Dracula (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions)

Dracula (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions)

by Bram Stoker


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Acting on behalf of his firm of solicitors, Jonathan Harker travels to the Carpathian Mountains to finalize the sale of England's Carfax Abbey to Transylvanian noble Count Dracula. Little does he realize that, in doing so, he endangers all that he loves. For Dracula is one of the Un-dead—a centuries-old vampire who sleeps by day and stalks by night, feasting on the blood of his helpless victims. Once on English soil, the count sets his sights on Jonathan's circle of associates, among them his beloved wife Mina. To thwart Dracula's evil designs, Jonathan and his friends will have to accept as truth the most preposterous superstitions concerning vampires, and in the company of legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, embark on an unholy adventure for which even their worst nightmares have not prepared them.
First published in 1897, Bram Stoker's Dracula established the ground rules for virtually all vampire fiction written in its wake. This volume is one of Barnes & Noble's Collectible Editions classics. Each volume features authoritative texts by the world's greatest authors in an exquisitely designed foil-stamped binding, with distinctive colored edging and an attractive ribbon bookmark. Decorative, durable, and collectible, these books offer hours of pleasure to readers young and old and are an indispensable cornerstone for any home library.

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ISBN-13: 9781435159570
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 03/27/2015
Series: Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions Series
Pages: 408
Sales rank: 1,460
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

Abraham (Bram) Stoker (1847-1912) is the author of one of the English language’s best-known books of mystery and horror, Dracula. Written in epistolary form, Dracula chronicles a vampire’s journey from Transylvania to the nighttime streets of London and is a virtual textbook of Victorian-era fears and anxieties. Stoker also wrote several other horror novels, including The Jewel of Seven Stars and The Lair of the White Worm.

