Bewitch a Man: Simple Ways to Add a Little Magic to Your Love Life

Bewitch a Man: Simple Ways to Add a Little Magic to Your Love Life

by Fiona Horne


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Sometimes Cupid needs a kick in the pants. Bewitch a Man is a fun, empowering manual that shows you how to conjure him up fast, with effective easy-to-master spells, charms, and magical know-how.

Forget changing yourself to land a man—bewitch him! Playboy guest celebrity, actress, and real-life witch Fiona Horne brings crafty women everywhere this manual to spellcasting to find, create, or bewitch the perfect man. From spells to charms to secret chants, the book will cover it all. It worked for Fiona...

Horne’s infectiously vibrant prose encourages women to channel their will, energy, and passion in order to cast enchantments that really work. She provides charms and spells for every scenario—making a dream guy appear, bringing a straying lover back to the fold, warding off a potential rival, and more—and also outlines sensuous rituals and erotic exercises like Morning Magical Massage and Afternoon Aphrodisiac Attack that will keep a relationship sizzling.

With illuminating quizzes and charts, humorous sidebars, and the kind of warm, wise advice you’d get from your smartest girlfriend, Bewitch a Man is a perfect gift from one woman to another, and a great anytime present for any woman to give herself.

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ISBN-13: 9781416950981
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 11/06/2007
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Fiona Horne launched a career in the entertainment industry as the lead singer of Aussie electro-rock band Def FX before authoring several best-selling books, internationally, about modern Witchcraft. She is a popular radio and television personality having appeared on many programs around the world. She is also a commercial pilot, world record-holding skydiver, professional fire dancer, yogini, freediver and SCUBA Diver. Fiona now lives in the Caribbean and is an outreach program co-ordinator and humanitarian aid worker, flying school supplies, building tools and clothing to impoverished communities.
Author Location: U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean.

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Why Bewitching?

After writing a number of books on witchcraft and trying to always be "politically correct" — sidestepping difficult subjects such as conjuring love in a particular person or giving out information that was potentially too powerful — I decided to write Bewitch a Man. Like you, I've experienced long periods of feeling unhappy and unloved by a decent man. For some, a long time is a few months, for others, it could be years. And it's so frustrating. You've done all the right things to lift yourself out of the relationship rut: self-improvement courses, positive meditation at your twice-weekly yoga class, the "How to Meet the Millionaire of Your Dreams" Learning Annex workshop. You close your eyes and spin your little heart out on the bike at the gym five times a week so that you have buns of sexy steel (or as close as you are ever going to get). You've read He's Just Not That Into You over and over and dutifully swallowed its bitter dating-reality pill. You're even a member of three Internet dating services and two book clubs and a salsa dance class...and yet, you are still single.

Is spell casting to get a man any crazier than some of the other things we do?

I remember, when I was younger and less wise, being totally in love with a local punk-rock star who liked to hang out at the neighborhood pub on Saturdays and play pinball. To catch his eye, I would travel to the pub during my lunch hour to practice like mad playing that pinball machine. He was so blown away when I outscored him after three months of lunchtime practicing. Of course, I got fired from my job for being late back to work so many times. Yet, did he ask me out? Not until a year later when my all-girl punk band toured with his band. Then we were girlfriend-boyfriend for two years until he left me for his sister's best friend. I still wonder what she had for a high score.

Bewitchery is empowering. We shouldn't downgrade our personal choices or minimize our goddess-given talents to impress a guy. Hey, if we do, he isn't worth impressing in the first place. Doing something cool that celebrates and expresses your uniqueness is going to get the attention of a man — and not just any man but the right man. The beauty and brilliance of spell casting is that it is anchored in ancient, potent practices that resonate in the deepest parts of our DNA — in our collective unconsciousness, in the pulse of our blood.

With my assured guidance, it's not hard to understand magick and experience its positive effects. Face it, life is magickal. The process of creation that our own bodies are capable of is extraordinary. Just because we numb and dumb ourselves down to deal with the pressure of modern society and the pressures of competing, excelling, or just simply surviving in a really difficult situation doesn't mean that the magick isn't out there. It really is. And bewitchery is universally spiritual; anyone can do it — Christian, Jew (or Jewitch, like me!), and Muslim. And lose your preconceptions: Bewitchery is not about summoning demons. It's about working with energy, light, love, and your own will! In fact, this whole book is a spell that can enchant your love life.

So what do you have to lose? Suspend your disbelief, cynicism, and fear, and let yourself experience something extraordinary. Remember, every woman was put on this earth to be happy and in love — at least once! Spell casting is not crazy or weird — just a really great help. It works very practically and positively. It's sexy and creative.

The only way to go from here is up — and trust me, you will! Watch out, world. There are going to be a lot of women now enjoying love with great guys and in numbers that could tip the scales back to a matriarchal world. Remember, the major way women are disempowered in a patriarchal society is by being unhappy in love. It's time to reclaim what's yours.

