky enough to participate in a USO tour of authors to military bases in Iraq and Kuwait. There, I saw several of these war dogs in action. I was also able to meet and talk to a veterinary school classmate of mine who works with the veterinary corps out in Iraq. After that encounter, it got me thinking about writing this book, of honoring these unique war heroes on the page.

You're also a veterinarian. How did your profession help you so viscerally portray the bond between man and dog on the page?

After three decades of working with dogs myself, I knew that I wanted to portray these stalwart war heroes as they really are-not just as soldiers with four legs, but as real dogs. In this book, there are scenes written from Kane's perspective. I wanted readers to experience what it's like to be a war dog-to be in their paws-to accurately capture how a dog perceives the world, how he functions in combat with his unique talents and senses.

In Bloodline you also raise the issue of children being used as soldiers, a hot-button topic also raised by the current manhunt for the African warlord Joseph Kony. What made you write about this sensitive issue in a mainstream thriller?

I believe a novel is made stronger if it touches upon the reality of our world. It's a tragedy that children have been brutalized and turned into soldiers by warlords in Africa, but it's also happening on other continents, too. Child soldiers can be found in armies around the world. Often they're hyped up on drugs and tortured into submission. They're forced to kill, even murdering members of their own family. And if they're not carrying guns, they're often used as suicide bombers, or for sex, or even to walk ahead of advancing armies to trigger any hidden land mines.

In Bloodline, my characters encounter several of these children, raising the question: how do you fight such an adversary? Or do you? One of my characters, Seichan, recognizes herself in these kids. She was taken off the streets as a teenager and turned into an assassin by a shadowy organization. This story offered a perfect opportunity to explore what it means to be a child soldier who has grown up. How do you balance such a past with the present?

Women play a large role in Bloodline. How are you able to write from the point of view of women so well?

I have three sisters who make sure I get those details correct, but also during my USO tour to Iraq and Kuwait, I got a chance to talk at length to women in the field-to hear what it's like to be a female in the armed services. And that's something I tried to capture accurately. In many action-oriented books, women are relegated to the role of arm candy for the hero or to function as damsels in distress. Not in my books. Here they fight and bleed alongside everyone else. And I'm always thrilled to hear from female readers who stumble upon my books and share letters or post comments on Facebook about how much they enjoy the stories, often because of the heroic and dynamic women featured in the novels.

Bloodline also shines a light on a disturbing and secretive marketplace that is functioning in plain sight, though most of us don't know it Can you tell us about that?

Everyone has heard about the black market, that world of clandestine negotiations and illegal transactions. But today, there is also a red market: a term coined to describe the wholesale buying and selling of of human organs. It's going on all around us. Some legal, much of it illegal. In Bolivia, murderers hunt down victims-not for the money in their pockets, but for the fat in their bodies, which is harvested and sold to European beauty supply companies. In China, prisons have become profitable body farms, turning inmates into a source for new hearts, kidneys, and corneas, all to be sold to the highest bidder. It is just such a marketplace that my characters stumble upon in Bloodline-one happening upon U.S. soil.

Your novels always delve into the cutting edge of science. What is the scientific basis behind Bloodline?

The root of this book came from a recent article in Time magazine. The cover declared: 2045, the Year Man Becomes Immortal. I read that and wondered how that could become true. Could immortality be achievable in our lifetime? It sent me into a yearlong and chilling investigation into the frontiers of life extension: scientific inquiries involving medicine, technology, and genetics. The research even delved back to the Cold War, to a frightening study done by Soviet scientists who were attempting to revive the dead-a study that still has ramifications today.

What are some of these new discoveries involving immortality?

I've learned that there are actually two competing schools of study when it comes to the search for immortality. On one side, scientists are looking at moving man into machines, moving our consciousness into a synthetic arena. Scientists in Switzerland right now are working with IBM to create the first virtual human brain and say they are about a decade off from achieving this goal.

On the other side of the scientific fence, researchers are also looking at moving machines into us: basically replacing our failing parts with artificial organs. We already have synthetic pancreases and mechanical hearts, and these scientific advancements continue to accelerate, especially with the explosive growth of nanotechnology, which involves engineering at the atomic level.

In Bloodline, I shine a light into both of those shadowy arenas-into some truly inspiring and scary realm-while also revealing an even more terrifying project, a third path to immortality, one tied to our own genetic code.

In Bloodline, you also delve into the morality behind the quest to live forever. Does morality have a place in scientific discovery?

