Biblical Role Models for Singles

Biblical Role Models for Singles

by Cindy Hunter


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Single. It seems to be a state of being that is viewed by many as being almost a sin, or at the least a social faux pas. Even comedians make a joke about single ministry being the one ministry everyone is praying to get out of. If you go to a singles conference you will primarily hear comments to encourage you that you won't be single forever. Why is that? Why do we view it as such? Are there any good Christian examples out there that we can look to as role models?

For years people have asked me, "So when are you getting married?" I even had a close family friend that jokingly offered to put up a billboard to help me find a man. And in asking other single friends of mine if they ever hear this the answer is "YES." Whether the question comes from well meaning friends or our loving family members it can sometimes cut like a knife. It often leaves you feeling pressured to conform to those around you. But why do we seldom have anyone encouraging us to live life to the fullness as single men and women.

I truly believe that our married friends and family simply want the best for us. They, or at least some of them, have found marital bliss and want it for us. But many don't seem to think; going by their actions, that you can find true happiness and joy in being single.

All of this, with the prompting of the Holy Spirit, led me on a quest to find men and women of the Bible that were great role models for singles.

Please join me in as we explore single or single again Christian role models. I hope and pray that by the end we will all be able to break free from the feeling that we must find someone NOW or our world will fall apart.

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Publication date: 10/11/2018
Pages: 66
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