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Behind the Net: 101 Incredible Hockey Stories

Behind the Net: 101 Incredible Hockey Stories

by Stan Fischler


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In Stan Fischler’s latest hockey classic, Behind the Net, Fischler includes a collection of short, zany (but true!) tales that have taken place over more than a half century of hockey-watching. An easy read for fans of all ages with photos to accompany the anecdotes, this book offers a unique perspective into the NHL from one of today’s most prolific hockey writers. Different from the typical NHL “game” stories, this book details everything, from the hilarious to the absurd. Fischler details the time that:
  • Bill Mosienko scored three goals in 21 seconds
  • Rene Fernand Gauthier accepted a challenge to shoot the puck in the ocean
  • Sam LoPresti faced 83 shots on goal in one game
  • And 98 more unique stories!
So lace up your skates and hit the ice with Behind the Net, a comprehensive collection sure to entertain any hockey fan, regardless of team allegiances.

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ISBN-13: 9781613214145
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date: 11/06/2013
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Stan Fischler is a legend of sports broadcasting. He began his career as a publicist for the New York Rangers in 1954 and has been covering hockey in the over half a century since. The winner of seven Emmy Awards, Fischler has worked in every medium from print to TV to Twitter. This “Hockey Maven” currently serves as the resident hockey expert for MSG and MSG Plus. He appears on weekly MSG Networks features and as a commentator on Islanders and Devils games. He lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix

