Beyond Cell Memory

Beyond Cell Memory

by Grace J. Scott


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In 2002, author Grace J. Scott began to receive channeled material from the beyond and to publish the results. This latest book of such material was delivered by souls selected by Creator to deliver His message-that He is the origin of all that is-to the world. All of creation began with a cell of Creator, and this single individual cell of His energy contains an exact copy of His DNA and cell memory. That is how we are all connected-how we are all one.

Beyond Cell Memory presents the channeled material in simple language so that all who read it may understand such mysteries as how souls and bodies were created. As humans evolved physically, our form, size, and intellect were enhanced by beings of higher intellect and spiritual vibration from other universes; these same beings are now surrounding and protecting Earth.

Famous people-Dr. Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Edgar Cayce-channeled material that covers dreams, homosexuality, abortion, and suicide. Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei channeled material that suggests that DNA and cell memory connect us to souls of other universes and the Creator of all that is.

What we, as souls, do on our planet is known by and impacts other planets containing souls. Each soul contains DNA and cell memory from Creator, and this same soul exists regardless of the number of lives lived. With imminent cataclysmic Earth changes, we must learn how to clear our cell memory of trauma.

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ISBN-13: 9781462037148
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/12/2011
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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Messages from Creator on Origin, Purpose and Use of DNA and Cell Memory

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Grace J. Scott
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-3714-8

Chapter One

Jamiah: Creator—DNA and Cell Memory

Who is Jamiah? Jamiah describes himself as the humble servant of Creator. Jamiah is a male energy. As he approaches Naomi, she describes his energy as very bright light that fills the whole room. Jamiah is a very high-energy that was made by Creator and he chose to remain near Creator. He has never been on Earth and speaks another language. He does not know our language well. Machines are available to convert his language to ours but he is stubborn and refuses to use them. Therefore, his speech pattern is often confusing and hard to understand and type. Since he does not know our language well he will say things like, "Jamiah come today."

Jamiah is also compassionate. On at least three occasions, he healed me of an illness. How did he do this? He instructed Naomi to place the palm of her hands flat on the souls of my feet. He said he pulled the energy out of my body that was making me ill. He said Creator told him to heal me so he follows the requests of Creator.

Jamiah is very protective of his position of service to Creator. Those who seek appointments with Creator are supposed to go through Jamiah. If souls do not comply, Jamiah gets upset. One soul in particular irks him. That soul is Elijah, the late marine/policeman. Jamiah refers to him as an annoyance "buzzing around his feet" and often reports him to Creator. They're a real comedy team, which Creator is said to find entertaining.

Also, I recall that those who crossed on 9/11/2001 were very cautious not to offend Jamiah. He apparently was in charge of their orientation and training once their souls were cleansed, debriefed and released from the processing area for new arrivals.

Now however, Elijah has adjusted to living as a soul on the Other Side. He has found ways to work around Jamiah and go to Creator. For one thing, he got promoted and may now report directly to Creator. His energy is different from that of Jamiah. He does not like waiting in line and such. He is more of a "giddy-up, get-it-done" type personality. Jamiah and Elijah together are almost like siblings that compete for attention. Jamiah is trying to learn English and how to be funny like Elijah. Once, at a gathering of about 15 females, Jamiah came through trying to speak like John Wayne and cowboys. He entered trying to sing and said: Howdy partners, I've been watching your television and learning to speak English. Everyone laughed and said, "he watched Westerns." Jamiah loved that he made us laugh. So, that is a glimpse at Jamiah. Now, let us get to his channeling.

On May 21, 2010, I went for my weekly reflexology treatment. As usual, I expected to also receive channeled material. I hoped that that I would be given assistance on how to relay the cell memory information to the public. I have page after page of information but I felt that I needed more specific information from experts in the field.

I was amazed at what happened. As if hearing my thoughts, Jamiah, who takes direct orders from Creator, appeared and spoke through the channel, Naomi. Since Jamiah's English is broken, I have filled in the verbs, which he usually omits. I have left his thoughts intact as received.


