Blaze of Glory

Blaze of Glory

by Weston Ochse

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For fans of Stephen King, David Gerrold, and Richard Matheson, picture this: the world is being eaten by monsters and there's nothing you can do about it.

Everything seemed fine.
Life was as we knew it.
Nothing was out of place.

The first tiny creature, no bigger than a thumb, crawled out of the dark loamy earth of an Iowa corn field.

Creatures came from the ground in every country, from the smallest maggot-sized killer, to Cadillac-sized devourers, each one eating everything in sight, their apparent desire, to cleanse the earth of any vestige of mankind.

2 D A Y S A G O
Our hero, Buckly Adamski, watched the Governor of North Carolina start to dance and go crazy on the television, it wasn't until the very end that the television announcer blew his brains out over the impossibility of it all.

Planes crashed to the ground, the Eiffel Tower crumbled, trains stopped running, the power went out, and the entire human race (what was left of it) paused to take a breath, wondering if it would be their last.

Buckley gathered those he could save in the penthouse of an old building in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. Monsters are eating the city around them. They know they must leave. They know they have to make a run for it. But they also don't want to die.

And there is an answer, but it will come from the craziest of places.

This novel also contains an essay called and The True Adventures of a Monster Screenplay in B-Movie Wonderland, which tells the tale of how the screenplay based on this novel was almost sold to Wesley Snipes, with many of the industry's top horror movie stars attached to the film.

This book was previously released in ultra-limited edition by Bloodletting Press, limited to 125 copies.


"BLAZE OF GLORY turns the Monster-Apocalypse subgenre on its gory ear. It's funny, suspenseful and resolutely quirky, with a great cast of characters." - Jack Ketchum, author of The Girl Next Door

"SEAL TEAM 666 is like X-Files and Torchwood written by Tom Clancy: ingenious, creepy, and entertaining." - Kevin J. Anderson, #1 international bestselling author of DEATH WARMED OVER

"Every story-line is as taut as a gunfighter's nerves and individual scenes pop like firecrackers." - Peter Straub on SEAL Team 666

"Even the supernatural has its own division of terrorist. Thank goodness we have our defenders –SEAL Team 666." – Eight-time Bram Stoker winner Joe R. Lansdale

"Weston Ochse is to horror what Bradbury is to science fiction -- an artist whose craft, stories and voice are so distinct and mesmerizing that you can't help but be enthralled." - Dani Kollin, Prometheus Award-winning author of The Unincorporated Man

'Weston Ochse is a mercurial writer, one of those depressingly talented people who are good at whatever they turn their hand to.' -Conrad Williams, August Derleth and International Horror Guild Award Winner

"Weston is one of the best authors of our generation." – Brian Keene, Bram Stoker Award-winning author The Rising and Ghoul

"Weston Ochse is perhaps the fiercest and most direct of the latest generation of dark fiction writers. I watched awestruck year by year as the bright candle of his talent grew into a roaring bonfire of brutally honest output, matched only by his deep empathy for the human condition." Rocky Wood, author of Stephen King: A Literary Companion

"Horror fans will be drawn in by Ochse's cool, collected writing style and then blown away when he peels back reality's skin to uncover the supernatural terrors lurking just beneath the surface." Publishers Weekly

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BN ID: 2940014202053
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Publication date: 04/06/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

WESTON OCHSE was born south of Devil’s Tower in Gillette Wyoming. He attended National University in San Diego and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Ochse (oaks) is the author of seven novels and nearly a hundred short stories. He’s won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in First Novel and been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for

short fiction. He lives with his family in southern Arizona. His website is

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Blaze of Glory 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Drewano More than 1 year ago
‘Blaze of Glory’ is an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic genre. The characters are a rag tag group of survivors thrown together in the chaos and are interesting but because the book isn’t very long I felt as if we didn’t get a good look into each of them. Again because of the length of the book the plot was a bit truncated but interesting, showing a short period in their struggle to survive. I think this could be a 4 or 5 star book if it was longer and got more into how the group came together and what they went through to get there. The writing felt a bit stiff but wasn’t bad. I would recommend this only for the hard core post-apocalyptic reader.