by Peter J. Morry


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Being both evocative and provocative, the author, using a artfull synthesis of poetry and prose, takes the reader on a transformative exploration of the timeless themes of love, truth, killing, sexuality, religion and politics that characterize the human condition.

"Becoming," is a timeless book that is both intimate and broad in scope. By challenging your core beliefs on the human condition, this book invites transformation.

The character Bill travels through time gathering insight into the human soul. He explores the effect that the darker forces of power and greed, which have plagued humanity throughout history, have had on mankind both on the individual and societal level. Juxtaposed to this are the forces of love, truth and enlightenment which are also explored. Your journey of discovery with Bill will be both entertaining and revealing as you examine the struggle that exists within everyone of us between these opposing forces. By the end of your journey, experience the triumph of the human spirit over the powerful forces of conflict, chaos, and adversity as conclusions are drawn and solutions to the problems identified are proposed.

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ISBN-13: 9781491828458
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/31/2013
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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By Peter J. Morry

AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2013 Dr. Peter J. Morry
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2845-8



It was a hectic day at work. The news was all bad. The stock markets were crashing. He wanted to forget all the bad news of the day. Bill Meadows had travelled the world, but now he needed sanctuary; he needed to get home to Ferryland, his connection to the Cosmos. He boarded the plane in Toronto International Airport headed for St John's, Newfoundland and eventually after a one hour drive he would be home to his sanctuary in Ferryland.

For over 200 years his family had called Ferryland home. Originally they had come from Portsmouth England in the mid seventeen hundreds. He had been a world traveler but there was no place like Ferryland. He would die happily only there. He loved this magical spot, where waves spawned over 2000 miles away near England would rend themselves in a thunderous outpouring of energy on the rocky reefs that almost reached his house. The sounds, smells, crystal rockets of exploding waves filled his soul with a sense of wonder, drowning even the greatest of his worries, in an ocean of symphonies. Here he could forget everything. A walk on the shore would renew his spirit.

As the plane flew through the night sky Bill was deep in thought. For several years he had been ahead of the curve. His reading had warned of a cataclysmic economic collapse. Few believed it in the beginning. His, like many others were voices in the wilderness. Now the voices were many and louder, the army of believers was growing, but would it be too little too late. The forces against them were overwhelming. What was needed was not only a complete global transformation of society but a deep fundamental change in the thinking of man himself on a global scale. The problem was so immense that he could not seem to get his head around it.

He had been warning for years about the impending crash and because of his insight had been invited to attend an emergency conference being held at the UN in New York. For weeks he had been meeting with philosophers, psychologists, scholars, economists, bankers, politicians, and religious leaders, in a worldwide economic symposium and little had been achieved. Despite the urgency of the situation, and the need for cooperation the participants acted more like combatants and had difficulty getting past the "us versus them" mentality. Many voices were raised but few were heard. They did not realize that the fundamental problem existed not outside but inside of themselves.

The fundamental problem was greed. Accumulation of wealth and power had been a pillar of societies worldwide and had been so for millennia. Changing this core value, a vital ingredient of the cooperation that would be necessary, would be nearly impossible. People still did not realize that to find solutions they were going to have to make an enormous shift in focus and become introspective. A cooling off period had been called for and everyone was sent home and advised to rethink their positions. The conference would reconvene in two weeks and if an agreement could not be reached the world would be plunged into a depression that would most likely last forty years. If a crash occurred some leading economists were predicting hyperinflation at 50% a year for at least five years. In other words, a dollar today would be worth 3 cents five years from now. No one wanted to believe this scenario but the economists were certain that their projections were real. With so much at stake Bill was astounded that people remained intransigent and uncompromising. A recipe that he concluded would lead only to disaster.

His journey from New York to St John's went quickly because of the depth of his concentration on the serious problems of the day. Finally he was home in Ferryland and now he would be able to renew his spirit.

