Birthed In Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey

Birthed In Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey


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Among the scores of books written for expectant mothers, almost none recognize pregnancy as the spiritually exciting, challenging time that it is. The authors of Birthed in Prayer understand that the mother is formed and transformed by these nine months almost as much as is the baby! Through lively storytelling and thoughtful questions, they invite the mother-to-be to explore the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy as part of her lifelong movement into faith and wholeness. Their own insights are magnified by wisdom from scripture, from dozens of expectant mothers, and from sages such as Parker Palmer and Flora Slosson Wuellner.

This book moves readers through the spiritual disciplines of paying attention, releasing old attitudes and lifestyles while opening to new; and learning to change and be changed by the creative process going on inside them. Birthed in Prayer is a practical guide to the divine mystery in one of life’s most ordinary miracles.

“We believe that pregnancy can be a God-given ‘stopping point’; an opportunity to reflect on our lives, our values and our relationship; to re-evaluate our choices and priorities and to make some adjustments. Even more importantly, pregnancy can be an opportunity to draw closer to God and to encounter God in a new way.” (Intro, pp. 1-2).

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ISBN-13: 9780835899413
Publisher: Upper Room Books
Publication date: 03/01/2008
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

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Married and the mother of two young daughters. She has worked and studied in the fields of peacekeeping, Applied Linguistics, educational materials development, research, editing, and writing. She recently completed studies in pastoral therapy and facilitates groups, workshops, and retreats. Currently resides in South Africa.Married and the mother of a young daughter. Former teacher trainer, she is involved in her church’s preschool ministry, dance and drama and cell group. She also presents creativity workshops for Christian women and offers support and trauma debriefing at her local police station. Currently resides in South Africa.Married and the mother of two teenage daughters. Her work has been primarily in personal development, from rural community leadership development, to spiritual awareness and growth to performance training. Currently resides in South Africa.

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