Austin & Ally: Turn It Up

Austin & Ally: Turn It Up




Austin & Ally's Ross Lynch had a big year in 2013. Not only was his TV show still a big hit, but he also starred in the wildly popular TV movie Teen Beach Party and made a big splash on the soundtrack, and his family's band R5 released their debut album, too. Capping it off with a second Austin & Ally album was the perfect finish to an impressive year. Unlike the first A&A soundtrack, which featured only Lynch, Turn It Up reflects the change in the show's plot line during season two, in which Ally (Laura Marano) conquers her stage fright and begins a performing career. It previews quite a few songs from season three as well. While most of the tracks are Austin songs, Marano gets a handful of features here, which show off her strong vocals and some decent empowerment ballads, especially the dramatic "Parachute." The real star is Lynch, though, who bops through his songs like the good-natured and breezy performer he's always been. Not blessed with the most distinctive voice around, he still manages to show off enough personality and charm to make it seem totally realistic that Austin would be a teen pop sensation. The songs here would be reasonably realistic as hits, too. Very similar to the spunky dance-pop of One Direction, there is a nice mix of love-struck ballads, passionate dancefloor-ready jams, insistent pop
ockers, and even a nice Rick Springfield-influenced power pop song ("Steal Your Heart") that dovetails nicely with the new direction One Direction showed off on their Midnight Memories album. Maybe they got the idea from Austin? The album also features a track from upcoming Disney stars and A&A guest stars Chloe & Halle for good measure. Thanks to the winning performances from its cheerfully pleasant stars and some memorable tunes, Turn It Up is a solid pop confection, sure to make fans of the show, and Lynch devotees, very happy.

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Release Date: 12/17/2013
Label: Walt Disney Records
UPC: 0050087285845
catalogNumber: 001809702

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Technical Credits

Matt Wong   Composer,Producer
Gannin Arnold   Composer,Producer
Antonina Armato   Composer
Jamie Houston   Composer
Adam Anders   Composer,Producer
Twin   Producer
Tim James   Composer
Joacim Persson   Composer
Andy Dodd   Composer,Producer
Peer Astrom   Composer
Alex Cantrall   Composer,Producer
Adam Watts   Composer,Producer
Jeannie Lurie   Composer,Producer
Drew Seeley   Composer
Chen Neeman   Composer,Producer
Johan Alkenäs   Composer
Charlie Mason   Composer
Jon Rezin   Additional Production
Adrian Newman   Composer,Producer
Aris Archontis   Composer,Producer
Matt Tishler   Composer,Producer
Dan Book   Composer,Producer
Nikki Anders   Composer
Julia Michaels   Composer
Rock Mafia   Producer
Alke   Producer
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Ava Kay   Composer
Jeff Hoeppner   Composer,Producer
Tyler Shaw   Composer
Adam Smeaton   Composer
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JD Webb   Composer,Producer
Niclas Mollinder   Composer

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