How can it not? Scientific exploration regularly tests society's moral compass. Is human cloning good or bad? What about stem cell research? At every turn, the fringes of science test a society-morally, spiritually, and economically. And at the accelerating pace of such exploration, we are quickly outstripping our abilities to rein in our advancements or to adequately judge where that knowledge will take us.

Such questions are wonderful fodder for a thriller writer to explore. Because the true challenge of science and technology is not whether its cogs and wheels work, but how it will change us. And even more frightening . . . will we even have a voice in this next evolution?

Now to the last and most pressing question: How close are we to achieving immortality?

That's a good question-and the answer is the most startling revelation I discovered while researching this story, something I share within the pages of this book. In Bloodline, readers will learn a shocking scientific truth about the nature of mankind: That immortal beings already walk among us today.

If you want to know who they are, if you want to learn how to live forever-read Bloodline.

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Bloodline (Sigma Force #14) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 253 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like the Sigma books, you will LOVE this one. Tucker and Kane are great additions to the team, seamlessly adding another level of defense and point of view to the group, but not dominating it. Hopefully, they will appear in future adventures. If you are not already familiar with the Sigma group, this is a good place to jump in...and hold on.
roma10 More than 1 year ago
One of his best books! Loved it. Tucker and Kane were a great addition to the book. Hope to see more of them!! Can not wait for the next sigma book.
dckim50 More than 1 year ago
I have read all of James Rollins books, and they’re always a fun, exciting read. He provides a great fusion of the science of Michael Crichton or Robin Cook and the James Bond-style action of Robert Ludlum, with a twist of the mystery and conspiracy of Dan Brown. His books take all of these genres and mix them beautifully! His latest book, “Blood Line,” might be one of my favorite books in his Sigma series. One of the best additions to the series in this book is the duo of Kane and Tucker, a military dog and his trainer. I loved their bond, Rollins really nailed the dog’s point of view. It must be hard to add a dog as a main character and write from the animal’s point of view. Dean Koontz has tried it a few times, and each time, he falls a bit short. Rollins never makes it too over the top, so it works well. If you are a fan of action books, you should read James Rollins’s books! You won't be disappointed.
Maheegan More than 1 year ago
WOW ! OUTSTANDING ! Once again James Rollins delivers another nail biting, page turner, right from the beginning pages up till the end. I had a hard time putting the book down at night and couldn't wait to get home from work the next day to pick up and start reading from where I left off the night before. There's a lot of "OMG" & "No way!" going on in this book. Reading BLOODLINE will definitely leave you wanting more.IF you've read all the SIGMA FORCE books like I have, you MUST READ BLOODLINE.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read evry single James rollins book and this one was very good. There are many interesting concepts and there are some huge twists that made every page a blast to turn. This is a must read. I could not put this book down. James rollins once again shows me why he is my favorite author.
sstafslien More than 1 year ago
James Rollins latest entry in the Sigma Force series – Bloodline – is a piece of literary fiction that epitomizes the notion of greatness. From the first printed word to the very last, Mr. Rollins crafts the perfect balance of mystery, suspense, intrigue, tension, fear, blood-chilling evilness, heart-felt compassion and lip curling humor that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The characters are wonderfully textured and full of depth. The plot is ingeniously complex and thought provoking. The technological and scientific advances that lace the narrative are as amazing and astonishing as they are disturbing. The litany of unexpected twists and turns keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, anxiously awaiting the next startling revelation to grab a hold and drag them deeper and deeper into the story…longing never to return. And just when you think --“how in the world can the story possibly proceed from here and do the series justice?”—Mr. Rollins eloquently lays the foundation in the final few chapters from which the Sigma Force crew can certainly launch their next adventure with the potential for even more intrigue and heart-pounding excitement. Every now and then something special comes along. Something that re-calibrates our measuring stick of what greatness truly is. Something that causes us to simply shake our heads in a state of utter amazement and a sense of profound appreciation for having witnessed or been a part of something extraordinary. Something that reminds us of just how incredibly talented and gifted some folks truly are. In the realm of fictional thrillers, Mr. Rollins has achieved this feat with Bloodline. Bloodline is Mr. Rollins Picasso. A stroke of perfection. The only question now is when and where can the rest of us “Sigmaholics” pre-order the next installment?
sunnyaz4me More than 1 year ago
