Bipolar, Depression & Suicide in America! 2nd Edition

Bipolar, Depression & Suicide in America! 2nd Edition

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This is a story of how too many Americans teenagers never get to tell as adults living, with Bipolar or Depression. Due to their lives usually end, in suicidal death. This is the story that can't be ignored. Parents you need to understand this in order to understand how to prevent that from happening to your child. This book can help you and your child manage their life to be one of- great accomplishment instead of ignored- and a short life of tragedy.

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ISBN-13: 9781304281067
Publication date: 01/02/2014
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 352 KB

About the Author

I am Chanele TheRockStar
Author, Poet, Freelance Writer, Publisher, Photographer, Editor, Ghostwriter & Owner of TheRockStar Books ETC

"A REAL RockStar, does their part to change the world for the better" � Chanele TheRockStar
I am a diverse, educated, well traveled, open-minded, wounded and healed, I don't discriminate or hate and I am a strong AMERICAN MADE-HOME-GROWN- WOMAN. I hate labels if it were up to me, I would be defined by my life and my journey would be the chapters. I started to advocated for change at a young age. Change for injustice, for fairness. Not just for the masses but, for all. It has never been balanced and liberty blind, for ALL. I never have been able to swallow that jagged pill, or been able to give a blind eye to that fact.
People seem to feel we no longer have a cause, a struggle, a reason to march, to chant, or a to chain ourselves to trees! But the world OUR WORLD- the people need: a voice, our voice, more than ever, WE NEED CAPED-CRUSADERs!!! Always keep in mind and really believe and know...
" Just because you can't play an instrument or sing, doesn't mean you can't be a RockStar" � Chanele TheRockStar

Join RockstARDOME STAND up up do something say something anything, write and provoke change! My lifestyle is different from the "status quo" yet; I like to feel it's more like adapting, to your given environment, then being "different". My environment just happens to be the way I feel & think, rather than following a "standard model" of how life should be lived. I believe this allows me to be open, and not be herded like the majority. I hope you enjoyed!
TheRockStar Books Etc - Mission Statement: with my diverse written artistry. I hope to provoke thought, questions, and in turn change.

The revolution will be televised... well after it is censored and commercialized then everyone will be wearing it on t-shirts. Thankfully it will be on the internet by us not owned, bought or for sell-- 1st so the truth will be out there for all those who are really listening! :)

Let Peace be with you all. Take care of yourselves, and each other. Thank you for your continued support .

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