Beverly Hills Manners: Golden Rules from the World's Most Glamorous Zip Code

Beverly Hills Manners: Golden Rules from the World's Most Glamorous Zip Code

by Lisa Gache


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In Beverly Hills, fame and wealth can buy everything—except class, grace, and sophistication. In Beverly Hills Manners, Lisa Gaché offers a behind-the-scenes look at the unique social dilemmas of the residents of the hills of Beverly through the eyes of an etiquette expert tasked with transforming her awkward, boorish, and sometimes challenging clients into social virtuosos.

From Saudi princesses to Oscar winners, talent agents to intelligence operatives, child actresses, butlers, and football players, Lisa has amassed an astounding roster. She’s taught Oscar nominees how to successfully navigate the red carpet, sorority girls to use forks and knives, and NFL coaches to shake hands. In this book, she reflects on those experiences to teach you how to present yourself as a respectable professional in real-world situations.

Beverly Hills Manners covers more than just table manners. It includes advice on what Lisa calls “Child Wrangling”—laying down the law as parents when it comes to cliques, bullying, and cattiness—and netiquette, a vital new discipline in tune with every type of social media. You’ll also learn how to gracefully conduct yourself during life’s most trying moments, such as comforting a friend on the loss of a loved one or agreeing to help a family member who may be down on his luck.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781629145853
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 11/11/2014
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 309,693
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Lisa Gaché, founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Manners, is a nationally recognized lifestyle and etiquette expert, often featured on television (The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Anderson Live) and in print (Vanity Fair, USA Today, Los Angeles Times). Lisa’s formal training includes certification as a corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant from the Protocol School of Washington. She resides in Beverly Hills, California.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Beverly Hills 1

Chapter 1 Keeping Up Appearances

No Second Chances: First Impressions, Lasting Impact 10

Fake It Until You Make It 11

Poise, Confidence, Acting Skills 11

Look the Part (or Someone Else Will Get It) 11

Wardrobe Malfunction! 13

Body Language Needs No Translation App 14

Slow Down the Beat 15

How to Land Safely into a Chair 16

Outtake: How to Walk in High Heels 17

Lights, Cameras, Close-ups, Oh My! 19

Clip It, Clean It, but Don't Cause Injury 20

Wipe Down All Exposed Surfaces 21

Keep Unsightly Habits Out of Sight 23

A Fashion Versus Style Smackdown 24

Outtake: A Few Tips About Apparel 26

First I look at the Purse 27

Outtake: Stash and Carry 28

Chapter 2 Pleased to Meet Me

If You Could Hear Yourself Talk … 30

Easy on the Ears 30

Language! 31

Meet and Greet, Neat 33

The Winning Handshake 35

Eye-to-Eye 37

Please Be Careful Not to Stare 37

Outtake: The Name Game 39

Outtake: Addressing the Ladies 40

Smack! Incoming Air Kiss 42

Chapter 3 Indirect Communications

A Word about Privacy 44

Telephony 45

Mind Your Mobile Manners 49

Texting and Subtexting 50

Old-Fashioned Email 52

Get It Right in Writing 54

Support the US Postal Service 54

Thank You for Writing a Thank-You Note 55

Unsocial Media 57

Tweet Me? Tweet You! 58

Killing Time on Facebook 60

Someone Is Watching You Read This Right Now 61

Chapter 4 Step Into My Office

You Got the Interview. Now What? 65

Separate Yourself from the Pack 66

Suit Up 67

Hug It Out or Just Shake Hands? 70

Age Before Beauty (There Is an Established Hierarchy) 71

Get Actual Business Cards 72

Leave It at Home: Personal Business at Work 73

Go Pro 74

There Will Be Meetings 77

Answer the Phone! 78

Everyone Looks Like Hell on Skype 79

Power Dinnering 80

Global Economy 101 83

Outtake: A Quick Trip Around the World of Business Protocols 85

Chapter 5 On Location

First of All, You'll Need a Date 89

Revive Chivalry 91

Outtake-, Dating in the Digital Age 93

Now Make Your Grand Entrance 96

Outtake: Hit the Red Carpet Like a Rock Star 96

Superstar Service 99

Dine with Decorum 100

Outtake: The Tipping Point 107

Strict Diets Versus Annoyingly Picky Eaters 108

Taking Tea in Beverly Hills 110

Never Let 'Em See You Sweat 111

Expose Yourself to Art 115

Home Entertainment 117

The Invitation Sets the Tone 117

The Social Cost of Not RSVPing 118

Dinner Party Circuit 119

Outtake: Host a Marvelous Dinner Party 120

Outtake: Be a Fabulous Dinner Guest 122

Mutually Exclusive: A Day at the Country Club 123

High Social Anxiety 124

The Dreaded One-on-One 126

Outtake: Ice-breakers 127

Outtake: Conversation Killers 130

Chapter 6 Stress-Free Holidays (There's no such thing.)

Shopping without Dropping 134

The Family Trap 135

The Holiday Gift Extravaganza 136

Rules of Re-gifting 139

Beware the Office Party 140

Chapter 7 Happy Houseguesting

Good Guest Check List 144

The Never-Coming-Back List of Things to Do 146

Chapter 8 The Cordial Bride

Family Stress, Money: Who Pays for What? 148

Outtake: How Not to Ruin Someone's Nuptials 149

The Overexposed Wedding 150

Bachelorette Party Debacles 151

Finally the Big Day 153

Runaway Brides, Runaway Grooms, and Broken Engagements 154

Chapter 9 Planes, Trains, Roads, and Rage

Bumper-to-Bumper Frustration 158

Brother, Can You Spare a Parking Space? 160

Civil Aviation 162

Elevator to the Stars 166

Chapter 10 Child Wrangling

Check Your Bags at the Door 171

Fun Is Your Best Teaching Partner 172

Don't Encase Your Kids in Lucite 175

Make the Dinner Table a Demilitarized Zone 178

Outtake: Personal Space with Siblings 180

Outtake: Chores for All Ages 180

Domestiquette 181

Socializing Children in the Pack 183

Techno-Babysitting 184

The Playdating Game 185

Hell Is Other People's Children 187

Outtake: Petiquette 188

This Is an Ad for Summer Camp 191

Outtake: Birthday Parties for Beginners 193

Children in Tow 195

Outtake: Air Travel with Offspring 198

The Holiday Marathon with Kids 198

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Open Season 200

Entrance to Private School Is Destiny 202

You Made It in. Congrats! 208

Zero Tolerance: Cliques, Cattiness, and Bullying 213

Bad Sportsmanship 215

Back to School for Parents 217

Outtake: Parent/Teacher Relationships 220

Ages and Stages 220

Chapter 11 The Un-mentionables

The Money-Go-Round 229

Doing the Splits 234

The Inevitable Loss 237

Chapter 12 When Things Go Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Agonizing Apologies 244

Embarrassing Moments 245

Grace under Fire 246

Pet Peeves, A-to-2 249

My Final Words 252

Test Your Etiquette Quotient: How Retentive Are You? 253

Acknowledgments 261

Lisa Gaché: Executive Biography 263

Your Own Personal Etiquette Journal 267

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