Blood and Ink: An Italo-Ethiopian War Diary

Blood and Ink: An Italo-Ethiopian War Diary

by W. W. Chaplin, Floyd Gibbons

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In the history books, the Italo-Ethiopian War will doubtless be entered as one of the strangest wars ever waged. History will record the spectacle of a primitive people—haphazardly armed and lacking in modern military technique—seeking to resist Mussolini’s modern war machine by tribal cunning on the battlefield and up-to-date intrigue in the diplomatic councils of Europe.

But what the history books will not record, W.W. (“Bill”) Chaplin tells in this fascinating volume. It is behind the scenes of politics and bloodshed in this curious conflict that Mr. Chaplin takes the reader in a vivid diary of his day-by-day experiences and observations at the Italo-Ethiopian War front.

Written with the dramatic simplicity of a newspaperman trained in the art of brevity, Mr. Chaplin’s account of the thousand and one quixotic incidents in a war correspondent’s life in Ethiopia sparkles with interest and amusement. From the beginning when he describes his departure on an Italian troop-ship at Naples to the very end when he returns to the same port as the approaching rainy season slows down the pace of the war, Mr. Chaplin records an odyssey as strange as the war itself.

The reader is led through picturesque by-ways into the heart of the Ethiopian war zone and shown not only what war has wrought on the battlefield but what it has wrought in the hearts of fighting men. This and much more that is of human texture, Mr. Chaplin tells in a diary that reflects undiluted curiosity and a subtle sense of the dramatic.

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About the Author

WILLIAM WATTS CHAPLIN (1895-1978) was an American war correspondent and former U.S. soldier. Born on March 27, 1895, Chaplin fought in France during World War I with the American Expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.) and served as a foreign correspondent in England, France and Italy. During the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, which took place from October 3, 1935 until 1939, Chaplin reported directly from the frontline in Ethiopia, and published his war diary recounting his experiences in 1936. Chaplin died in August 1978.

FLOYD PHILLIPS GIBBONS (July 16, 1887 - September 23, 1939) was the war correspondent for the Chicago Tribune during World War I. One of radio’s first news reporters and commentators, he began as a police reporter on the Minneapolis Daily News. He moved to the Minneapolis Tribune in 1907, and to the Chicago Tribune in 1912. He became well known for covering the Pancho Villa Expedition in 1916, and for reporting on the 1917 torpedoing of the British ship RMS Laconia, on which he was a passenger. In 1919 he became the chief of the Chicago Tribune’s foreign service, and editor of the paper’s Paris edition. He later wrote novels and became a radio commentator for NBC.

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