Battered Bruised But Not Broken

Battered Bruised But Not Broken

by Ketrenea Owens


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This book is the personal story of a Christian marriage that turned into a life of abuse and domestic violence - a personal story full of difficulties in a relationship gone wrong. Trusting in God and honoring the marriage vow, yet I could not believe the reality of what it had become. I could not believe that I was 'sleeping with the enemy'. Being brought up in a traditional church, I was extensively taught the word of God and how to love and care for your spouse. My mother taught me how to trust God, no matter the circumstance. She taught me how to hide in the secret place of the Most High.
In viewing the Christian life, being patterned after the life of Jesus Christ our Savior, there are those who appear to be something on the outside, but they live another life at home behind closed doors. In our Christian circle they may look well put together especially in the church or Christian surroundings. They appear spiritually mature, but behind the window of their soul resides a carnal-minded individual. They pray eloquently, participate in deep theological discussions and reference scriptures to support their thoughts or insights. They may even know how to expound the word of God in Greek and Hebrew. They host conferences or are great Sunday school teachers, or just a lay member with no particular spiritual office. On the outside, their appearance is deceiving - oh if walls could talk! Abuse is not only in the church, it's worldwide. It has no color, no educational level, no nationality, no financial status, in fact, no particular boundaries in life. It does not discriminate. However; to my surprise, it is prevalent in the body of Christ. I feel like Apostle Paul when he said, "these things should not be". Victims are in choir stands, on the Usher Board; even in the pulpit - yes unfortunately abusers are in the church. Victims are usually abused for many years, but are too afraid to let someone know because -others are not supposed to know. I was that victim.
I searched so many times for direction and answers from God. My life was sold out for Christ, yet at the end of the day I was still a victim.
I went through this abuse, but I don't encourage anyone to go through what I had to go through. That was my cross to carry. I was ignorant to the fact that God never intended for anyone to be in bondage or live in an environment of fear. Fear is torment and binding, keeping you from the destiny that God has intended for your life. In Proverbs 18:22, if God gives you a wife that brings favor and blessing, ask yourself, "Would God approve of His favor being abused in any situation?" It is so very important to educate the body of Christ, to educate them about domestic violence in the church.
This is not a popular subject in the church, but it's a way of life that some are hid in. I have found that some of the abusers are carrying the titles of Apostle, Pastor, Deacon, and so forth in the church which have been abusing their spouses for years. God, in these last days, is exposing and bringing such actions to the light. This book is in no way intended to promote divorce, but is intended to be used as a help source. It is intended as a help for those who are hiding behind the embarrassment and fear of controlling silence. It's time for those in the body of Christ not to be silent anymore. God is ready to deliver you from being a victim to becoming the victor you already are!

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ISBN-13: 9781503385825
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/06/2014
Pages: 96
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About the Author

Ketrenea Owens, born in a small town call Teague TX. The town so small if you blink your eyes going through you would miss it. Went to school in Houston, graduated from Forest Brook Senior High. Went to Colledge for about two years. Grew up without my father, raised by a strong woman my mother, the late Shirley Allen, who taught me well in the things of the Lord. I married very young, to a young man who I love very much. Wanted to be with him forever. This marriage was the birthing of my book "Battered Bruised But Not Broken". This book is the story of my life, a christian marriage turning into a nightmare. This book will show you the awesome power of God's love, forgiveness, and deliverance.

I am currently serving as Pastor, beside my husband Bishop Terrell Owens.
I have received a bachelor of Theology in Religious Education and Bachelor in Religious Counseling in June 2010 under the direction of Dr. E.D. Thornton, D.D. Gospel Ministry Outreach Theological Institute.

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