Black Widow Betty Neumar

Black Widow Betty Neumar

by Erica Newton


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There's usually a certain characteristic or gender we think of when we hear the word "serial-killer," but in the case of Betty Neumar, everything changed. Most times, serial-killers are either caught or found dead before they reach senior status, but in this case, the opposite is true.
Investigators spoke of Betty's world becoming "a nation-wide web of coincidences." Because of this figurative web, the media dubbed her the Black Widow. In all her 79 years on this planet, she had been married five times, and each of her relationships had ended with an unexpected death of her husband.
To the outside world, family members who are unconvinced of Betty's involvement in the murders and deaths of her husbands call her a "Bee - a friendly woman who operated beauty shops, attended church, and raised money for charity." Other family members saw a different side of Betty; an uglier side of fist fights at family gatherings, use of vulgar language and demeaning relatives, her two-faced personality where she would put on a show for the public eye, and her notoriety for being an exceedingly greedy woman whose only ambitions in live revolved around having and spending as much money as possible.

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