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Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason

by Maud Thomas-Dupoux


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Camilla was dating Marco, her first boyfriend, for only four months when she became pregnant. She was only 19 years old. Marco vanished from her life right after she told him about the pregnancy. Marguerite, her best friend, told her cousin Reynald, who had been hopelessly in love with Camilla. With no reservations, Reynald gladly rescued the pregnant girl by quickly marrying her. Together they happily raised their three beautiful children. What happened next was out of their world. Two decades later, one of Camilla' sons met a young lady at the University. Strongly attracted to each other they started dating right away which resulted in 19 year old Lilly getting pregnant only after four months seeing each other. The story, set in the Island of Haiti, touches on the beginning of the country and brings many issues to the surface. Issues that were and still are very much relevant to the beautiful Island...
..."Beyond Reason" shows the commonality in a divided nation.
And YES, "Beyond Reason" shows how God can take the old, the new, the simple, the sophisticated and the different to mix them together and make the better to perfection.

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