Beautiful Escape: The Songs of the Posies Revisited

Beautiful Escape: The Songs of the Posies Revisited


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What the…? A 45-song, triple-CD blowout devoted to a band only savvy rock fans have even heard of? Well, when it is for a group as good for as long as Seattle's Posies were, that sort of off-the-charts devotion draws admiration. This is what we call love, pure and simple. Not only from a small Pennsylvania label that must have spent more time planning, nursing, and executing this than Pickett and Lee did that state's Gettysburg charge, but also from 43 no-name, surprisingly crisp bands from over a dozen other countries that pulled off this jaw-dropper. Drop the laser down anywhere on this three-hour-plus blockbuster (the Gandhi of tribute LPs?) and you find a hungry group in thrall of the Hollies-meet-Big Star hooks of ace songwriters Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer, from 1988's Failure right through to 2005's comeback Every Kind of Light. Thus, all are able to bring fresh energy to songs that, Rasputin-like, won't die. That the overall quality control would be comparable to that of the two tunesmiths' own work was far from given, considering that a cameo-ing Stringfellow (a devastating piano reduction of "Everybody Is a Fucking Liar") and Auer (a finger-picked "Daily Mutilation") are the only artists this writer knew already. (Two other '90s ex-members, bassist Joe Skyward and drummer Brian Young, also pop up, as do old producer Don Fleming, Skyward's daughter, and Stringfellow's wife.) But from the Nick Lowe-ish Smith Bros. to the Swervedriver-like Sugarrush, to piano ditties, light C&W, and meaty power-pop galore (Wellingtons), Beautiful Escape is the kind of "tribute" worthy of its underrated subject.

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Release Date: 05/20/2008
UPC: 0796873050067
catalogNumber: 5006

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steven Wright   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Tom Stewart   Drums
R. Stevie Moore   Piano
Jon Auer   Guitar,Piano,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals,Soloist,Guest Appearance
Gerry Beckley   Background Vocals
Mike Collins   Percussion,Drums
Kevin Doherty   Drums
Don Fleming   Guitar,Background Vocals
Lenny   Drums,Background Vocals
John Reynolds   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Searcy   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Ken Stringfellow   Piano,Vocals
Scott Warren   Electric Guitar,Guest Appearance
Brian Young   Percussion,Drums,Guest Appearance,Rums
Andy Maclure   Drums
Mike Daly   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Joe Skyward   Bass,Guest Appearance
Dan Shapiro   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Mikey Dees   Guitar,Vocals
Ashley Naylor   Guitar,Vocals
Henrik   Bass,Vocals
Koji Asano   Guitar
Ryan Murphy   Drums
Max Collins   Vocals
David Wilson   Fiddle,Accordion
Rich McCulley   Acoustic Guitar,Guest Appearance
Paul Bond   Guitar
Linda Good   Organ,Keyboards,fender rhodes
Jorgen Lindmark   Bass
Matthew Cotter   Drums
Wally Kempton   Bass,Vocals
Eddie James   Guitar,Vocals
Todd Herfindal   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Boise   Rhythm Guitar
Zac Anthony   Guitar,Vocals
Per Bergkvist   Guitar,Vocals
Chuck Garric   Bass Guitar
Volker Hinkel   Piano,Mellotron,Guest Appearance
Leif Rehnström   Guitar
Magnus Vikström   Vocals
Kevin Houlihan   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Andy J. Prinkkilä   Guitar,Vocals
JB   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Coma Silvennoinen   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Paati Wägar   Drums,Vocals
Brian Pylant   Track Performer
Ian McGlynn   Organ,Piano,Castanets,Vocals,Shaker,Finger Snapping,Toy Piano,Toy Drums
John Parry   Track Performer
Michael Clark   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Matthew Davey   Guitar
Rodis   Guitar
Jeff Shelton   Guitar,Vocals
Frank Royster   Guitar,Vocals
Tracy Chappell   Guitar
Adam Dodds   Bass Guitar
Maxi Dunn   Vocals,Harmony
Jeff Hamm   Guitar,Vocals
Roger "Sonny" Johns   Keyboards
Don Mabus   Vocals
Geru Matsuishi   Drums
Jim Richey   Bass,Percussion,Drums,Vocals,12-string Guitar
Osamu Satoyama   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Electric Guitar,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,12-string Guitar
Kate Goldby   Bass,Vocals
James Deem   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Brette Howard   Vocals
Alex Smee   Organ,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Toni Zuriaga   Bass Guitar
Jonathan Zuriaga   Drums,Background Vocals
Benvolio Willson   Piano,Vocals,Background Vocals
Per "Flamman" Westling   Guitar
Julian Volpe   Electric Bass
Jim Visti Vistisen   Guitar
Jim VanSickle   Bass Guitar
Joe Adragna   Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Bass Guitar,Keyboards
Klaus Hjort Sørensen   Keyboards,Vocals
Saban Mora Aquilar   Drums
Fernando Astone   Bass
Mario Barassi   Guitar,Vocals
Coke Belda   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Hand Clapping
Mitch Burnham   Guitar
Libby Caldwell   Synthesizer Guitar
Carles Corcoll   Keyboards
Georgina Costello   Guitar,Vocals
Bo Dinky   Guitar,Vocals
Pat Dollenmayer   Guitar,Vocals
Jody Duran   Bass
Pepe Esteban   Bass Guitar,Guest Appearance
Roque Esteban   Piano,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Hand Clapping
Ferran Esteve   Electric Guitar
J. Javier Extremera   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Joey Fake   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Fake   Drums,Vocals
Morty Fake   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Fake   Keyboards,Vocals
Eric Galdes   Vocals,Track Performer,DJ
Reinier Gerritsen   Guitar,Vocals
Oscar Granieri   Guitar
Herr Guhl   Drums,Vocals
Tony Norris   Vocals
Mikkel Sejersen   Percussion,Drums
Philtron Hurley   Guitar
Melissa Koehl   Guitar,Vocals
Rob Reber   Guitar
David Reber   Drums
Dylan Ratigan   Percussion
Joey Pero   Muted Trumpet
Brian Pack   Guitar
Sally Newsome   Vocals
Rasmus Lundsbjerg   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Dan Lutger   Drums,Vocals
Dave Macarone   Ukulele,Double Bass,Finger Snapping
Paul Mariz   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Drums,Vocals
Matcya   Tuba
Jeanne McClure   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Fiona McKinnon   Drums,Vocals
Fredrik Jonsson   Bass Guitar,Vocals
Richard Stout   Drums