For him Ferryland was not only home but had for his whole life been his umbilical cord. He was born here, he grew up here and he would die here. For years he had travelled the world and never felt as much in touch with nature, God and himself as here. This was his sanctuary. Exhausted he decided to go to bed. Tomorrow he would attack the daunting problems that at this point seemed insurmountable. The entire world would have to come to an agreement on redistribution of wealth and resources. The rich would have to help the poor. The haves would have to help the have—not's at a time when everyone was in danger of losing everything. He reflected back sixty plus years when India was being partitioned and Hindu's and Muslims were killing each other in the streets. Then one man, Mahatma Gandhi went on a hunger strike and vowed not to eat one bite until the violence stopped in the entire country of 700 plus million people. For three plus weeks, thousands of people were murdered as Muslims and Hindu became segregated into the modern countries of India and Pakistan. Finally when Gandhi was near death, the violence miraculously stopped out of respect for the great man.

Tomorrow another miracle would be needed. Bill doubted that a leader of that magnitude would ever walk the face of the earth again. He knew that truth and love were powerful weapons. He only hoped that wisdom would eventually triumph over greed. Exhausted, he fell asleep and awoke just before dawn. He watched the sun rise over Goose Island. A glorious day had been forecasted. An early morning walk along the beach would clear his head. He stopped to rest at his special place, a large flat rock at the water's edge he called his Energy rock, the place that for him was simply magical. A large solitary rock with a sloping flat top had been isolated by the erosion of the waves crashing all around it. Laying on this rock perched in the middle of a reef he could escape the bounds of earth. He had at times gone there intending to stay for thirty minutes or so and became so entranced by the magic of the spot, that 30 minutes became five hours.

Laying there Bill recalled an out of body experience he had had as a young man in Churchill Falls Labrador, while working on the project. At the time the project was just begun and the falls and environs were still in a pristine state. He had to hike into the falls from his base camp. He arrived at about 8:00 am and sat on a rock at the top of the falls. The rushing water roared as it lost its supporting bed and crashed at freefall speed into the rocks below only to be catapulted hundreds of feet skyward bursting into rockets of crystal energy transformed into a fine mist that blanketed the surrounding forest. It was magical. It was there that he had his first out of body experience. When Bill arrived it had been 8:00 am. The whole scene; mist, solitude, thunder, were surreal and transforming. He sat down enchanted by the rawness of nature. He was transfixed, when he next looked at his watch it was 10:00 PM. He had been entranced for fourteen hours! Completely unaware of the boundaries of time and gravity, he had soared above the falls, and had seen himself sitting there. He had visited the bald eagles nest. He had felt the spirit of the thousands of natives that flew there with him. When he awoke from his trance he had discovered that it was nearly dark. He also realized that despite sitting perfectly still in an area of the world which was famous for its black flies and mosquitoes he had not one single bite on him. He had become one with the cosmos.

Bill arrived at what he called his energy rock, a place which facilitated meditation and dreaming. As he lay there his thoughts returned to the events of his economic conference. The sixteen leading nations of the world were in disharmony on many major issues. Somehow they had to find a perfect balance on all these issues. The balance had to be perfect or it would not work. Societies were so complex these days it was frustrating. He wondered if it was so in the dawn of man, when societies were just forming and man was in closer contact with nature. Things must have been simpler then.

He could think clearly on this rock. It was his favorite place to go and think.

Bill loved poetry and wrote most of his better poetry in his sleep. He would wake with a poem in his head. It never ceased to amaze him how simple writing was when he was in the grove. He created a few on this rock as well. His ears were filled with the sound of thunderous waves crashing all around him. His nostrils were filled with the smell of salt. He started to drift off.

Our Special Place

I am elated, my senses stimulated, the air saturated with the smell of salt.
The cool caress of mist soothes my skin; my
soul soars on the northeast wind.
Home to Ferryland! My soul renewed, by the rawness of Nature construed
By a God that makes this place an altar of his saving grace.

This is the place of renewal!
My senses fill with ocean scent. The soothing sound of energy spent,
By thunderous waves, and whistling winds, that rend and tear,
The ragged cliffs to glistening sand, shrouded in the misty air.

