Berlien Corfia: V R Books - Australasian Dreaming

Berlien Corfia: V R Books - Australasian Dreaming

by Roy Spurns

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Following on from the Invasion and then Hildar Civil War this book takes you to the little valley of Corfia where only one family is left that wields the old magic. Problem is the two who wield it, a wizard and his daughter, are possibly the stupidest people in Berlien. Unknown to them and their family a Yowie, Moggio and his companions need them to use their magic to fix a little problem they have with Death personified and his offsider Pestilence, a very annoyed gunya. Getting the assistance of a wizard who is powerful and stupid was always going to be tricky but when the Braille gunya Snog sticks his nose in things go very wrong. But all Snog wanted to do was return home. Having a daughter who knew she was a man trapped in a womans body was just another thing he didnt need.

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ISBN-13: 9781514441459
Publisher: Xlibris AU
Publication date: 10/27/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
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About the Author

Roy Spurns resides in a small country town of NSW Australia; close to the Great Dividing Range of Australia From here he can weave the magic of stories and tales of strange happenings in a world that never was but maybe should have been. Roy has read Australian history and legend and while this series of Australasian Dreaming is not directly related to any of them it owes its beginnings to all of them. The author does not aim to produce great literature; instead he aims to amuse, to entertain and to take the imagination on a journey different to any journey you have taken before but also perhaps with a ring of strong familiarity. Some families do have them might be the theme of this tale.

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