Foreword xi

I Hockey History

1 Toronto's "Dreaded" Three-Goal Lead 2

2 The Second-Longest Game 5

3 How Hockey's First Major Strike Led To New York Getting Its First NHL Team 11

4 The NHL's Most Incredible Fight 13

5 The Bootlegger and the body checkers 18

6 The Night the rangers got talked out of a Playoff Berth 21

7 Hockey's Amazing Brother Acts 24

8 The Other Olympic Miracle, In 1960 27

9 A Brotherly Broadcasting Trifecta 32

10 How Uncle Sam Beat Johnny Canuck to Pro Hockey 33

11 The "Perfect" Goalie is a Hoax 34

12 How to Become a Trainer by Walking Down the Street 36

13 Why Joining a Union Once was Dangerous for Hockey Players 38

14 How a Detroit Fan Turned a Live Octopus into a Winning Team's Symbol 40

15 Babe Ruth, Buck and Frank Boucher 42

16 The Other Stanley Cup 44

17 The Richard Riot 46

18 First Goalie to Use a Water Bottle 49

19 How the Elephants Beat The Rangers-Three In A Row 50

20 How the Rangers Teased Gordie Howe Off the Team 53

21 World Hockey Association-The Little League that Could, Almost 55

22 The Strange Travels of the Stanley Cup 59

23 How the Ducks Created an NHL Team On long Island 63

24 How a Walk Around the Block Saved the Islanders Franchise 66

25 Santa's Favorite Hockey Team 68

II Colorful Characters

26 The Sweet All-America "Doctor" Turns Sour Goon 72

27 How an NHL Player Created a New Rule 16

28 How to Turn Superstitions into a Win 78

29 The Gaye Stewart Kiss in the Garden 79

30 Petty Cash 80

31 How Lynn Patrick Regained a Roster Spot When his Father, the G.M., Said No 83

32 How a Bullet Becomes a Corkscrew in One Easy Lesson 85

33 Turnabout Is Fair Play 86

34 From the Penalty Box to the Pulpit 88

35 Hap Day and Walter Pratt 91

36 How Ching Johnson was Un-American to the Americans 94

37 The Hockey Player Who Served as the Team Clown 96

38 The Hockey-Intense Mayor of New York City 98

39 Hockey Organists are Part of the Fun 99

40 Marcel Pronovost-The Most Embroidered Man in Hockey 101

41 The Most Traveled Stickhandler 103

III Unlikely Heroes

42 A One-Eyed Referee Becomes a Hall of Famer 108

43 Red Berenson-From Obscurity to Stardom in One Easy Six-Goal Game 112

44 Bill Stewart-Baseball Umpire Becomes Blackhawks Coach; and Wins A Cup 113

45 Male Ends NHL's Longest Shootout 115

46 Coyotes Pluck Amateur Goalie to Serve as Backup-After Ilya Bryzgalov Falls Ill 117

47 How a Busher Won the Longest Playoff game 120

48 The Totally Improbable Devils 1988 Playoff Run 126

49 The Mystery NHL Cameo Appearance of Larry Kwong 128

50 There Is Atavern-And A Goalie-In The Town(Alfie Moore) 132

51 Miracle Myles 135

52 How One of Hockey's Greatest Stars was Discovered on the Football Field 137

53 Joe Miller-A Joke Book and a Goalie 139

54 The Most Totally Improbable Two-Goalie Rotation 141

55 How the Skinniest Guy Became A Top Scorer 142

56 Punch Mach's Improbable Playoff Crusade 145

57 How Mickey Mouse Became a Rallying Cry for the Devils Franchise 149

IV Incredible Feats/Personalities

58 How a Long-Shot Horse Bet Turned Toronto into a Winning Team 154

59 The Ultimate Case of Rubber-itis-And an Incredible Save At Sea 157

60 They Said It Couldn't Be Done and Yet It was Done-But Only Once! 159

61 He Scored a Goal, But Not With his Stick: How Come? 163

62 How "The Captain" Delivered on his Guarantee 165

63 The Impossible-One-Man Scoring Spurt-Three Goals in 21 Seconds 167

64 Hockey First, Sleep Later 169

65 Hats Off, Derek!-How a Rookie Did the Impossible in his NHL Debut 170

66 Red Kelly-The Most Astonishing Transformation 172

67 Leo Reise, Jr.: A Defenseman with a Strategic Offense 174

68 Someone Who Actually Played for Several Hockey Teams, a Basketball Club, and the Brooklyn Dodgers 176

69 Don't Mess With the Rocket 178

70 Art Coulter: A Hero for the Rangers-A Hero for the Coast Guard 180

71 A Record that Can Never-Ever-Be Broken, Thanks to Butch Goring 181

72 The Coach with a Trifecta of Championships-Gentleman Joe Primeau 183

73 From Stairway to Stardom 185

74 Staal, Staal, and Staal 186

75 Who's MEL Hill? Check Out "Sudden Death," and you'll find Out! 188

76 Not Only the Greatest, But the Only Ambidextrous Superstar Scorer 191

77 Charlie Gardiner-A Study in Courage Beyond the Call of Duty 192

78 How Pentti Lund Extinguished the Rocket's Red Glare 195

79 The Un-Masked Goalie and his Amazing Record 198

80 The Most Sittched-Up Player in Hockey was Also One of the Best 201

81 One Winning Goal Pictured Two Different Ways 203

V Outrageous

82 How the Rangers Pulled A Re-naming Filmflam for an Entire Season 206

83 The Red Wing Who "Couldn't" Shoot The Puck in the Ocean 209

84 The Linesman Who Never Forgot that he was a Hall of Fame Hitter 212

85 When the Mob Nearly Mauled a Goalie 214

86 How a Live Goose Vetoed a Live NHL President 218

87 By Dogsled to the Stanley Cup Final 222

88 The Live Skating Bear on Hockey Ice 224

89 If the Name is Too Long - Change It! 228

90 When Two wrong Giacomins Make a Right 229

91 "Kill the Referee"-This I'm It Nearly Happened 231

92 Jake Milford-Traded for Two Hockey Nets 234

93 The Wrong Metz Won the Most Cups 235

94 Taking a Bath with Tubby 238

95 Fired Because of a Hot Poker Hand 239

96 The Near-Kidnapping of a Rangers Star 240

97 There was Magic in Leone's Big Wine Bottle 241

98 The Most Unusual Goal by a Goalie 245

99 How a League President Created Phony Hockey Games and Got Away with it 247

100 The Naked Goalie was Grattoony 249

101 When the Absolutely Perfect Goal Net Wasn't So Perfect After All 250

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