Awaken America: A Tale of Hope and Revival for the-People-of-the-Eagle

Awaken America: A Tale of Hope and Revival for the-People-of-the-Eagle


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A depiction of our Nation's bright future with "New Ideas and New Ideals." These can surely help light up a world of freedom, democracy, prosperity, creativity, political stability and intense competition without-strife or war.

Awaken America depicts a new visualization of what America accomplished during the past 225-years of its childhood and what the young-adult phase of the American dream could be in the 3rd Millennium. Starting with an allegory about a fictitious tribe called The-People-Of-The-Eagle, who together team-up to regain both lost values and prosperity, Awaken America continues with high hopes for America's future.

That bright future can surely light up the way for a world of freedom, democracy, prosperity, intense competition without strife or war, personal creativity, innovation, political stability and environmental stability. These "New Ideas and New Ideals" are best summarized as follows:

New Ideals Weaknesses vs. Strengths

Buyer Loyalty: Overseas Products vs. American Products

Buyer Demand: Complacent Consumers vs. Demanding Buyers

Competition: Existing Wealth vs. New Wealth

R&D: Exporting Technology vs. Developed At Home

Trade: Weak and Dependent vs. Strong Negotiating Leverage

Capital: Indebtedness vs. Solvency

Rewards & Acclaim: Entertainers vs. Innovators

Planning: Quick Profits vs. Long-Range Plans

Litigation: Greedy Adversaries vs. Trust Between People

Peer Pressure: Government Action vs. People Action

Democracy: Corruption vs. Freedom

Voting: Apathy vs. Enhancing Democracy

Political Action: Tilted Playing Field vs. Fair Competition

People Values: Material Things vs. People

Income Taxes: Inequality vs. Equality

Inheritance: Values vs. Wealth

Terrorism: Passive Acceptance vs. Active Deterrent

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595188864
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/17/2001
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

An Introductory Alagory: A Tale Of Hope And Revival For The-People-Of-The-Eagle1
Awaken America17
Article 1The Eagle Has Landed17
Article 2Why the Eagle Became Grounded23
Article 3Could the Egale Become Extinct28
Article 4Strength of the Eagle33
Article 5Making the Eagle Soar42
Article 6The Eagle's New Ideas and New Ideals48
Value #1Buyer Loyalty--Overseas Products vs. American Products52
Value #2Buyer Demand--Complacent Consumers vs. Demanding Buyers58
Value #3Competition--Existing Wealth vs. New Wealth63
Value #4R & D--Exporting Technology vs. Developing It At Home68
Value #5Trade--Weak and Dependent vs. Strong Negotiating Leverage75
Value #6Capital--Indebtedness vs. Solvency80
Value #7Rewards & Acclaim--Entertainers vs. Innovators86
Value #8Planning--Quick Profits vs. Long Range Plans90
Value #9Litigation--Greedy Adversaries vs. Trust Between Competitors95
Value #10Peer Pressure--Individual Excess vs. Society's Restraints100
Value #11Democracy--Corruption vs. Freedom105
Value #12Voting--Apathy vs. Enhancing Democracy110
Value #13Political Action--Tilted Playing Field vs. Fair Competition115
Value #14People Values--Material Things vs. People121
Value #15Income Tax--Inequality vs. Equality127
Value #16Inheritance--Values vs. Wealth130
Value #17Terrorism--Passive Acceptance vs. Active Response133

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