Technical Credits

Jon Auer   Composer,Engineer,Author
Teo Miller   Producer,Engineer
Peter Searcy   Producer,Engineer
Ken Stringfellow   Composer,Engineer,Author
Brian Young   Producer,Engineer
Michael Berman   Engineer
Chris Hawpe   Engineer
Joe Skyward   Arranger,Producer
Ronnie O'Keefe   Producer,Instrumentation
Dan Shapiro   Producer
Alan Heaton   Executive Producer,Author
Mikey Dees   Producer
Andy Halasz   Engineer
Edd   Engineer
Oscar Garcia   Engineer
Rich McCulley   Engineer
Eddie James   Producer,Engineer
Todd Herfindal   Engineer
Zac Anthony   overdub engineer
Volker Hinkel   Sound Effects
Leif Rehnström   Engineer
Kevin Houlihan   Engineer
Steve Turnidge   Producer,Author
Brian Pylant   Arranger,Engineer
Chris Swenson   Engineer
Ian McGlynn   Producer
John Parry   Producer,Engineer
Darius "Take One" Minwalla   Composer
Matt Beckley   Engineer
Jeff Shelton   Engineer
Frank Royster   Producer,Engineer
Don Mabus   Producer,Instrumentation
Eric L. Moreno   Producer
Roger Bergodaz   Engineer
Tim Spicer   Engineer
Panther Style   Producer
Plato! We Know   Arranger
Alex Smee   Engineer
Jim Visti Vistisen   Engineer
Mikko Tamminen   Engineer
Joe Adragna   Engineer
Jeff Steidler   Engineer
Coke Belda   Engineer
Eric Buelly   Engineer
John Cobbin   Engineer
Jody Duran   Producer,Engineer
Roque Esteban   Engineer
Jeremiah Friend   Engineer
Eric Galdes   Programming,Producer,Engineer
Herr Guhl   Sound Effects,Engineer
Arthur Schlenger   Vocal Engineer
Sebastián Keller   Engineer
Lisandro Ruiz   Producer
Nick Racket   Engineer,Master Chorister
Arttu Peljo   Engineer
Dave Macarone   Engineer
Paul Mariz   Engineer
Keri Kelli   Engineer
Virtues   Engineer

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