The worst thing about reading a Rollins…it always leaves you wanting for more! The knots in my stomach have finally loosened and my heart rate has returned to normal. I can recommend BLOODLINE for the beach, the airplane, for reading at home, of course…but before a doctor’s appointment…probably not a smart thing. From page one, Rollins transports you out of our mundane world of day to day life and into his world of Sigma Adventure. With a fantastic blend of science, action and history, BLOODLINE is an adrenaline rush from cover to cover. I truly couldn’t put it down. I read through BLOODLINE in two four hour sittings (I did have to go in to work for a while…will have to work on planning that better for the next release!) If you’ve never picked up a Sigma Force Novel, no fear. It’s okay to jump in in the middle of the series. Rollins does a great job at laying out the background so you don’t feel left behind. (Must admit that even though I’m a HUGE fan, my migraine and insomnia riddled mind sometimes forgets the details of past adventures.) Of course, once you read BLOODLINE, your reading schedule will be booked for a while…as I’m sure you’ll be hooked as I was when I picked up my very first Rollins. He has a handy page on his website that lets you know all the Sigma books in order as well as his standalones. Now back to BLOODLINE. I’m not sure how much I can say without giving too much of the plot away and spoiling it (I certainly wouldn’t want to do that!) It takes you around the globe, throughout centuries and lets you view the world from a whole new perspective. I love how Rollins takes his multiple plot lines, weaves them around and then brings them all back together again with twists and turns that I never would have anticipated. He has a whole myriad of characters…from the central down to the briefest encounter and they still leave an impression long after you’ve closed the back cover. I love it when a book stays with you and keeps you thinking, even seeping into your dream world long after you’re finished. BLOODLINE is one of those books! The worst thing about reading a Rollins…it always leaves you wanting for more! Good thing I own the book and can read it again! Even then, I still won’t be taking it with me to the doctor’s office...I wouldn’t want the non-stop action messing up my heart rate and blood pressure testing. :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Can't wait for the next one to come out!!!
felixWes65 More than 1 year ago
As always, another page turner by Rollins. Highly recommended.
BreezyL More than 1 year ago
James Rollins has done it again! I've enjoyed James Rollins books since first discovering Deep Fathom, over a decade ago. He's quickly become a "must buy" for me. I really enjoy the bonds between the members of Sigma, and I’ve looked forward to this book with bated breath for months now. Mr. Rollins left some interesting questions at the end of his last book (Last year’s excellent The Devil Colony), and he doesn’t shirk the emotional fallout in Bloodline. A mysterious Templar Knight rescues a staff from a man much older than he ought to be. But this knight is not all she appears—and she leaves no witnesses. Then we jump to modern day. A young pregnant American woman is kidnapped, her husband brutally murdered by Somali prates. But this woman isn’t your average tourist, though she’s traveling on a fake passport. She’s the president’s daughter and she and her baby could be used to leverage all sorts of unspeakable things. What do the kidnappers want with her? Is it money? Are political machinations afoot? Sigma is brought in to find the woman and extract her. And the story is off to an explosive start. As Gray, Kowalski, and Seichan search for answers, Painter is unraveling a mystery of the Guild, Sigma’s greatest enemy. When he finds a tie to the US government, he decides to keep it quiet—for the time being. As Kat and Lisa work Stateside and the rest of the team, aided by former Army Rangers Tucker and Kane, his military dog, circumstances quickly mushroom out of control. The president’s daughter is dead—or is she? And is the true target her or her baby? What can one woman’s tie to eternal life be? Is the president’s daughter expendable? What about his grandchild? Mr. Rollins weaves science and adventure seamlessly, presenting high-concept DNA and PNA in a manner that is accessible to everyone, not just those with a scientific bent. The action flows from Somalia, to the excesses of Dubai, and to South Carolina. Throughout, the action never wanes. There were some excellent—and some very unexpected—twists and turns in the book. Though I figured out the true power behind the kidnapping, there was a subplot featuring one of the characters that came as an absolute shock to me. I can’t wait to see how Mr. Rollins addresses that in the next book. The addition of new characters Tucker and Kane was seamless. I loved seeing the action unfold through Kane’s point of view, and the bond between them was almost a tangible thing! I loved that both Kat and Lisa were in the field at the same location, yet they had such vastly different experiences. I loved seeing Painter having to deal with the upper echelons of government and justifying Sigma's role in the rescue op. And I loved that Mr. Rollins dropped a few Easter Eggs in for readers—the mention, or appearance, of characters who starred in past books. The resolution brought up even more questions, and I’m very eager to learn more. At times, Bloodline reminded me a bit (in theme) of Steve Berry’s Jefferson Key. There were some interesting parallels, including parts of the action occurring in the Carolinas. The books are completely different in feel and execution, but it was something that was definitely noticeable. Mix science and action, add a sprinkle of exciting locales, and mix well with fantastic characterization, and you have the perfect summer novel. James Rollins has another winner here!