Be prepared to allow something extraordinary to happen in your life. Magick isn't mumbo jumbo and superstitious nonsense. Think about it. If a woman stands under a full moon and lights incense, calls on the gods, and confers spiritual power that can transform reality, it is called witchcraft, and it is considered bad. If a man does all this under the roof of a church, he is called a priest and considered holy and in direct and superior communion with God.

But here is an important point to make as you start on the path of a Bewitcher — you must not brag about your bewitchery. You will learn something cool that expresses your uniqueness, but I offer that solely for your (and fellow Bewitchers') enjoyment and appreciation. Just let the man accept you and adore you for your total package. Keep your tricks up your sleeve!

You don't have to do everything offered in this book at once — too much information can overload and shock you into apathy and inaction. Just be aware: It is not how much you know. It's what you do with what you do know.


Look to science for an answer on how spells work. In the world of quantum physics there are subatomic particles whose energy can be measured only when they are being observed. That is, they are invisible unless our consciousness is actively engaged in their reality. The observed becomes changed by the observer. So it is with spell casting: We allow ourselves to "know" the reality of what we are creating, and in doing so, it exists. And sometimes the result will be better than you can possibly imagine. You must keep an open mind when spell casting (like with anything in life) and focus more on the journey than on the destination.

There is a wonderful card in the tarot deck called the Fool. The Fool is represented by zero — meaning all things and nothing. He is pictured leaping off a cliff, head flung back, arms outstretched, with a flower in his mouth. One night when I was meditating on this card, I imagined him calling out, Catch me, universe! I am looking forward to seeing where I land. This has become my mantra every time I take a leap into the unknown and attempt to conjure something new and exciting into my life. It is precisely this joyful abandon and trust in the knowledge that you are a child of the universe and ultimately deserving of love and happiness that will be your most powerful ally in spell casting. Know that something will happen, not always in the way you expect. I have experienced over and over again that what you get is usually better than what you thought you needed.

So now that I have got you excited, you need to absorb these five easy steps of spell casting success into the matrix of your consciousness (basically, this means just read them and don't zone out as you do).



it's easier than you think

Is a short, easy spell weaker than a long, hard spell? No! When you are making magick, time doesn't mean anything. Ten seconds of being completely focused in the moment is more powerful than ten hours of trying to focus on a candle flame, dying of boredom. You know how your most intense dreams seem to go on forever? Well, in reality our most intense dreams actually last no more than thirty seconds. It's the same concept here. A few seconds of bewitchery can have more effect on your life than a few hours of struggling to concentrate. You just have to make the commitment to really focus, and then...

Step Two

you have to know only one thing

Believe in yourself and your ability to do something extraordinary — and then concentrate and apply your efforts from that place of personal power.


have fun

Excitement and optimism are the two most essential ingredients for successful spell casting. Your positive passion is the fuel for the magickal fire that cooks your spell.


get messy

Get really involved and into what you are doing. Don't overthink or be hesitant. Instead, be confident and let your enthusiasm for what you are doing explode as you whip up a potion or conjure up a charm. Intuition will guide you, and if you feel like changing the spell on the spur of the moment — do it. Your gut is always right when you are acting from a place of positive self-belief and self-respect.


walk away and don't look back

Doing a spell is like planting a seed: You don't keep digging it up to see how it's growing. Do your spell and walk away, and don't keep going over it in your head. Leave it alone and let the magick do its work.


When people ask me if I cast spells and I say yes, their immediate comment is, "Well, don't cast one on me." And I reply, "Why not? It may be a nice spell!"

Because of the all-pervading negativity in Western society, most people assume that spells are bad before they contemplate that they could be for good. The most important aspect of spell casting is that a Bewitcher needs to understand that what she sends out comes back — more often than not, magnified a few times over. Thus, it is always more beneficial to concentrate on the good of your newfound power. You want your presence in the world to attract amazing, fortuitous energy and not darkness and difficulty.

Remember, magick is fueled by your intent — so the more passionate and intense you get about what you're doing, the better. Darker emotions like anger and lust are very potent emotions — great for channeling into spell casting, where that raw energy can be transformed into a giant fuel cell to kick magickal butt. But the downfall of spell casting when you are extremely angry or in a heightened state of lust is that your energy cannot be focused in a pure positive stream to really get the results that you need.

The book you hold in your hands is racy and life changing, challenging and shocking. But I know just from your picking it up that you are ready for some serious excitement in your life and, more important, positive change in your love life.

"Fiona Horne is truly an amazing witch, and I have seen her practical magick firsthand. Recently, I had a problem with my boyfriend, who was being inattentive and noncommittal. I consulted with Fiona, who did a little ritual with me and gave me some advice, which I immediately took. Within a few weeks my boyfriend was back in my arms and has been more than attentive and truly committed to me!"


"Just by reading Fiona's love spells, I have found that magickal things happen!"


Copyright © 2006 by Fiona Horne

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