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Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Dracula (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Series) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
paulkatrenak More than 1 year ago
Although not as elaborate as most of the other offerings in the "Leatherbound Classics" series, "Dracula", and its companion pieces, is well made and well appointed with an attractive red leather cover, nicely embellished with classic styled imprinting, color-stained end pages, colorful, marbled end papers, and raised hub spine. The story is the standard fare in a classy package, offered in the typical "octavo" 8-inch book size. It is timely offered in the present economy, and is appropriately priced. It will be at home on the book shelf amongst other fine, collectible books and classic literature...it has my "two thumbs up"!
Tribute_Books_Reviews More than 1 year ago
After reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - a modern day re-telling of the Dracula legend, I just had to follow it with the Bram Stoker original. It's been awhile since I read a classic piece of literature (back in January, I delved into Guy de Maupassant's Bel Ami), and it wasn't until about 50 pages in that I was able to adjust to the 19th century vernacular. While it took me longer to finish (about a week), it was well worth the extra effort to become immersed in a Gothic masterpiece. Before delving into the pages, my perception was tainted by the Dracula caricature distributed by Hollywood, most notably the immortal 1931 Bella Lugosi performance of a wild-eyed, cape-wearing villain lurking in the shadows. I didn't know much about Stoker's actual storyline, and I was surprised at how fleetingly the count appears in the novel. Even though his motivations dictate the majority of the action, Dracula plays more of a supporting role letting a host of other characters take the lead. It's funny, but in both The Historian and this earlier rendition, Dracula comes across as cartoonish. For Stoker's 1897 audience, the limited development can be attributed to the fact that the subject of vampires was considered quite shocking for the time period. Yet as one of the main contributors to the horror genre canon, the writing style is nevertheless quaint and antiquated for 21st century sensibilities. Much of the dialogue comes across as affected with overly exaggerated emotion. It's like watching a silent movie filled with fluttering eyelashes and arched eyebrows with melodramatic lines such as, "On your living soul I charge you that you do not die - nay, nor think of death - till this great evil be past." I was not steeped in vampire lore and only recognized the name Van Helsing from the 2004 movie starring Hugh Jackman. Needless to say, the vampire hunter of Stoker's creation is an elderly Dutch physician who speaks in stilted English and proceeds against his foe more through trial and error than any definitive knowledge. He employs the superstitions he encounters in his research to combat Dracula - garlic, a crucifix, even wafers of the Holy Eucharist. He comes across partly as a comedic figure who is bumbling through his investigation, but in the end through happenstance or luck ends up on the right track. Stoker excels in setting a scene. He is a master at creating atmosphere. It feels as if you are sitting in the horse-drawn carriage with Jonathan Harker as he ascends the Carpathian Mountains to the very heart of Dracula's lair. You can feel the mist in your face. You can hear the wolves howling in the distance. You can see the terror in the eyes of his fellow passengers. The aura of foreboding is palpable. Another captivating scene is the arrival of Dracula's ship at the English port of Whitby. A horrific storm heralds the vessel's appearance on the horizon. Battling the wind and waves, it runs aground of its own accord without a crew. The body of the dead captain is tied to the wheel, a crucifix in his lifeless hands. Horror writing doesn't get much better than this.
MissMakeup More than 1 year ago
I love the leather bound classics that B&N has released and these are no exception.... Beautiful cover, tightly bound, clear medium size printing on heavier pages. Also , they are much easier to read then the larger collection, not as bulky and heavy. I am very excited to add the books to my collection. The best thing is even thought are not Easton Press books they have the same allure. Definitely worth the very little money and the amazing read. The add to you home library so your kids/grandkids can admire and enjoy this magnificent book.
Billychic More than 1 year ago
I am thrilled they picked Dracula for one of their single titles, and it's a lovely little book. These single versions of the larger leatherbound collected works are smaller because they are single titles instead of a bound volume of collected works, but they are gorgeous in their own right. You're getting a leatherbound book for less money than a paperback of the same title; I think the value is obvious and they look just as pretty on the shelf as the rest of the larger series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this wonderful edition of a marvelous classic!I                                                                                                                            I loved the thick pages and the soft red leather-bound exterior. My only complaint is that my copy came with a tiny imperfection in the title of the book on the cover. However, it is barely noticeable so it does not really bother me. I have had the book for awhile and it has held up very well Wonderful book, if you want to read this classic I would highly suggest purchasing this edition.  
mg4 More than 1 year ago
Dracula is one of my favorite books; it's original and inthralling. I've got to say, I couldn't put it down! So, since I enjoy it so much, I was very excited when Barnes & Noble came out with this leather bound edition of this classic novel. The mystery and the thrill in Dracula is first class. If you're a fan of the supernatural, or vampires, this is the book for you!
Arah 5 months ago
Picked Dracula up on a whim and I'm so happy I did! It completely blew my mind! You HAVE to read this awesome classic! Perfect, no, mandatory for any vampire collection!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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pmtracy on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is the original. All other novels about or media portrayals of The Count are sad imitations once you¿ve read Bram Stoker¿s work. I was surprised by the depth of the story and by how much detail and richness has been lost in the retelling of the tale.Dracula is an epistolary novel written as a series of journal or diary entries, telegrams and memorandums. The real-life actions of the characters in writing and compiling the dialogue and plot of the story add a greater sense of realism and believability. What strikes the reader most about this original version of the Dracula tale is that it¿s not really a ¿horror¿ novel but is instead pure suspense. The author does an excellent job of continually building towards a turning-point only to mislead the reader and restart the building of the suspense. This redirection happens on numerous occasions and the plot doesn¿t hit its final high point until the last few paragraphs. The essence of the book was summed up well by Stoker in one phrase late in the book, ¿We waited in suspense that made the seconds pass with nightmare slowness.¿Some of the cliches associated with the Dracula myth did come from the original work; the Count¿s physical description to include pointy ears, bushy eyebrows and pointy teeth for example. Also, his inability to cast a reflexion and disliking of crucifixes and garlic play important roles in the book. One of the classic characteristics, his inability to withstand daylight, was a bit troublesome however. Through most of the book, the author makes an effort to point out that the Count is never around during the day. However, during one chase, the author notes that ¿it was now late in the afternoon and sunset was not far off.¿ I¿m not sure if this was a plot misstep or was intentional.I really enjoyed finally connecting with the root of some of my favorite tales. The characters, especially Renfield and Dr. Van Helsing, were more detailed and involved than I had ever imagined. Even if you don¿t enjoy the horror or suspense genres, this is simply a well written piece of fiction that can be appreciated by anyone.
