Autobiographical Notes Of The Life Of William Bell Scott - Volume I

Autobiographical Notes Of The Life Of William Bell Scott - Volume I

by William Bell Scott


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A PREFATORY SONNET ROLAND AT THE FOOT OF THE SCAFFOLD GIVE me a pen, I shall not hold you long, But I have some few words that I mould say Before I mount, before I pass away, Following my friends all gone it is not wrong That I would write, nor any foolish song, But now I stand beside the shoreless sea, A word or two from out my heart may flee Not said before, that coining Death makes strong. How many have felt thus besides the brave, Fair Queen of womankind, the good Roland Lifes long years past, both joyous years and grave, The wish descends upon the untired hand To leave some self-drawn picture with some stave of speech for those left waiting on the strand. CONTENTS OF VOL. I CHAPTER I THE HOUE IN IVIIICH I IVAS CORN . CHAPTER I1 CHAPTER V COUNTRY COUSINS--RELIGION - 51 CHAPTER V1 THE MANSE OF KIPPEN-BROTHER ROBERT . . 61 ... v111 I17LLIrZ,II BELL SCO TT CHAPTER S ClI,IPTER SIV THE CARTOOK COIIPITITIOF FOR THE NEW HOUSES OE CHAPTER XV CHAPTER SVI CHAPTER XVII IVBLICATION OF A POEI, THE EAR OF THE 0 1 , PAGE -D. G. ROSSETTI . . 230 CHAPTER XIS X IVILLZAAl BELL SCOTT CHAPTER SS LE.TII OF XIY BROTHER DAVID - HIS CHARACTER - CHAPTER SXI 1111. FEW TRULY PRE-RAPHAELITE PICTURES OF THE THREE P. .B.-JVALTER DEVERELL AND CHARLES COLLINS . 77 CHAPTER SS11 IENNYSON ANT IIIS RROTIIER-WOOLNERS VISIT TO THE PAGE OLD-IIGIKGS-MILLAIS 295 CHAPTER XSIII HOLAN HUNTS LIGHT OF THE 0 --HE 1 GOES , TO THE EAST-.ITII OF DEVERELL-MISS ANNA AIARY HOWITT-IIE HOGARTH CLUI . 309 CH,IPTEK XXIV LIST OF ILLLTSTRAITIOKS ETCHISGS .2SD PHOTOGRAIURES Portrait of Author. Efi.zizg by ,YrizscZf . . l-- tiic.t View from Iorkshop IVindow. P,Yrofo-zzzili.-t TO -fzt-c ft74r2 44 Leigh Hunt, . H. Lewes, etc. EL-ring by l B. S. . 130 Specimen of T. Sibsons Design. llofoq-ru-c . .. 306 Christina Kossetti when n child. J 1 B. 5. ,, 2.48 DavidScott. Efc,YrirbyllIB... . ,, 260 D. G. Rossetti at 3 5. Efl-hiq bjj li B. S. . 2 S S FACSIJIILES OF SKETCHES Authors Horoscope. A ff1.1- tzr-Zfj . . CT I rg A Landlord Iiampant. Skrcz by U. G. R. . ,, 293 PROLOGUE AT varios periods of lift I have triecl to make a vritten record of my own experiences, especially those of childhood, with occasional notes on the doings of others with whom I have come in contact the scenery of my own journey, in short-waifs and strays, the finger-posts and milestones of the time past. I have even tried to make a connected history of the esterilals of my own career, interesting to myself, and without the idea of its interesting any one else. But the difficulty in separating the really important from the mercly apparently important has always precipitately brought my efforts to an end.

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