Bail Reform Act Of 1984, The

Bail Reform Act Of 1984, The

by Federal Judicial Center


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I. Pretrial Release
A. Release on Personal Recognizance
B. Conditional Release
C. Written Findings
D. Advising Defendant of Penalty
E. Revocation and Modification of Release
1. Revocation for Violation of Release Conditions
2. Modification or Revocation Where Defendant Has Not Violated Release Conditions

II. Pretrial Detention
A. Statutory Grounds
B. Constitutionality
C. Factors To Be Considered
D. Standard of Proof
E. Definition of Dangerousness
F. Detention Hearing
1. Statutory Requirements
2. Timing of Detention Motion and Hearing
a. Statutory requirement; remedy for a violation
b. Continuances
c. Waiver by defendant
G. Rebuttable Presumptions
1. The Two Presumptions
2. Application of "Drug-and-Firearm-Offender Presumption"
a. Ten-year maximum charge required
b. Probable cause and grand jury indictments
c. Formal charge required
d. Effect of presumption
e. Constitutionality
H. Temporary Detention
I. Detention Upon Review of a Release Order
J. Evidence and Right to Counsel
1. Right to Counsel
2. Hearsay Evidence
3. Proffer Evidence
4. Cross-Examination
5. In Camera Evidence
6. Challenged Evidence
7. Electronic Surveillance
8. Psychiatric Examination
K. HeDetention Pending Appeal
A. Release Requirements
B. Definitions of "Substantial Question" and "Likely"
C. "Exceptional Reasons"

VIII. Release or Detention of a Material Witness

IX. Offense Committed While on Bail

X. Sanctions
A. Failure to Appear
B. Contempt

XI. Credit Toward Detention

Appendix A: The Bail Reform Act of 1984, 18 U.S.C. sections 3141-3150, 3156

Appendix B: The Sentencing Act of 1984 (Selected Provision), 18 U.S.C. section 3585

Table of Cases

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