Aquaponics: Design Plans, Construction, Operation, Income

Aquaponics: Design Plans, Construction, Operation, Income

by David H Dudley


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This 627-page user-friendly book is loaded with lots of helpful illustrations and step-by-step instructions which will show you how to easily produce an abundance of Fresh Organic Produce and Plentiful Healthy Fish.

Feed Your Family Healthy Food, Barter and/or Sell Surplus

Everything from Beginner Basics to Operating a Profitable Aquaponic Business, and SO much more is included in this VALUABLE resource.

In addition, this book will show you how to successfully barter and earn extra money from your aquaponic harvest; and transition your aquaponic operation into a profitable business.

Included within this book are design plans, nearly 400 photos and illustrations which show you how to set up and operate different types of aquaponic systems of any size; and how to scale-up in size to produce even more organic vegetables and fish as you desire grow.

This book will provide you with everything you need to know so that you can to easily turn your aquaponics operation into a profitable venture. It also has a real-world aquaponics business plan, vaualbe marketing information, cost-benefit analysis, productivity data, and where/how to sell your vegetable and fish harvest.

This book provides detailed directions to create and maintain different types of aquaponic systems of all sizes so you can consistently feed your family environmentally friendly sustainable healthy organic food, substantially lower your food cost, and earn extra income.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999830413
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/10/2018
Pages: 630
Sales rank: 1,066,588
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.27(d)

About the Author

The author, David H. Dudley, P.E., is a professional aquaponics consultant who has helped many individuals and organizations develop aquaponics systems. His accomplished career in aquaponics, hydroponics, and aquaculture includes serving as the Construction Manager of the Oklahoma Aquarium, Engineering Manager of the nation's largest caviar producing company, overseeing life support systems of four large aquaculture facilities, designing a $5M aquaculture operation for white sturgeon, and Project Manager of a large fishing clinic facility for the U.S. Department of Wildlife. David also holds advanced degrees in civil engineering and nutrition/dietetics, owned a commercial nursery, and has several decades of experience in vegetable gardening. David understands every facet of aquaponics and clearly communicates aquaponics in a way that truly helps others.

Table of Contents

Dedication i
Acknowledgments iii
Note to Reader v
Introduction 1
Aquaponic Fundamentals 5
Aquaponics Defined 7
Benefits of Aquaponics 9
History of Aquaponics 13
Aquaponics Globally and the Big Picture 15
Toxic Food vs. Healthy Organic Aquaponic Food 37
The Different Types of Aquaponic Systems 65
Aquaponics for You 69
Location, Location, Location 73
Nitrogen Cycle 77
Plants and Fish 85
Plants/Crops - Keys to Success 87
Fish - Everything You Need to Know 105
Fish Feed 123
Components Used in Aquaponics 139
Equipment & Component Overview 141
Plumbing 149
Fish Tanks 163
Liner Material 175
Making a Water Tight Container 179
Growing Media for Plants 183
Pumps & Choosing the Right Pump 189
Filtration (Mechanical, Biofiltration, Natural) 193
Greenhouses 203
Alternative Energy Options & Operating Off-The-Grid 227
N.F.T. & D.W.C. Design and Layout 237
Nutrient Film Technique 239
Deep Water Culture / Raft System 257
Flood-and-Drain System Design and Layout 269
Flood-and-Drain System Instructions & Procedures 271
Media Grow Bed Drain Options, Drawings, and Information 295
How to Make a Auto Siphon (Bell Siphon) 303
Design Plans and Construction Details DIY Flood-and-Drain System 311
Design Plans and Construction Details Using IBC Containers Flood-and-Drain System 325
Operation and Maintenance 347
Starting, Operating, and Troubleshooting Your Aquaponic System 349
Water Quality 365
Fish Breeding, Fish Reproduction, and Raising Your Own Crop of Fish 385
Greenhouse Energy Management 395
Canning and Saving Produce from Your Harvest 407
Making Money and Earning a Profit from Aquaponics 415
Cost-Benefit Analysis (Aquaponic Economics) 417
Creating a Profitable Aquaponics Business 421
Selling Your Aquaponic Products 449
Bartering Your Aquaponic Products 475
Marketing and Selling Fish 479
Sales & Selling: Being Successful 489
Customer Service Recommendations and Rewards 503
Time Management 511
Budgeting: Making and Sticking to a Budget 523
Prioritize: The Art of Prioritizing and Getting More Accomplished 529
Encouragement & Keys to Success 535
Aquaponics Business Plan (A Real-World 'Go-By' Example) 541
Aquaponic Resources
Other Books
Aquaponics for Profit
Business and Entrepreneur Success Manual
Country Breeze Farm
Recommended Resources
Health and Life Protection Services
Conversion Units

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