My energy rocks waits to couch my form.
The moon's magic illuminates mystically to transform
The dark rocks, sand and waves, into a cool luminescent glow
Of crystal waves that ebb and flow.

My soul escapes into the mist, to rise and soar ore Nature's bliss.
I vanish into the scene and disappear, time suspended in the misty air.
A thousand souls blend into one, as Nature's child I again become.

The spirit of the past and I, ride the wind, the waves and sky.
The past, the future, all are one; no cares, no woes, possessions none.
My God surrounds me everywhere, salt, sand, sea, and air.

I took my daughter Rebecca there, that she and I might forever share,
A Special Place, our souls call home; to join our hearts where ere we roam.
To join our hearts, when joys forgot, we mediate upon this spot.
Our souls will meet were ere we be, in lovely Ferryland by the Sea.

As Bill lay on the rock, seething waters boiled all around him. Deafening waves exploded into crystal rockets releasing their stores of pent up energy in an explosive show of sound and fury. The symphony of sight, sound and smell was punctuated with the haunting cry of sea gulls flying over head, searching the kelp laden shoals for mussels to feed their young. His nostrils filled with ocean scent, a cool mist blanketing his skin. As he focused on the sea gulls flying over head, he was suddenly aware of the scent of a woman. The scent enveloped him filled his lungs and went into every pore in his body. He felt warm. He became aware of the blood cursing through his veins. His heart beat drowned out all other sounds. He had been encompassed by the womb of Mother Nature, warm secure, nurturing. He no longer felt the cold hard rock pressing into his back; instead he was completely blanketed by a warm comforting radiation of pure love. It was if he had returned again to his mother's womb. There, secure, his every need would be taken care of. No worries, no fear, no hunger, his ears filled with the sound of nature's heart, his body heated by undulating rhythms of life's river of blood. He was in heaven. He started to soar and became unaware of time. He felt himself blended into the scene and his natural boundaries of flesh disappeared. He had become transported. As he looked down on the rock on where he had had lain, he could no longer see himself. Everything that had happened in the past was immediately apparent to him. He was able to travel through time as if there was no time. Everything that ever existed was still there. He saw spirits of the past everywhere. One of these spirits arrived like a comet from out of nowhere and possessed him. Suddenly he was able to transport to any planet or galaxy he wished in an instant. There was no time, no space. Distance had no meaning. He found out later that the spirit that had possessed him was an Oracle of the highest magnitude. The Oracle, a seeker, was from the planet Perpetua and was on a journey of discovery. By enveloping Bill the oracle had taken Bill on his journey with him. What the oracle would learn on his timeless journey through the cosmos would be shared with Bill as their cosmic energies were now intermingled. What he would see Bill would see. Bill had become a seeker and was going to Perpetua, the Garden of Eden.


Tales from the land where there was no time

Somewhere in the center of the Multiverse, in one of its billions of Universes there existed a galaxy in which there were sixteen suns that formed a perfect sphere. These sixteen suns were in perfect balance and rotated around a single planet in its center, a place where all things in nature were in perfect harmony. The planet was equidistant from all the sixteen suns making the temperature perfect for sustaining Life. The amount of sunlight and water were perfect for growing things. The sixteen suns were equidistant from each other, and from the planet Perpetua. No sun had more influence on the planet than any of the other sixteen suns. Occasionally a comet or an asteroid from some other galaxy would stray into the sphere of influence of the sixteen suns and disturb that perfect harmony, but only temporarily. The planet was called Perpetua because there was no time. There was no time because the planet being in the center of everything in the Multiverse did not rotate. This gave the planet special properties that did not exist anywhere else in the Multiverse. The planet of Perpetua, being in the center of everything, was held suspended in perfect balance by the sixteen suns. The planet did not move or rotate. There no acceleration or deceleration, and no change in velocity. Light was distributed evenly all around. There was no night, no ocean tides, no wind, no erosion, no volcanoes, and no destruction. Simply put, there was nothing on Perpetua by which to measure time, and hence no need for time. There was no future, no past, only now. It was a virtual Garden of Eden. Perhaps it was the Garden of Eden.