Jamiah is very happy today because Jamiah gets to see pretty lady. Creator said to me, Jamiah, you need to go now and talk to the pretty lady, the one who writes the books. What you need to say to her will come to you. You need to speak about the beginning of Earth and how it was in the beginning. I will give you this knowledge. I thought and thought about what Creator wants me to say. I know what Creator wants but I don't know how to say it. It is about the book you are to write. Oh, and I must say this to you: Creator loves the way you do other books. He would be angry with me if I forgot to say this.

I thanked Jamiah and said that I did not think Creator would be angry with him. Jamiah disagreed. He said, Creator does have the emotion of anger and he would be angry if he forgot. If he says do something, then I need to do it.

I have important news from the Creator about cell memory that he wants me to give to you. This comes directly from the Creator. The information is from the Creator. Creator hears all and knows all. Creator knows your conversations. He listens. I do not listen.

Creator has DNA and cell memory. Creator is the highest of energy, higher than anyone could imagine or that I can describe. Creator made each and every soul and with each one that he made, he began with one of his own cells. So, all souls that were made have DNA and cell memory from Creator. There are large numbers of souls that were made and each one has its own unique DNA and cell memory.

This same cell memory and DNA stay with the same soul forever. No matter where the soul goes the DNA and cell memory go too. The cell memory stay from the moment the Creator makes the soul. They are called strands of DNA. Creator wants me to tell you that each soul carries with it always—wherever it goes or whatever universe it goes to—DNA and cell memory. This is highly important information.

Creator is really excited about your book. It will show in writing what he means, how he did this, how he made this. Understand?

I answered yes, I understand. You said that in the beginning of creating a soul, Creator began with one cell. He took the cell from himself. In other words, when Creator made a soul, the cell he used to make each soul came from Himself/Herself. Therefore, each soul made by Creator has DNA and cell memory from Creator. Did I state it right?

Jamiah answered: That is right. Each soul made was from Creator. Each soul has DNA and cell memory from Creator. If each soul was made from Creator, then each soul has DNA and cell memory. What does that mean to you? It means—that in your book—you state it however you wish. Creator has cell memory stronger than all souls and DNA stronger than all souls.

If Creator—in making trillions of souls—used one of His cells containing DNA and cell memory for each soul, then that one cell with DNA and cell memory is weaker than the Creator. It has to be. The DNA and cell memory of Creator is stronger than all those he made.

Creator said it is important that your book explain that no matter how many places a soul goes or how many lifetimes a soul has, the DNA and cell memory stay the same. You know this. Not all people know this but you know.

I responded that I had thought of this earlier in the week. Jamiah disagreed. Jamiah said: No, you did not think of this. Your Spirit Guide, Athena, gave you the thought, same difference.

This is highly complex. Each soul being different is very complex: different DNA, different cell memory, different throughout. But, in each life, the soul has the same markings. This is very complicated but simple. It is simple to the Creator.

Okay, I, Jamiah, will tell you what Creator means. On Earth now, scientists make an artificial baby in a laboratory. It does not have DNA and does not have cell memory that Creator makes. That is how you know if the soul is of God. You smart lady and know this already.

I, Grace, will restate my understanding. That cell made in the laboratory by scientists on Earth was not made by Creator. Creator didn't make that cell, so that cell has no soul because Creator did not make it. Is that correct?

That is correct Grace. This "soul," that man makes, thinks as human.

So Jamiah, let me state it this way. This being is not connected to Creator. This being created in the laboratory has no soul from Creator. Creator did not make the being. Is this correct?

Very good Grace, this being is not connected to Creator. Creator does not claim this being because to have a soul, it must come from Creator. That does not mean the baby can't function. It can function but not with a soul from Creator.

I have a question, Jamiah. Are these beings more like robots? Jamiah answered, they function and appear as human but have no feeling—more like robots—they do not have feelings as humans that Creator makes. This is very difficult for me to explain. Creator put a lot on Jamiah.

