Ben-Hur [Rhino/WEA]

Ben-Hur [Rhino/WEA]

by Miklós Rózsa



Rozsa's evocative, grand score from the 1959 record-setting Oscar winner (still tied with TITANIC for copping 11 Oscars) remains arguably the quintessential highlight of his spectacular career. Recorded both in Hollywood and Rome, Rozsa's music is equal parts powerful, bombastic, and introspective, utilizing a mammoth orchestra and chorus, along with a pipe organ (depicting the presence of Christ) and motifs that range from Judaic source quotes -- supporting several of the film's most prominent melodies and harsh dissonances, underscoring the struggle of the characters in ancient Rome. It's an ultimately inspiring musical feast that stands as the ideal soundtrack in the '50s "Biblical film" genre, an achievement celebrated in Rhino's outstanding 1996 2-CD boxset, which includes the first-ever release of the actual film soundtrack. Since the original soundtrack LPs were actually rerecordings done out of contractual obligations, Rhino went back to both the Hollywood and Rome session tapes and restored Rozsa's score (including several excised outtakes) for this splendid bookbound package, which features a fascinating 48-page booklet reflecting on the film's significance and the glory of Rozsa's score.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/23/1996
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227219727
catalogNumber: 72197


Disc 1

  1. Overture
  2. Anno Domini
  3. Star of Bethlehem
  4. Adoration of the Magi
  5. Shofar Call
  6. Prelude (Main Title)
  7. Marcia Romana
  8. Spirit and Sword
  9. Friendship
  10. The House of Hur
  11. The Conflict
  12. Esther
  13. Unknown Future
  14. Love Theme
  15. Ring for Freedom
  16. Salute for Gratus
  17. Gratus' Entry into Jerusalem
  18. The Arrest
  19. Reminiscences
  20. Revenge
  21. Condemned
  22. Escape
  23. Vengeance
  24. The Prison
  25. The Desert
  26. Exhaustion
  27. The Prince of Peace, Pt. 1
  28. The Prince of Peace, Pt. 2
  29. Roman Galley
  30. Salute for Arrius
  31. Quintus Arrives
  32. Roman Fleet
  33. The Galley (Rowing of the Galley Slaves), Pt. 1-4
  34. Rest
  35. Battle Preparations, Pts. 1 & 2
  36. The Pirate Fleet
  37. Attack!
  38. Ramming Speed!
  39. The Battle, Pts. 1, 2 & 3
  40. Rescue
  41. Roman Sails
  42. The Rowers
  43. Victory Parade, Pt. 1 & 2

Disc 2

  1. Fertility Dance
  2. Arrius' Party, Pts. 1 & 2
  3. Nostalgia
  4. Farewell to Rome
  5. Judea, Pt. 1
  6. Judea, Pt. 2
  7. A Barren Coast
  8. Balthasar
  9. Balthasar's World
  10. Homecoming
  11. Memories
  12. Hatred
  13. Lepers
  14. Return
  15. Promise
  16. Sorrow/Intermission
  17. Entr'acte
  18. Panem et Circenses March (Bread and Circus)
  19. Circus Fanfares
  20. Panem et Circenses March (Bread and Circus) (First Reprise)
  21. Fanfare for Circus Parade
  22. Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers)
  23. Fanfare for Start of Race
  24. Panem et Circenses March (Bread and Circus) (Second Reprise)
  25. Victory March
  26. Bitter Triumph
  27. Aftermath, No. 1
  28. Valley of Lepers
  29. The Search
  30. The Uncleans
  31. Road of Sorrow
  32. The Mount
  33. The Sermon
  34. Frustration
  35. Valley of the Dead
  36. Tirzah Saved
  37. The Procession to Calvary
  38. The Bearing of the Cross
  39. Recognition
  40. Aftermath, No. 2
  41. Golgotha
  42. Shadow of a Storm
  43. The Miracle
  44. Finale
  45. Star of Bethlehem

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Miklós Rózsa   Primary Artist,Conductor
Gus Bivona   Clarinet
Mort Herbert   Violin
Israel Baker   Violin
Norman Benno   Clarinet
John Boudreaux   Percussion,Drums
Frank Carlson   Percussion,Drums
Jack Cave   Horn
Cecil Figelski   Viola
David Frisina   Violin
James Getzoff   Violin
Catherine Gotthoffer   Harp
Charles Gould   Bassoon
Allan Harshman   Viola
Louis Kaufman   Violin
Raphael Kramer   Cello
Bernard Kundell   Violin
Dan Lube   Violin
Alfred Lustgarten   Violin
Joy Lyle   Violin
Arthur Maebe   Violin,Horn
Virginia Majewski   Viola
Peter Mercurio   Bass
Betty Moor   Violin
Erno Neufeld   Violin
Lou Raderman   Violin
Hugo Raimondi   Clarinet
Uan Rasey   Trumpet
George Roberts   Trombone
Ray Siegel   Bass
Herb Taylor   Trombone
Joe Triscari   Trumpet
Dorothy Wade   Violin
James Zito   Trumpet
Vincent DeRosa   Horn
Maxine-Karen Johnson   Viola
Richard L. Noel   Trombone
Albert Saparoff   Violin
Lloyd W. Hildebrand   Bassoon
Arnold Koblentz   Oboe
Sam Freed   Violin
Alex Gershunoff   Clarinet
Arthur Gleghorn   Flute
Irving Prager   Violin
Alfred Harris   Trumpet
Arthur Shapiro   Bass
Herman Lebow   Horn
Alex Borisoff   Cello
George Boujie   Bass
Huntington Burdick   Horn
Manuel Compinsky   Violin
Lois Craft   Harp
Stephen De'ak   Cello
Lou Erickson   Percussion,Drums
Werner Gebauer   Violin
Wendel Hoss   Horn
Arnold Jurasky   Violin
Denes Koromzay   Viola
William Kosinsky   Oboe
Preston Lodwick   Percussion,Drums
Don Logindice   Clarinet
Alexander Murry   Violin
Mel Pedesky   Percussion,Drums
Max Rabinowitxh   Piano
Joseph Reilick   Viola
Irving R. Rush   Trumpet
Sanford Schonbach   Viola
D.V. Seber   Percussion,Drums
Murray Shapinsky   Bass
Barbara W. Shik   Harp
Wesley Tourtellotte   Organ
Joseph Ullstein   Cello
Lisa Minghetti   Violin
Robert Swanson   Bassoon
Michel Penha   Cello
Jack Ray   Viola
Herman Seidel   Violin
Manuel Stevens   Trumpet
Byron Williams   Violin
Reuben Marcus   Viola
Mario Camposano   Bass
Arthur Haberman   Flute
Sarah Kreindler   Violin
Fernand Lhoest   Cello
Marjorie Call   Harp
Samuel Ross   Violin
Sam Fiedler   Violin

Technical Credits

Miklós Rózsa   Orchestration
Doug Schwartz   Engineer
Marilee Bradford   Producer,Liner Notes
Coco Shinomiya   Art Direction
Eugene Zador   Orchestration
Tony Thomas   Liner Notes

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Ben-Hur [Rhino/WEA] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
"Ben Hur" is without a doubt Miklos Rozsa's masterpiece.Words cannot properly describe his achievement here.Haunting,powerful, beautiful,memorable,classic-what puny adjectives to describe this legendary score. Not only does the music fit the film to perfection,it is also a wonderful listening experience on its own.And like the liner notes say,this is the first release of the COMPLETE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK!MGM Records's original releases were re-recordings of the score done in Europe,and Sony's 1990s two-CD set was an edited version of the original soundtrack.Thank you Rhino!