Be Not Ignorant Brethren

Be Not Ignorant Brethren

by Richard Mallette TH.D.


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There are numerous places in the Word of God where we are told "not to be ignorant". Different circumstances and situations have caused Peter and Paul to write these words to the church.

Today, we have many God-loving Christians who need to hear these words spoken to them for a number of reasons.

One being that these men and women of God do not have any depth to their understanding of what the scriptures say, nor do they even care to delve deeper to get the real meaning out.

Some of these people make statements, thinking they are quoting scriptures, but in reality are simply repeating what they heard others say, and when you ask them about these statements, they have no answers that will line up with God's holy Word.

A good example is; they say "God is sovereign", or they say "God is so mysterious, you'll never know what He'll do".

I will address these two issues in this book, and more, with a sincere desire, not only to clear up some misconceptions, but at the same time, cause a thirst in those who read this book, and that this thirst will only be satisfied by the true knowledge they will acquire from God's Word.

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About the Author

Richard Mallette, was born in Athol, Massachusetts in a Catholic family. He studied for four years for the priesthood in Seminary.
However, this was not God's call on his life. Twenty- five years later, Richard and his wife Adrienne learned of Christ and received Him as Lord and Savior. Shortly thereafter they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Under the direction of his pastor and church, Richard began a ministry in his home. That ministry grew at a phenomenal rate growth to two thousand members by the year 2000. The ministry was called Living Word Ministries, and during those years, two church buildings were built, one in 1989 and the other in 2000. The flock was well established in the Word of God.
Pastor Mallette retired from pastoral ministry. He traveled for five years in New England and in New York State teaching at seminars and in churches. He has since been led to establish another church which is presently called "New Heart Christian Church," with fifty members and growing. His emphasis is the same on "Who you are in Christ" and understanding the reason for the Cross.

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