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I stayed up until four in the morning to finish this book because I simply couldn't bring myself to put it down. True to Rollins's past novels, "Bloodline" was fast paced and filled with action and scientific intrigue, and I appreciate the way he puts the science out there without causing your eyes to roll into the back of your head. The horror and peril experienced by the characters in facing psycho slice and dice doctors and robots with equal slice and dice prowess made any and all victories experienced by our heroes that much sweeter. And of course the tension breaking personality and smart mouth of Kowalski made me laugh on more than one occasion. This book had both the action monger and romantic in me cheering. It was also nice to be visited by an old friend (Jack - "Deep Fathom"). I hope to see Tucker and Kane in future novels as they brought something new and fresh to the team, and I can't wait to see what potentially world-ending perils challenge Gray, Painter, Seichan and the rest of Sigma next. Definitely looking forward to the next adventure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This one is the best so far out of all the sigma force novels. I recommend this book highly; you will not be able to put down bc it is so good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another outstanding book by James Rollins. His books are so clever it makes for such a quick read. I could barely put it down. Unfortunately it makes it go by way to fast and you don't want it to end!Even though this was just released I can't wait to read his next novel I know it will be just as amazing! Write fast Mr. Rollins!
DeedraM More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Bloodline & James Rollins in particular. After reading Bloodline, I have a new favorite Sigma Force Novel. Blending the view points of humans and animals is the perfect recipe for his best story yet. This novel offers an entirely unique experience by writing from the perspective of some of our greatest heroes, military dogs. This novel is the perfect book for bibliophiles, action seekers, and animal lovers alike!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Probably the best of the Sigma Force series. Love the opening and the twist at the end. Rollins always entertains but Blood Line stands out as more minute to minute excitement!
MizDiane More than 1 year ago
The author never disappoints. What an amazing story and extremely informative on some historical facts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading this book and let me just say it was AWESOME!!!! BLOODLINE is a mix of science and action adventure. The best thing is is that the science was not overwhelming. I could not put this book down. I look forward to the next installment of this seris.
Bacaczar More than 1 year ago
Rollins has done it again. A great, exciting story line, and Kane is one fine dog.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Steve Berry and James Rollins are my favorite authors now after having grown up on Leon Uris, JRR Tolkein, and Robert Lludlum. Rollins edges out Berry because I like Commander Gray Pierce a little more than Cotton Malone. Bloodline picks up from where Devil Colony left off with Sigma Force investigating a secret bloodline with ties to the presidency. Also love the whole Scooby Gang with Monk, Painter Crowe, Seichan and of course, Kowalski. The characters all have their own distinct personalities that Rollins expertly weaves through the storyline. Another comparison to Berry, is that while both rely on history, Rollins also interjects some kind of cutting edge of technology or scientific theory (not in a geeky way but with a compelling story line like Michael Crichton )…this time to create immortality. From the jungles of Africa to South Carolina to the exotic Dubai the settings are both central to the story and enticing to the reader. As with all Rollins’ novels, I highly recommend Bloodlines.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very entertaining, as are all of the Rollins books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was hard to put this book down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fantastic read!!!! Loved it.
EurekaDB More than 1 year ago
I was surprised at some of the negative review. If you are a fan of Rollins and his Sigma series books than you will enjoy. I agree that it did start out a bit slow, but really evolves. Without being a spoiler, there are some actions that take place in Dubai that was some of Rollins most exciting writing. Additionally, the characters continue to evolve and the ladies (Kat & Lisa) show that can be as bad-ass as the men.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can always identify a James Rollins story or at least a"SigmaForce" series and this is only my 2nd one. I fellin love with the dog. You can tell the author has done his homework. Lot's of action and a good ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once again, James Rollins has blended facts and fiction into a thrilling escapade. Since a lot of the science behind his writing is real, Bloodline, like his other works, leaves you wondering "what if..". I hope he writes many more books, because I can't stop reading them!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tucker & Kane are a GREAT addition to the team! Glad I read Tracker first. REALLY glad that another Sigma Force book is FINALLY coming out too!