Atlas to Freedom's Lair: The Hidden History of Federal Income Tax Law

Atlas to Freedom's Lair: The Hidden History of Federal Income Tax Law

by Gary Zink


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In 1969, Congress passed an enigmatic tax law that shifted the burden of the federal "income tax" off the shoulders of people merely employed and returned it primarily onto the profits of people and businesses engaged in commerce.

As a matter of historical fact, the 1913 "income tax amendment" to the Constitution would never have been accepted by the People until "reputable" members of Congress assured everyone that the new scheme would, under no circumstances, amount to anything more than a "tax on the rich".

Yet, today, it's a very different story wherein those who know better routinely try to shame some 47% of the population, of whom it is quite falsely claimed "pay no federal income tax".

The book is the result of a decade of research diving deep into the evolution of the nation's revenue laws from 1794 unto the present. Learn all about the historic implication of this Act of Congress from 1969 and how it could positively effect the typical American wage earner today.

All of this and more is extensively examined in Atlas to Freedom's Lair.

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About the Author

During the 1980's the author was a skilled craftsman who worked continuously as a mere hourly employee for a large industry. He was also a man who asserted every year that the income tax owed against his wages, in accordance with all federal income tax law had been fully satisfied through the withholding of F.I.C.A. income taxes, that no further income tax liability existed and no corresponding income tax returns were due.

Incredibly, never once during his almost 13 years of activism did ANY officer of the federal government notify, or in any other way advise that the form and manner in which Zink volunteered his federal tax liability (including the amount of taxes he paid each year) was somehow incorrect or even a violation of any federal tax law.

Prompted by persistent calls since 2008 to reform the system of federal income taxation and alarmed by the expanding socialism creeping throughout American society the author resumed the research he began 30+ years earlier and those findings are presented herein.

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