James_Durham More than 1 year ago
A beautiful version of an absolutely beautiful book. The imagery throughout the whole story is incredible and the format in which it is written, as first person journal entries, makes you feel as if you're part of the whole ordeal. The first 4 chapters alone are worth the $10! My one downside is that the binding was coming apart from the last pages at the back of the book, which I would assume has to do with the quality of these flex-bound covers they use. But if you take care of it, it's a really fantastic version of a great book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely a great call to order from B&N! They delivered to my friend's door right on his birthday. No unpleasant surprises.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I always had loved the stories of the supernatural, and always wanted to read the story that introduces Dracula to the world. After finally reading I fell in love with this story. Stoker provides a dark and mysterious tone in his story, and I loved that about Dracula. It was amazing! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CarolineCarnivorous More than 1 year ago
Been saving this for ages! I've loved the story of Dracula since I was a child, and I even enjoy the movies (I myself am not a film person). So now it was finally time to read it, in this lovely little leather bound edition! Everyone probably knows the story by heart (with a few variations depending on where you first heard it, probably), but I'm gonna write it down anyways! The book itself is put together by diary entries from the characters, letters, telegrams, ship logs, newspaper clippings and the like. But they are very well written, so there are no ''holes'' in the story at all. And you get to see everything from everyone's perspectives! Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor, travels all the way from England to the Carpathian Mountains to visit Count Dracula, to be of legal support to Dracula's real estate transaction of Exeter. Not long after, Jonathan discovers what the Count truly is, and is trapped in the castle, and also encounters three female vampires, but is saved by the Count, who wants to keep him alive for longer to use him. He manages to escape, but suffers from brain fever and is taken care of by nuns. The next part is a pretty big part, which I feel isn't portrayed enough in the movies. It starts with the ship log of the Demeter, which ends up in Whitby - With only one passenger left, that is the captain, dead tied to the ship's helm. We are obviously told that Dracula was aboard this ship - He gets off as a large dog, and the cargo discovered consists of boxes of earth. The Count watches Jonathan's fianc&eacute;e Wilhelmina Murray and her friend Lucy Westenra closely. Lucy is a popular young woman, and receives three marriage proposals in one day from Dr. John Seward, Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood - She accept that of the latter, but they all remain friends. Now that we know who Dr. John Seward is, we are introduced to his phonograph diaries about the patients of the lunatic asylum, in particular about the patient Renfield - Which is clearly being influenced by Dracula. We hear about his love of absorbing life force from flies, spiders, birds and cats. Lucy begins to grow pale and weak, and everyone worries about her - So Seward calls in his old teacher Professor Abraham Van Helsing to help them out. He immediately knows what they're dealing with, but won't tell. He makes them all give her blood transfusions, but her blood is quickly drained again. A night when Van Helsing is in Amsterdam and his message for Seward to watch the house is delayed, Lucy and her mother is attacked by a wolf, and Mrs. Westenra dies of heart failure, and Lucy dies soon after. After they are buried, newspaper report about a beautiful lady (called ''bloofer lady'' by the children) luring children at night, and we understand that Lucy has now become a vampire. Van Helsing finally informs the others, and they stake her heart, cuts off her head and fill her mouth with garlic. Jonathan Harker is now back home, with his new wife Mina, who went to him in Budapest to marry him. After Mina knows about what happened, she and the others join in to deal with Dracula. The Count learns of this, and in anger feeds off of Mina several times, and even makes her drink his blood, so they are bonded, and he can control her. They now have to kill him to set her free. She is hypnotized so she can connect with Dracula, but he deceives her of his surroundings. When all of the earth boxes are sterilized by the group, Dracula flees back to Transylvania, and the group follows him. When they are closing in, they split up. Mina stays with Van Helsing who kills the Count's three brides. It is now sundown at the castle, and Harker and Quincey have rushed to the box with Dracula in it, transported by gypsies. Harker shears Dracula through the throat, and Quincey stabs him in the heart, before he dies. Dracula turns to dust, and Mina is freed. And just like I want my endings to be, we are told that seven years later, Mina and Jonathan have a son, named after the members of the group, but is called Quincey, since he was born on the anniversary of their American friend's death. That summer they travel back to Transylvania. What can I say? I feel it all says itself, I really adore this story (yeah, I'm being a REALLY stereotypical goth here)! I will read it many times more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
seldombites More than 1 year ago
I have read many vampire stories, from the scary (Salem's Lot) to the romantic (Twilight) but, despite it's age, this is by far the creepiest vampire novel I have read. In fact, this is the only vampire story that has ever disturbed my sleep. The old-world language and diary format lend it an air of tension to this novel that is lacking in other vampire books that I have read. Most horror books are scary, but fairly predictable. Not so, Bram Stoker's Dracula. I found this story to be intriguing and enthralling and I found myself unable to put it down. This is the original vampire novel and, in my opinion, still the best.
EddieSteel More than 1 year ago
This book is so very nice. It's far classier in your hands than it looks online. Very rich in color, dense to the touch. Well bound, the paper is good and heavy, the font is large and lovely. The book creates the perfect atmosphere to get you in the mood for the gothic tale within. This is my first leatherbound book from B&amp;N and based on this I will be purchasing more.
Tien621 More than 1 year ago
I do not have this hardcover book, but in paperback because it was cheaper.  I must say that this story is by far my favorite.  I like how it is written in journals so you know how everybody is feeling.  Although I'm not used to older English, it was still easy to understand.  It's not like trying to read Shakespeare.  Definitely a must read. 
ForrestLee More than 1 year ago
I would not say this is the highest quality book there is, but it is certainly better than most all that are out there. The Easton Press may have beat this one on quality, but not on looks.   It is beautiful. The blood red cover with black and gold design is a joy to look at and though others may have commented negatively about the lack of gilding on the pages, I think it is better without. The dead black compliments the cover and reflects the somber story better than any gold(out of place with the coloring) or silver.  Although I have read Dracula many times, it was a pleasure to hold and read such a handsome volume. This is a purchase well worth the money and an appreciated addition to my library.(it replaces a well worn Dover Thift edition from ten years ago.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rhiannonholimiontinuviel More than 1 year ago
This book was perfect to add to the leatherbound classics collection. Bram Stoker's Dracula is a huge part of gothic victorian fiction and deserves it spot. I had never read it before but was pleasantly surprised by the story. I already read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and I appreciate them even more. Anne Rice went into the mind of the vampire, but Bram Stoker brought it into existence. Also, the cover art is BEAUTIFUL. I found myself closing the book often just to look at the exterior. Beautifully done!