Best of Both Worlds: A Tribute to Van Halen [Versailles]

Best of Both Worlds: A Tribute to Van Halen [Versailles]


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Despite its subtitle, Best of Both Worlds is really more a tribute to the veteran band's vocalists, since it mixes classic VH material with high points from David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar's respective solo careers. The "Diamond Dave Side" features three songs from 1986's Eat 'Em & Smile, as well as passable runs through "Panama" and "Take Your Whiskey Home." The highlight is probably "Shy Boy," where George Lynch, Tony Harnell, and Jason McMaster reach insane heights of weedly-weedly guitar madness. While Lynch and the boys approach Dave's VH work with the casual feel of a particularly ragged bar band, the "Red Rocker Side" of Best of Both Worlds has some guys who are really trying to sound like Van Halen did during the Hagar era. Gravity Pharm tears into "Why Can't This Be Love," while the vocalist of the unfortunately-named 5150 really does sound like Sammy. Best of Both Worlds certainly has its moments, but it's really more a novelty than anything, since the real Sam and Dave regularly mine the Van Halen vaults themselves. (2002's hokey "Sam & Dave" tour would be proof of that.)

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Release Date: 05/27/2003
Label: Versailles
UPC: 0689240001222
catalogNumber: 20012

Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Lynch   Guitar
Jimmy Crespo   Guitar
Jason McMaster   Vocals
Donnie Vie   Vocals,Background Vocals
Steve Whiteman   Vocals,Background Vocals
Chip Znuff   Bass,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Tony Harnell   Vocals
Pat Patterson   Bass
Michael Hannon   Bass,Vocals
Mike Smith   Guitar
John Monaco   Guitar
Marc Corp   Bass
Dave Wyles   Drums
Richard Kendrick   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
David Russell   Vocals
Byron Bean   Drums
Blayne Coupel   Drums
Corey Craven   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Darcy Deschambault   Drums
Ricky Parent   Drums
Sean Fitzgibbons   Drums
Steve Theado   Guitar
Rhett Lippai   Guitar
Jim Yelenick   Vocals
Shane Volk   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jeremy Hosjan   Bass
Jason Keller   Bass
Keith Pickens   Drums
Jason Rathman   Bass
Scott Szeryk   Guitar

Technical Credits

Jason Cooper   Cover Design
Joe Viers   Producer,Engineer,Contribution
Jeff Luif   Producer
Jake Brown   Executive Producer
Richard Kendrick   Producer,drum programming,Bass Programming,Contribution
Chris Cassetta   Producer
Corey Craven   Producer
Jet Black Joy   Producer
Mike Jourgensen   Producer
Stems and Seeds   Producer

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