The Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia

The Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia

by Don Weekes

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Hockey trivia master Don Weekes has cherry-picked more than 800 of his most compelling trivia questions and records to create this authoritative collection. Who was the only player to captain Steve Yzerman in NHL play? When did a forward or defenseman last tend goal during an NHL game? What is the time of the fastest goal from the start of a season-opening game? Irreverent, captivating, and even bizarre, these entertaining stories, historic milestones, and informative stats capture the essence of the game, today and yesterday.

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ISBN-13: 9781926812038
Publisher: Greystone Books
Publication date: 12/01/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 576
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About the Author

Don Weekes is an award-winning television producer-director at CFCF CTV in Montreal. This is his 25th hockey trivia book.

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Chicago's Bill Mosienko bagged the nhl's quickest hat trick in 21 seconds on March 23, 1952. But what is the team record for three goals? Almost two decades after Mosienko's feat, the Boston Bruins set the team version, scoring a trio of goals just one second faster than Mosienko managed it. The Bruins' three-goal outburst came in 20 seconds, as Johnny Bucyk at (4:50), Ed Westfall at (5:02) and Ted Green at (5:10) scored in rapid succession during the third period of an 8-3 win over Vancouver on February 25, 1971. More recently, Washington missed the Bruins' mark by one second, with a team hat trick in 21 seconds, to tie Mosienko and the Blackhawks' record. In this chapter, we focus on team spirit.
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Sample Questions
10.1 Which two teams have played the most regular-season games in nhl history against one another?
A. The Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins
B. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings
C. The New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins
D. The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens
10.2 Which team was first to invite the fathers of players on road trips?
A. The Nashville Predators
B. The Los Angeles Kings
C. The Edmonton Oilers
D. The Pittsburgh Penguins
10.3 From what historical event does Columbus' nhl team take its namesake, the Blue Jackets?
A. The U.S. Civil War
B. The first atomic bomb
C. The Indian Wars
D. The Kent State Riot of 1970
10.4 Which club's record streak of 487 consecutive home sellouts came to an end in 2006-07?
A. The Edmonton Oilers'
B. The Colorado Avalanche's
C. The Toronto Maple Leafs'
D. The Detroit Red Wings'
10.5 Which Central Hockey League team made history in 2005 by icing pro hockey's first brother-sister duo?
A. The Austin Ice Bats
B. The Wichita Thunder
C. The Tulsa Oilers
D. The Odessa Jackalopes
10.6 Of all defunct nhl teams, which one recorded the greatest number of losses?
A. The California Oakland Seals
B. The New York Brooklyn Americans
C. The old Ottawa Senators
D. The Montreal Maroons
10.7 In 2003-04, which nhl general manager told fans to stay away if they were going to boo his players ?
A. Bobby Clarke, with the Philadelphia Flyers
B. Glen Sather, with the New York Rangers
C. Larry Pleau, with the St. Louis Blues
D. Bob Gainey, with the Montreal Canadiens
10.8 What is the most number of regular-season games played by a franchise before its first playoff match?
A. Less than 300 games
B. Between 300 and 500 games
C. Between 500 and 700 games
D. More than 700 games
10.9 How many points could an nhl team record if they lost all 82 games in a season, in overtime?
A. 22 points
B. 41 points
C. 62 points
D. 82 points

Table of Contents


1 Pumped
Game 1: Odd Man Out

2 19 Years and 213 Days Old
Game 2: Hockey Crossword 1

3 Swan Song
Game 3: What's in a Name?

4 Men with Pucks
Game 4: The Third Jersey

5 The Rookies
Game 5: The Best Rookie Class Ever?

6 True or False?
Game 6: The Last Original Six Survivor

7 Welcome Back and a Few Goodbyes
Game 7: Lockout Lingo

8 The Rearguards
Game 8: Hockey Crossword 2

9 Only the Firsts
Game 9: The First Five-Team 20-Goal Man

10 Team Tricks
Game 10: Defunct Teams

11 This Time It's Personal
Game 11: Lowering the Boom

12 The Deep End
Game 12: Lefties&Righties

13 Hockey's Who's Who and the Finnish Flash
Game 13: MVP Maverick

14 The Great One
Game 14: Close But No Cigar

15 True or False Goalies?
Game 15: Chico, Gump and Jake the Snake

16 Drafts and Trade Winds
Game 16: Drafting Late

17 The Bench Boss
Game 17: Bench Boss Blues

18 Milestones
Game 18: Not-Wayne-Gretzky-Offensive Records

19 All Currency U.S.
Game 19: Hockey Crossword 3

20 Lugging the Jug
Game 20: Chris Who?

21 True or False Stanley Cup?
Game 21: Magnetic Attractions

22 The Hardest Act

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