Billy the Balloon

Billy the Balloon

by Daniel Moore


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“Billy was a foil balloon that was born in a grocery store. He was a shiny silver balloon with a special message that said I Love You in bright red letters.”

Billy the Balloon is a story that will assure, inspire, and give the reader hope that everything will be OK because everything happens for a purpose. It is story about how a farmer named Fred, his special needs grandson, JP, and Sally, a young city girl, are wondrously brought together for a benefit party by a balloon called Billy.

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ISBN-13: 9781595557889
Publisher: Elm Hill
Publication date: 10/23/2018
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.13(d)
Age Range: 4 - 7 Years

About the Author

Daniel Moore is a 4th generation wheat farmer who lives in Washington State. He and his wife have two daughters and 4 grandchildren

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The first thing that Billy heard was a noise that went ssssssssss

The first thing that Billy felt was that he was growing bigger and BIGGER.

The first thing that Billy saw was a big room filled with green and yellow vegetables, red and orange fruits, and purple and white flowers.

Billy was a foil balloon that was born in a grocery store. He was a shiny silver balloon with a special message that said I Love You in bright red letters.

Sally's dad had stopped by the grocery store that day to pick up some ice cream and a balloon for Sally's birthday party. He knew as soon as he saw that shiny silver balloon that he had found the perfect balloon for Sally.

It was a lovely day for Sally's party – sunny but breezy, the daffodils had begun to bloom, and the birds were chirping. Sally was a wonderful girl who was loved by many and her parents wanted her to have a very special birthday party. Sally was anxiously waiting for her dad to come home for the party. Her mother had made a special birthday pie, for Sally liked pie better than cake!

Sally squealed with excitement when she saw her father drive up the driveway and park his car. She hurried outside to give her dad a big hug. He got out of the car holding a grocery bag and some ribbons and said, "Happy birthday!" to young Sally. Before he had a chance to tell her to wait, Sally grabbed the ribbons and pulled Billy the Balloon out of the car and into the breezy air. The force of the wind grabbed Billy and pulled him loose from Sally's hand. Sally shrieked as her father dropped the ice cream and jumped for the little balloon, but it was too late. Billy was already soaring into the big, blue sky.

Sally felt bad that she had lost the balloon and began to cry. Her dad hugged her as he knelt by her side. He told her that the wind blows where it wills and perhaps the little balloon would find a new home and bring someone else joy and happiness who really needs it. For some reason, Sally felt at peace with his answer. Everything was going to be OK!

Billy the Balloon felt scared at first because he had never soared so freely before, nor had he ever flown so high in the sky before. He tried to say "Goodbye" to the little girl, but nothing came out. All Sally could see as he flew away were the words – I Love You.

Many miles away there lived a farmer named Fred. He was a wheat farmer who spent many hours on a big wheel tractor in his fields of wheat. As he would tend to his crops, many times he would come across balloons that had been blown in the wind and had landed in his field. He would stop his tractor and gently gather all of the pieces together, for sometimes the little balloons would get torn in the storms or ripped by rough landings. He would say to the balloons as he found them, "Hello my little messenger friend "— for most balloons had Congratulations, or Get Well, or Happy Birthday written on them — "It's going to be alright, you're going to make someone very happy!"

Fred had a little grandson, who was a very special boy. His name was JP and he couldn't walk or talk, but his smile was so powerful that it brought happiness to everyone who saw it. It was one of those smiles that makes your ears wiggle, your eyes twinkle, and your insides tingle!

One thing that JP liked to do was to pull himself up to the big picture window in his dining room and stand and look out towards the big red barn across the yard. He loved looking at the Maple tree his great-grandmother had planted many years ago. Since it was spring, the tree was sprouting new leaves and the orange-breasted Robins were building a nest in its branches. Sometimes, if JP was really patient, he would see a bunny rabbit hop across the yard in search of fresh dandelions to eat. JP loved this view into the world through his big window and he would stand there as long as his little legs allowed.

Meanwhile, Billy the Balloon was still flying high with the clouds. He saw birds and planes fly past, and people and cars moving around below. That night though, Billy saw something else — a storm was coming right towards him! The clouds were dark and scary looking and made awful loud noises and super bright flashes of light. Billy didn't know what was going to happen to him, but there was no way around this awful storm.

Sure enough — it hit! The wind curled and swirled and twirled little Billy upside and downside and front side and backside. Hour after hour this went on until Billy heard a CRACK! He felt as though his body had been torn in two. He could hear a noise that went ssssssssss. ... and he could feel himself falling and falling and his body was getting smaller and smaller. All he could see was darkness everywhere.


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