The Art of Renaissance Warfare: From The Fall of Constantinople to the Thirty Years War

The Art of Renaissance Warfare: From The Fall of Constantinople to the Thirty Years War

by Stephen Turnbull


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The Art of Renaissance Warfare tells the story of the knight during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries – from the great victories of Edward III and the Black Prince to the fall of Richard III on Bosworth Field.

During this period, new technology on the battlefield posed deadly challenges for the mounted warrior; but they also stimulated change, and the knight moved with the times. Having survived the longbow devastation at Crécy, Poitiers and Agincourt, he emerged triumphant, his armor lighter and more effective, and his military skills indispensable.

This was the great age of the orders of chivalry and the freemasonry of arms that bound together comrades and adversaries in a tight international military caste. Men such as Bertrand du Guesclin and Sir John Chandos loom large in the pages of this book – bold leaders and brave warriors, imbued with these traditions of chivalry and knighthood. How their heroic endeavors and the knightly code of conduct could be reconciled with the indiscriminate carnage of the 'chevauchée' and the depredations of the 'free companies' is one of the principal themes of this informative and entertaining book.

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ISBN-13: 9781526713759
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Publication date: 02/23/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Stephen Turnbull took his first degree at Cambridge and has two MAs (in Theology and Military History) from Leeds University. In 1996 he received a PhD from Leeds for his thesis on Japan’s ‘Hidden Christians’. In its published form the work won the Japan Festival Literary Award in 1998. Having lectured widely in East Asian Studies and Theology he is now retired and holds the honorary positions of Lecturer Emeritus at Leeds University, Research Associate at SOAS and Visiting Professor of Japanese Studies at Akita International University. His expertise, including an extensive picture library, has helpedwith numerous media projects including the award-winning computer strategy game Shogun Total War, and in 2010 he acted as Historical Adviser to Universal Pictures for the movie 47 Ronin. Tanaka 1587 is his 80th book to be published.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations 9

Maps 13

Introduction: Renaissance and Revolution? 19

Chronology 23

1 A Tale of Two Cities 29

Sailing to Brzantium 29

The Fall of Constantinople 31

A New Crusade 35

The Siege of Belgrade 36

2 Of Powder and Pikes 40

The Guns of Burgundy 40

The Rise of the Swiss 42

The Treasures of Grandson 45

Massacre at Mürten 47

Nemessis at Nancy 50

3 The Guns of Granada 53

The Long Reconquista 53

The Challenge Is Accepted 54

The Artillery War 57

The Siege of Málaga 58

The Fall of Granada 59

4 Breaking the Square 61

Pike versus Pike 61

The Swiss in French Service 63

The Battle of Fornovo 64

No Money - No Swiss! 65

El Gran Capitán 66

The Battle of the Garigliano 68

The Battle of Ravenna 69

The Battle of Novara 71

Reversal at Marignano 71

Humiliation at Bicocca 73

The Swiss Revival 75

5 The Laboratory of Siege Warfare 77

The Artillery of Charles VIII 78

The Fortifications of Rhodes 80

The Siege of Rhodes 83

The Fall of Rhodes 87

6 'God gave the sea to the infidels …' 89

Galley Warfare 91

The Barbary Coast 93

Andrea Doria - Admiral of Spain 95

The Great Siege of Malta 98

Galleys at Lepanto 100

7 '… and the land to the Muslims' 104

Hungary on the Front Line 104

The Road to Mohacs 107

Christian Disunity 110

The Reckoning at Mohacs 111

The Dismemberment of Hungary 115

The Siege of Vienna 116

The Siege of Güns 118

Bull's Blood 119

The End at Szigeth 121

8 The Bastion Wars 126

The Development of the Angle Bastion 126

The Bastions of Cyprus 129

The Siege of Nicosia 131

The Siege of Famagusta 134

9 Knights Old and New 139

The Chevalier Bayard 139

The Field of the Cloth of Gold 143

Blaise de Monluc 163

The Camisade de Boulogne 166

The Siege of Siena 167

The French Wars of Religion 168

François de la Noue 170

10 Black Knights and Devilish Weapons 174

The Wheel-Lock Pistol 174

The Pistol and the Caracole 176

Giving up the Lance 180

The Reiter in Battle 180

The Wheel Lock in the French Wars of Religion 184

11 Fire, Ice and Flood 188

The Dutch Revolt 188

Goes and the Weapon of the Sea 191

Naarden and the Weapon of Fire 192

Haarlem and the Weapon of Ice 193

Alkmaar and the Weapon of Flood 195

Mookerheyde and the Weapon of Gold 196

The Great Siege of Leiden 198

The Relief of Leiden 200

12 Innovators and Enemies 201

The Battle of Gembloux 204

The Siege of Antwerp 206

The Diabolical Machine 209

The Kowenstyn Dyke 211

The Dutch Infantry Reformers 214

13 Cavalry and Curiosities 217

Ivan the Terrible 219

The Siege of Pskov 221

The Relief of Pskov 224

14 The Shock of the New 227

The Challenge from Sweden 227

The Time of Troubles 229

The Second Death of Dimitri 230

The Battle of Klushino 234

The Retreat from Moscow 238

15 Mercenaries and Marvels 239

The Battle of Kerestes 241

Castles and Mercenaries 242

John Smith's Flaming Dragons 245

John Smith the Champion 246

Epilogue: 'Some New Trick …' 248

Notes 253

Bibliography 261

Acknowledgments 265

Index 267

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