Bad Cop Psychopathy & Protective Politics: The Misuse of Force and Power

Bad Cop Psychopathy & Protective Politics: The Misuse of Force and Power

by H.L. Nixon

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Justice begins with policing. Too many people get ensnared in the criminal justice system because of bad policing. Any encounter such as racial profiling, stop and frisk, stop while riding bicycles, and stop and search vehicles increases one's chances of having a problem with the cop who stops that person. Essentially, one arrest puts the person in the criminal justice system indefinitely. Even when the charges are dropped, the fact that the individual has an arrest record puts his or her future in jeopardy. In other words, overzealous policing can do harm that will loiter over a person's lifetime. Social injustice in America manifests itself in many forms. The form that has been prevalent in the public eye most recently is the legal system and policing. It is clear that there is an enormous problem in the treatment of African Americans and Latinos by America's Legal System and law enforcement agencies. Bad policing and its protection have exceptional significance because of the many lives that are ruined. Not only has the system ruined the lives of those who were sent to prison, but also the lives of countless numbers of families. When fathers and mothers go to prison, children are imprisoned with them because they may be put in foster care or left to the grandparents to raise. In the majority of these cases, the grandparents are elderly and without the financial means to care for them. Many of these children end up in the criminal justice system themselves, creating a never-ending cycle of poverty and prisoners. The numerous cases in this book and the thousands of others not mentioned, clearly indicate that something is systemically wrong with a policing and the legal system that protects bad cops. Police shootings of several unarmed children; police strangling an unarmed man to death; cops shooting a man to death after asking him to show his identification; and police slamming a grandfather to the ground so hard that two of his vertebrae had to be fused represent something contemptuous about the manner in which policing occurs in the United States. All of these incidents along with traffic stop shooting deaths are indicators of an out of control policing system that urgently needs fixing. This is not the few bad apples syndrome!! Leadership in law enforcement needs a paradigm shift. Policy makers and agency supervisors need to shift from transactional leadership, i.e. marking time or just maintaining the status quo, to transformative leadership. This kind of leadership changes the organization's vision from a position of what might have worked in the past to a more enduring position of today and the future. Transformational leaders develop new concepts, strategies and the enduring action plans. In short, they develop the tapestry for change, mobilize their organizational constituents to make the modifications required and take on the challenge of any entity that threatens the integrity or image of their departments. That includes internal investigatory units, prosecutors, unions, and even judges. Integrity and image are essential to the very essence of organizations. Without both, their value is not recognized by the publics they serve. Police agencies need leaders who are willing and able to organize and implement the significant transformations in law enforcement organizations that Lee Iacocca, Martin Luther King, Jr', John Cardinal Newman, Franklin Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela, et al, demonstrated during their days on the world's leadership stage. These visionaries changed universities, companies and countries and made them enduringly better.

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