Art Night: The Sketch Book Draws & Art Work of Denver Graffiti Artists

Art Night: The Sketch Book Draws & Art Work of Denver Graffiti Artists

by Travis Michael Burns


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art night is a gathering of artists. for me, it started back in 2005 with a hand full of artists in denver, and has happened in several forms of other artist gatherings since then. lately i have heard of art gatherings which promote artist collerctive shows. either way it is artists coming together to collaborate together to work on ideas with art work.
back in 2005 a few of my friends and i would either meet up at a friends apartment, or we would head on over to xzanthia's gallery over on santa fe dr., in denver and it would generally start out as a few friends drawing, painting, and eventually it would turn into a large gathering of people showing work as a gallery show. sometimes it would be so huge that it would be a party or even a rave. The last art night gatherings I had held was in denver in 2010 at dccs gallery on 4th & lincoln. eventually others used the art night idea for their own and it branched out. i am not saying the i had started the art night phenomenon but i know that helped support it for several years anyways. unfortunately there are those who have tried to use, and exploit the power of art night. by this i state that the idea of art night is to keep it as a basic event for art friends to gather together with no strings attached. as i took art night from one venue to another, artists have tried to force their specific ways in one direction or another, dj's have fought over slot times to play in front of people, galleries have disagreed over door fees, and a couple of people who were friends at first tried to just take art night right from under me to do their own art night, and promote it towards those who have no real understanding towards the underground artist movement. By the end of 2010 i was tired of the chaos, tired of trying to get people to see the vision i have about it and had decided to leave denver in late 2011 altogether. despite how I feel about denver as a city, there are many people who i miss and care about. there are many that participated with the night which I consider to be great artists. i only hope that more people will continue to utilize art night as a positive means for the creation of sketch book drawings, paintings, and other art works. many graffiti artists and traditional style artists benefited from art night, it was rather interesting to me to see so many different artists coming together to make art.

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Publication date: 07/03/2012
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