Ask Me Who I Was: audacious brain farts on life, death and immortality

Ask Me Who I Was: audacious brain farts on life, death and immortality

by jon m ketcham


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As part of a 10-year long collaborative effort by all of the local chiropractors, Dr. Ketcham contributed articles once or twice a year to The Meadville Tribune's monthly HealthBeat column. Then, following the submission of his article, simply titled, "Success", he was invited to pen a column of his own, in the forthcoming "Active for Life" quarterly supplement to The Meadville Tribune, and given free reign to philosophize. Those articles, which ran from 2009 until 2013, supplemented by a few select, newer thoughts, form the basis of this work. Supplemented by a few select blogs, 2 talks and one particularly memorable chapter (revised) from his first book.

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ISBN-13: 9780990551140
Publisher: Always Believe In Your Dreams
Publication date: 03/29/2018
Series: iContractor , #4
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Disclaimers iv, v

Dedication vii

Table of Contents ix

Preface xiii


Section I - The Tribune Articles* 1

Chapter 1 Success 3

Chapter 2 Finding Your Purpose,

Getting A Life 7

Chapter 3 Things Cost Too Much 15

Chapter 4 Soulmates 25

Chapter 5 Say Thank You And

Get Well Sooner 31

Chapter 6 Living A Life With No Regrets 37

Chapter 7 Transcendental Living:

Journeys Of A Lifetime 41

Chapter 8 What’s Your Story?45

Chapter 9 Soulmates II 49

Chapter 10 Finding Your Afflatus 53

Chapter 11 Finding Inner Peace Without

Caving To Outside Noise57

Chapter 12 How The Coming Elections

Will Change Your Finances 61

Chapter 13 Awakening Through Change 65

Chapter 14 Roadblocks To Success 67

*BONUS: Tribune Publication Listing 71

Section II - The Blogs 75

Senioritis… Deal With It Now

BEFORE It’s Too Late! 77

Where Does Compassion Fit

In Your Approach? 81

Re-thinking Jesus:

Spiritual Food for Thought 83

The 2 Truths Every Expert, Guru,

Influencer, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

& Mentor Know But Won’t Likely Tell

You (but probably should!) 85

Caught in the Storm of the “I” 87

Starting Over – Anyone, NOT Everyone,

Can Do Anything 91

Mike’s Obituary 95

False Prophets, Ostriches & Groupies –

The Delusions of Social Media

and its Messiahs 97

Dodging the Most Useless Question

in the World – How to Stop Languishing

& Start Living Again101

Section III - The Talks103

Failure Talks – A Dual Entendre –

Rising from the Ashes to Dream

Another Dream105

Perversion, Sin & Death:

The DirtyLittle Secret That Broke

the Law of Attraction119

Section IV - The Books 129

The Golden Role – Just Be Nice! 131

The “Zero’s Journey” – A Modern-day

Survival Guide to Weathering Accidental Enlightenment 131

iContractor1 – Constructing Your

Perfect Life by Remodeling YOU

from the Inside-Out! 133

BONUS: Chapter from iContractor1:

Mirrors, Windows, Doors & Light135

Section V – The Author145

About the Author149

Connecting to dr. ketcham153



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