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Applications in Human Resource Management / Edition 2

Applications in Human Resource Management / Edition 2


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Applications in Human Resource Management, 5e by Nkomo, Fottler, and McAfee is designed to serve as a single source for cases, exercises, incidents, and skill builders to supplement any basic text in human resource management. The materials included in this textbook bring Human Resource Management to life for learners at any level by offering a fresh approach to the subject based on dynamic, real-world examples. The authors focus on current, practical, issues confronting managers of human resources and those who implement personnel policies and procedures. Cases are based on "real" events that have taken place in organizations. The exercises and skill builders are intended to give learners hands-on skills in manging the types of issues they may confront in Human Resource Management.

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ISBN-13: 9780534929596
Publisher: South-Western
Publication date: 12/28/1992
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 7.48(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

A Model for Analyzing Cases in Human Resources Managementxiii
Part 1Human Resources Management in Perspective: Environment, International, and Legal Issues1
The HRM Function/Environment
1.Case: The New Director of Human Resources3
2.Case: The Human Resource Function of Harrison Brothers Corporation10
3.Exercise: The Linkage between Human Resource Practices and Competitive Advantage15
4.Exercise: Human Resource Challenges During Mergers17
5.Exercise: Scanning the Contemporary Work Environment20
6.Exercise: Evaluating the Financial Impact of Human Resource Management Activities: Reducing Turnover Costs21
7.Skill Builder: Reference Materials for Human Resource Management26
8.Skill Builder: Using Internet Search Engines to Conduct HR Research28
International and Diversity Issues
9.Case: Managing Diversity: Johnson Chemical International29
10.Incident: Too Much Diversity?37
11.Case: African Gold, Inc.--Ethics and AIDS in the Workplace38
12.Case: Selecting a Manager for a Nigerian Facility40
13.Case: Fred Bailey: An Innocent Abroad42
14.Incident: The Cultural Diversity Training Program46
15.Skill Builder: Going International48
The Legal and Regulatory Environment
16.Case: The Storage Room Massage: A Case of Sexual Harassment?50
17.Case: Analyzing Promotion Data: Applying the 80% Rule57
18.Case: Blowing the Whistle: Questionable Accounting Practices at Glenfair Electronics61
19.Exercise: The Older Worker63
20.Exercise: Is This Unlawful Discrimination?65
21.Exercise: What Is Sexual Harassment?70
22.Exercise: Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act73
23.Exercise: Group Debate Project75
24.Incident: Giving Up Seniority to Accommodate a Disabled Colleague79
25.Incident: The Employee with AIDS80
26.Incident: "Beautyism" in the Workplace81
27.Skill Builder: Data Analysis for Affirmative Action Plans83
Part 2Meeting Human Resource Requirements: Job Analysis/Design, Planning, Recruitment, and Selection
28.Case: Employee Layoffs at St. Mary's Hospital93
29.Case: Strategic Human Resource Management96
30.Case: The Bank Merger99
31.Exercise: Which Employee Should Be Terminated?106
32.Case: The Alternative Work Schedule109
33.Exercise: Outsourcing Human Resource Management Functions111
34.Exercise: Writing Job Descriptions115
35.Exercise: Work and Family Issues118
36.Skill Builder: Human Resource Forecasting Assignment127
37.Skill Builder: From Welfare to Work130
38.Skill Builder: Phased Retirement Options133
Recruiting and Selection
39.Case: Recruiting Recreational Vehicle Surveyors136
40.Case: Selecting Patient Escorts139
41.Case: A Solution for Adverse Impact142
42.Exercise: Evaluating the Recruiting Function147
43.Exercise: Selection Decisions152
44.Exercise: Selection Interview Role Play162
45.Exercise: Which Selection Procedure Is Most Effective?166
46.Incident: The Ethical Selection Dilemma at Integrity Motors167
47.Incident: The Exit Interviews169
48.Incident: Nepotism170
49.Skill Builder: Evaluating Job Application Forms171
50.Skill Builder: Staffing for a Telecommuting Job173
Part 3Developing Effectiveness in Human Resources: Training, Career Development, and Performance Appraisal
Orientation/Training/Career Development
51.Case: Career Development at Electronic Applications177
52.Case: The Safety Training Program179
53.Case: The Mentoring Problem at Walnut Insurance181
54.Exercise: Conducting a Training Needs Assessment184
55.Exercise: Design and Evaluation of Training Programs187
56.Exercise: On-the-Job Training193
57.Incident: The Orientation Problem195
58.Skill Builder: Indentifying Training Needs Through Task Analysis197
Performance Appraisal
59.Exercise: EvalSim--A Performance Evaluation Exercise199
60.Exercise: Performance Appraisal Interview Role Play205
61.Exercise: Debate: Which Performance Appraisal Format Is Most Effective?208
62.Exercise: Ethical Performance Appraisal Issues209
Part 4Implementing Compensation and Security: Compensation, Incentives, Benefits, and Safety and Health
63.Case: The Overpaid Bank Tellers215
64.Case: Rewarding Volunteers218
65.Case: Managing Nonmonetary Compensation222
66.Case: Controlling Employee Benefit Costs225
67.Case: Evaluating Nontraditional Incentive Systems: Howe 2 Ski Stores228
68.Exercise: Allocating Merit Raises231
69.Exercise: Flexible Benefits Plan Choices234
70.Exercise: Executive Perks238
71.Exercise: WageSim--A Compensation Administration Exercise240
72.Exercise: Ethical Compensation Dilemmas246
73.Exercise: Developing Bioterrorism Policies and Procedures250
74.Exercise: Safety and Health Programs253
75.Incident: The Safety Problem254
76.Incident: Retiree Health and Pension Benefits255
77.Incident: Merit Increases256
78.Incident: The Medical Leave Problem258
79.Incident: The Educational Leave Problem260
80.Incident: The Lost Vacation Days262
81.Skill Builder: Applying the FLSA--Is This Job Exempt?264
82.Skill Builder: Developing a Wage Structure269
Part 5Enhancing Employee Relations: Motivation, Employee Rights and Discipline, Labor Relations, and Collective Bargaining
Motivation and Discipline
83.Case: The Broken Employment Contract?275
84.Case: The Drug Testing Problem at Standard Chemical279
85.Case: Violence at Work: Westside Health Systems284
86.Case: Surfing the Internet on Company Time292
87.Incident: Can He Wear an Earring at Work?294
88.Incident: Spiked Milk295
89.Incident: Motivating and Maintaining Morale During Downsizing297
90.Incident: The Awards Dinner298
91.Incident: "She's Just a Temp"300
92.Incident: Alan Garfield301
93.Incident: Caught in the Act302
94.Skill Builder: Writing/Developing Employee Discipline Policies303
Labor Relations, Collective Bargaining, and Contract Administration
95.Case: Union Organizing at SGA Industries304
96.Case: The Frustrated Quality Circle Team309
97.Case: The Give Back: A Case of Union Busting311
98.Exercise: Collective Bargaining Role Play--Bush Corporation313
99.Exercise: Applying the NLRA319
100.Exercise: Labor Arbitration321
101.Skill Builder: Employee Communications During Union Campaigns324
Part 6Human Resource Audits/Term Assignments
102.Term Project Human Resource System Evaluation327
103.Term Project Human Resource Manager Interview334

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