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There is a pattern to Avril Lavigne albums, one that's easily discernible to anybody paying attention. First comes the party, then comes the reflection, then comes the party again. Avril Lavigne, her eponymous fifth album, is an odd-numbered release, so that means it's one of her party records, somewhat mitigated by her union with fellow Canadian post-grunge superstar Chad Kroeger. The Nickelback frontman co-wrote well over half of this 13-track album, including the dearly beloved couple's duet "Let Me Go," and his blunt-force hooks and bad taste are evident all over the place, whether it's the vaguely icky sex song "Bad Girl" -- where Marilyn Manson is the daddy to Avril's baby girl, a union made creepier by Kroeger's presence as a co-writer and producer -- to the fist-pumping openers of "Rock N Roll" and "Here's to Never Growing Up." Lavigne's full-throated testament to "singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs" on the latter suggests the tin ear at play here: this is rebellion where the signifiers are off -- after all, what Radiohead song would ever soundtrack a joyride by mall-punk delinquents? The specifics suggest the isolation of the almost-30 Lavigne from the mainstream -- the former skate-punk brat is now the corporate rebel she's always wanted to be -- but ultimately it doesn't matter much because the hooks are stronger, better than so many of Avril's songs since her 2002 debut, Let Go. This doesn't have the abandon of The Best Damn Thing, the 2007 record where she fully embraced her trashiness, but Lavigne's thorough collaboration with Kroeger keeps Avril Lavigne from being anything near respectable, and while the bad taste can wind up as gauche -- "Hello Kitty" bypasses bubblegum so it can settle into the embarrassing -- this ultimately winds up as one of Avril's livelier and better albums; it's all about the good times, no matter how temporary or illusionary they may be.

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Release Date: 11/05/2013
Label: Epic
UPC: 0887254963325
catalogNumber: 549633

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Avril Lavigne   Primary Artist,Percussion,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Marilyn Manson   Vocals
Larry Goetz   Guitar,Mandolin
Steven Miller   Guitar
Suzie Katayama   Cello
Max Martin   Keyboards
Peter Svensson   Guitar,Keyboards
Chad Kroeger   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Matt Squire   Background Vocals
James McAlister   Percussion,Drums
David Hodges   Acoustic Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Justin Glasco   Percussion,Drums
Steven Stark   Cello
Chad Copelin   Bass
Martin Johnson   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Taylor Johnson   Mandolin
Kyle Moorman   Choir, Chorus
J-Kash   Background Vocals
Rickard Goransson   Guitar,Keyboards
Dave Hodges   Choir, Chorus
Brandon Paddock   Bass,Choir, Chorus
Ethan Kaufmann   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Chris Bernard   Choir, Chorus
Dan Gillan   Choir, Chorus
Devin Kam   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

L.A. Reid   Executive Producer
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
Max Martin   Programming
Peter Svensson   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Chad Kroeger   Composer,Producer,Vocal Producer,Instrumentation
Matt Squire   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Avril Lavigne   Composer,Executive Producer
Chris Baseford   Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
David Hodges   Composer,Programming,Producer,Vocal Producer,Instrumentation
Chad Copelin   Programming,Engineer
Martin Johnson   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Instrumentation
Kyle Moorman   Programming,Engineer,Additional Production
J-Kash   Composer
Nick Steinhardt   Art Direction
Rickard Goransson   Composer,Producer
Sam Holland   Engineer
Josh Newell   Engineer
JP Robinson   Art Direction
Brandon Paddock   Programming,Engineer,Additional Production
Gordini Sran   Programming,Engineer
Dave Campbell   String Arrangements

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