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Art In England During The Elizabethan And Stuart Periods

Art In England During The Elizabethan And Stuart Periods

by Aymer Vallance




PREFATORY NOTE AMONGST the illustrations to be found in the following pages robabl none will interest the reader more than the pencil drawings by WilIiam Twopeny, reproduced here by the courtesy of Mr. Charles Twopeny and the authorities of the British Muscum. These delightful sketches were made during the early part of the last century, and, apart from their high artistic qualities, their value as authentic records of houses and details, many of which no longer exist-at any rate in their original state-cannot be over-estimated. The Editor will endeavoured to present as many as possible of these drawings in facsimile, but in some cases, owing to the delicate nature of the originals, it has been found impossible to obtain a satisfactory result by this process. Some of the drawings have, therefore, been re-drawn by Mr. H. CliFord, and these can easily be identified by referring to the list of illustrations. In the preparation of this volume the editor desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to the following who have returnered him valuable assistaice in various ways...

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