Creator has more that I, Jamiah, must give to you. Creator wants you to explain in the book that it is very easy for Him to keep up with souls. He has a special way and place where he keeps records. The method Creator uses is similar to how you on Earth track people. The device Creator has keeps the identity of each soul the Creator made. Wherever the soul goes, Creator knows and records this. If the soul is in a universe over here or here or there, Creator looks at where the soul was made and a special signal comes from the soul, so Creator knows where the soul is. That is how Creator knows and hears prayers from humans or creatures from other planetary systems. A prayer lights up the system. It is a light-up system—bing, bing. It is the same as the system you have on Earth for tracking a vehicle or human.

Now you know of this. I have told you this so that you would understand. It is not complex like many on your planet think. Many people on Earth think they are the only race, the only souls. There are many universes and many planets and all have souls. Planets are within universes and planets have souls.

Creator is more magnificent than humans know. Creator is not limited in just soul making. Creator also made universes and planets. Each planet has a soul, a soul that is different from humans. Creator is magnificent, a word that Jamiah likes. Magnificent—greater than, more than—I cannot describe or put into words what Creator is. Now, back to what Creator wants me to do, tell you about the cell memory book.

Be sure to write this in the book. Each soul—on the journey it takes—carries with it the cell memory of previous lives—wherever it may have been for a reason. You see, when your soul goes back to the Other Side, your soul clears all negatives by going through the chambers. The one that channels calls this debriefing. The Chamber is where one clears all negatives. All scenes that were not good are erased. Cell memory of the good, the beneficial, is retained for encouragement of the soul in the next life on a planet.

Cell memory of the negative or the not nice things may be retained if the soul desires to work on clearing these in another incarnation. The soul may choose to do this. Creator allows this. This is where karma comes in. In this case, the cell memory of the good and the chosen negative would be retained and taken to the next incarnation. Earth is a school of learning. Clearing karmas is another way of going back to Creator faster.

You two chose coming here to assist other souls. By electing to come here to assist others, you are faster at going back to Creator. Your works exemplify—you help others. You aid others. There are many stages of development of the soul. The one I speak through says kindergarten and so on, like your schools do. This is a good way to explain this. This is a good way because a soul down here on Earth is just beginning to learn lessons by experience. I am trying hard to do exactly what Creator wants me to do so that I don't have to repeat the lesson. Jamiah knows that what Creator wants written in the books is important.

The action of each soul is determined by that soul. Creator makes souls. Souls are carefully prepared to go out into the universe. The soul makes a choice of what to say, what to do and what acts it will commit. Souls are on their own in these choices. Creator has training for each soul. Each soul has the choice to act or not act, as it was trained or prepared to act.

We do not send you, your soul, out in the universe without knowing what is good and what is bad. You also have within your DNA and cell structure, the ability to know Dark Energy. Creator placed this in your DNA—so that when you come upon Dark Energy—you withdraw, you stay away. Each soul makes a choice of action. Each soul may choose to protect itself and stay away from Dark Energy or the soul may be persuaded by Dark Energy to do wrong. That decision is up to the soul.

DNA and cell memory have a program, as a computer has a program. Creator placed this program there to give warnings of Dark Energy. The warnings of Dark Energy and their influence of wrong action are day-by-day—continuously—you have a program there. Many call this conscience—consciousness—that they think with, that is in the brain of a human. On other planetary systems, they have other ways of detecting Dark Energy. This is very complex to explain so Jamiah will stay with the Earth that you are familiar with.

This is so hard to get through. You are very smart pretty lady, but Jamiah has a hard time giving you what Creator wants. The main lesson for you to know and explain is that each soul made by Creator has DNA and cell memory. Each human has a program within the brain area that allows him or her to a make right or wrong choice. If, on Earth, you make a wrong choice your soul goes through a clearing process. Your soul retains DNA and cell memory. Also, if you choose during the clearing, you may keep cell memory of actions that hurt others and work on correcting those actions in a future life. In that case, it is up to each soul to place itself where others they hurt are located so they can make amends for wrong acts or harmful deeds.

That is what you on Earth call karma. We call it poor judgment. Other planetary systems call it other things. Creator placed the program within all souls. So all souls use the same program no matter where they are located.

