Bear In The Mirror

Bear In The Mirror


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This book has a main character 'Bear' From 'Bear brushing his fur, to holding flowers, wearing a hat along with other things he does, he looks through the mirror looking at his audience. ~ Preview ~Look at Bear Dancing,In the mirror, in the MirrorLook at Bear dancing In the mirrorLooking at youLook at Bear wavingIn the mirror, In the mirrorLook at Bear Dancing, in the mirrorLooking at you- Real pics of 'Bear' doing actions For preview:0-5yrs relate to this book. As for children ages 0 through to 5 years old a mirror is one objects that children seem to enjoy playing in front of therefore seeing this 'Bear' just having fun just as other children do to. This shows that even a 'Bear' has fun in the mirror too and that just playing and been silly is as normal and ok to do so. This also brings out imaginary play and a child's character in just been a kid! (...or been A 'Bear')With this 'Bear' collection, the author magically bring 'Bear' to life, and make 'Bear' appear to become a 'Real-Live' teddy bear. 'Bear' plays in the mirror with his reflection. While having fun he also interacts with your child by keeping eye contact through the mirror. Recommended Ages: Newborn through to 5ys Early reading/ learning, as well good for preschool/ Kindergarten start reading program.

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ISBN-13: 9780973621365
Publisher: Lea Sorensen
Publication date: 03/16/2011
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.06(d)

About the Author

This author: Lea J. Sorensen,
Certified Specialist (30+yrss experience) High Needs, duel diagnosis, complex Specialist website:

A fun loving mom and wife.
I have spent alot of time with a variety of children in many places in Canada, as well as had the opportunity to interact and spend time with National children. I have also spent many years with children whom have various disabilities/ special needs, at risk, as well as with abused and neglected.

All children are individually very special.

Along with my own children, -all children have a voice, and rights and I recognize this.

For all these children, I have made changes to laws, been a voice for many, broken down barriers, listened to, and laughed with, and given me humor.

I write with 'Bear' because growing up teddy bears were my favorite, they brought me comfort, and always there when I needed. Teddy bears are magical in my world, and thus I have brought "Bear' to life to share my 'Bear's life with other children (..the young all the way up to the elderly)

I hope that while anyone who has read any of my books will get a touch of magic that 'Bear' brings you, just as he has brought to me over my years of growing up..and he still does !
Thank you
Lea and 'Bear'

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