On the planet of Perpetua there existed no plants or animals. Animals eat each other and this causes competition and disrupts harmony. In this land of harmony there was no natural death. Death when it occurred was usually accidental. This does not mean that there was no life in Perpetua, there was lots of life, but life existed in the form of beings that fed on sunlight since sunlight was in abundance and always in the perfect amount. Because there was no wind, no night, no death, the life forms had no need for roots to anchor them. Since the planet was at the very center of the universe and did not rotate on its own axis, or circle any other celestial body, it had special properties. Things happened on Perpetua that did not happen anywhere else in the entire universe. For instance there was no gravity and consequently every life form could levitate at will. Travel could be at any speed they desired and required minimal expenditure of energy. They could exist in any form, shape, color, or consistency they wished. They could blend with the rocks, the water, and the air. These "Polymorphs" possessed the ability to take any shape they wanted, to go anywhere they wanted and were constantly on the move except when they gathered to share some thoughts because it was always exciting to share thoughts and learn new things. The Polymorphs called themselves Seekers because they were always moving and always looking to learn new things.

This made Perpetua a most beautiful place with its plethora of colors and shapes and smells because the seekers loved variety. On planet earth thousands of galaxies away in another universe, conformity was encouraged and individuality discouraged, and new ideas were frowned upon, but here in Perpetua the Joie de Vie was in discovery and knowledge. Here, things did not grow old, here there was no greed, no power, no hunger, no fear, no death no competition. Here there was only knowledge and the search for knowledge. It was Paradise. However, Paradise was about to change. The change would be subtle at first. It would seem innocuous but it was relentless and would eventually bring Paradise to a crashing end.

Originally the thing that motivated the seekers was the search for knowledge since they did not need to look for food or worry about sickness, cold, or death. The search for knowledge and truth pre-occupied and motivated all seekers; some however had more knowledge than others and in this land of perfection this disparity of knowledge was the only imperfection. At first glance this might seem of little importance; however eventually it became the source of such discord that it threatened not only the peace and harmony of the various villages but the very existence of the planet itself.


Excerpted from Becoming by Peter J. Morry. Copyright © 2013 Dr. Peter J. Morry. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Prologue, ix,
Little Packets of Time, xi,
Chapter I: Becoming, 1,
Chapter II: Tales from the land where there was no time, 7,
Chapter III: The Transformation, 12,
Chapter IV: Types of Knowledge, 18,
Chapter V: Paradise lost, 24,
Chapter VI: "Bullying and Transformation", 26,
Chapter VII: "A Cosmic Journey", 31,
Chapter VIII: "The Price of killing", 44,
Chapter IX: "Love Hurts" Songs and poems, 50,
Chapter X: What of Sexuality?, 57,
Chapter XI: "The Wisdom of Children", 64,
Chapter XII: "Parenting", 74,
Chapter XIII: "The Awakening", 77,
Chapter XIV: The power of Forgiveness, 84,
Chapter XV: Love and Truth, 90,
Chapter XVI: Consequences, 100,
Chapter XVII: "Voices of the unheard", 107,
Chapter XVIII: Ageing, 112,
Chapter XIX: "The Meaning of Life", 114,
Chapter XX: "Death and Dying", 121,
Chapter XXI: Shades of Grey, 123,
Chapter XXII: Is This The End?, 139,
Chapter XXIII: What is intelligence?, 143,
Chapter XXIV: The Crossroads, 148,
Chapter XXV: "On Good and Evil", 153,
Chapter XXVI: The Solution, 160,
Chapter XXVII: The most fundamental change of all, 166,
Chapter XXVIII: Going Home, 172,
Chapter XXIX: Back on Earth, 174,
Acknowledgements, 179,
Bibliography, 181,
Suggested Reading, 183,

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