Vast, vast are the universes and the majority of souls make progress by coming to Earth. It is a school, as Creator designed. Souls that come to Earth have the opportunity to grow faster and come back to Creator. On Earth, souls learn of emotions—love, caring, compassion and acceptance. Also, souls learn of negative emotions. They learn how to deal with them and how to avoid the negative, the Dark Energy.

Other universes do not have as much growth because there is not as much to work with and there are fewer souls there to work with anything. You may go to other planetary systems and they allow other means of learning. Earth gives you the opportunity to grow in soul and go back home.

Now, Creator says, "Ask and you shall receive." Jamiah feels that he said too much in one day. Jamiah's energy is strong but is now depleted. You understand and are very smart in all you do. You've had training in many planetary systems. Abilities in you are tremendous.

Jamiah states a fact. Jamiah loves working with you. Creator said Jamiah, make information simple so others that read information in book know what it means. Jamiah tried to stay simple.

I thanked Jamiah and then said to him, I have written statements for my book. I want you to tell me if they are accurate. The statements are: Creator made all planets. Creator made all souls. Earth is the school of learning for all souls. Before coming to Earth, each soul must develop a detailed plan or chart for what he or she is to experience/ learn on Earth. This plan is presented to committees and finally to the Council. The Council, God of Earth, and Creator must give final approval of this soul's plan to come to Earth. If approved, the soul—using the information in this chart—is assisted in a process called soul regression, while on the Other Side. This helps prepare the soul for what it will experience when it comes to Earth.

My mother Emma described the process of soul regression in my book, Awakening of the Soul. She gave an overview of how each soul is regressed to the fetal stage. She was among those trained to assist the souls preparing to enter the Earth. She worked with those who had already regressed to the infant stage. This stage required more intense care by other souls, just like on Earth, infants require much care. (Grace J. Scott 2009)

In this process, souls—in what we call heaven—appear a certain chosen age, usually about thirty. They are regressed in stages from that age all the way back to infancy. During each stage—say age thirty to age twenty, the soul feels and reviews what it will experience. The purpose of this is to prepare that soul coming onto earth. This preparation lets the soul know what to expect all the way from birth on Earth forward through its lifespan on Earth. Do you follow me, Jamiah?


Excerpted from BEYOND CELL MEMORY by GRACE J. SCOTT Copyright © 2011 by Grace J. Scott. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Part I. Origin, Purpose and Use of DNA and Cell Memory....................1
1. Jamiah: Creator—DNA and Cell Memory....................3
2. Oshinbah: Creation and Evolution of Life on Earth....................13
3. Oshinbah and Celonious: Preparation and Selection of Souls to Enter Earth....................27
4. Oshinbah and Celonious—Questions and Answers....................35
5. Edgar Cayce: Creator is Energy; DNA of Soul is Energy....................43
6. Jamiah: DNA Connects All Souls....................51
Part II. DNA and Cell Memory Connections....................55
1. Edgar Cayce: Dreams/Visions Connections....................57
2. Sir Isaac Newton: Cell Memory/Universe Connections....................58
3. Galileo: Cell Memory, Math, Astronomy and Soul....................62
4. Dr. Freud: Introduction to Dream Work and Cell Memory....................65
5. Dreams of Author Given and Interpreted by Freud....................72
6. Elijah: Opportunities....................120
7. Dr. Carl Jung: Homosexuality....................121
8. Jamiah: Abortions....................129
9. Edgar Cayce: Abortions....................130
10. Edgar Cayce: Suicide....................132
11. Organ Transplants and Cell Memories....................134
Part III. Use of DNA and Cell Memory....................147
1. Overview: Soul Origin and Energy Levels....................147
2. Naomi and Cell Memory Work....................156
3. Surrounding Self with Light....................160
4. Prepare to Dream....................162
5. Near Death Experience: Option to Exit....................167
6. Organ Transplants: Issues and concerns....................173
7. The Beyond: Transplants and Cell Memory....................175
8. Connecting the Dots....................183
9. Cell Memory Clearing Procedure....................194
10. Hypnosis....................198

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