Apollo 16: The NASA Mission Reports

Apollo 16: The NASA Mission Reports

by Robert Godwin (Editor)




Compiled here are many important documents about the Apollo 16 mission including the complete debriefing in the crew's own words.

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ISBN-13: 9781896522586
Publisher: Collector's Guide Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 06/28/2002
Series: Apogee Books Space Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.65(d)

Table of Contents

Press Kit
General Release8
Launch windows9
Ground Elapsed Time Update11
Launch and Mission Profile11
Launch Events13
Mission Events15
EVA Mission Events18
Apollo 16 Mission Objectives21
Scientific Results of Apollo 11, 12, 14 & 15 Missions25
Apollo 16 Landing Site26
Lunar Surface Science30
Passive Seismic Experiment30
ALSEP to Impact Distance Table31
Lunar Surface Magnetometer33
Magnetic Lunar Sample Returned to the Moon35
Lunar Heat Flow Experiment35
Active Seismic Experiment36
ALSEP Central Station38
SNAP-27--Power Source for ALSEP38
Soil Mechanics39
Lunar Portable Magnetometer39
Far Ultraviolet Camera/Spectroscope41
Solar Wind Composition Experiment42
Cosmic Ray Detector43
Lunar Geology Investigation43
Apollo Lunar Geology Hand Tools45
Lunar Orbital Science49
Gamma-Ray Spectrometer49
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer49
Alpha-Particle Spectrometer49
Lunar Orbital Science Experiment Assignments
Mass Spectrometer50
Panoramic Camera50
Mapping Camera51
Laser Altimeter51
UV Photography-Earth and Moon55
Gegenschein from Lunar Orbit55
CSM/LM S-Band Transponder55
Bistatic Radar Experiment56
Apollo Window Meteoroid56
Medical Experiments and Tests56
Microbial Response in Space Environment56
Visual Light Flash Phenomenon57
Bone Mineral Measurement57
Engineering/Operational Tests and Demonstration57
Skylab Contamination Study58
Skylab Food Package58
Improved Gas/Water Separator58
Improved Fecal Collection Bag58
Electrophoretic Separation Demonstration58
Lunar Roving Vehicle59
General Description59
Mobility System61
Crew Station63
Navigation System64
Power System65
Thermal Control65
Stowage and Deployment65
Lunar Communications Relay Unit (LCRU)66
Television and Ground Commanded Television Assembly67
Photographic Equipment69
Astronaut Equipment71
Space Suit71
Personal Hygiene72
Survival Kit73
Medical Kits73
Crew Food System73
Apollo 16 Flags, Lunar Module Plaque76
Saturn V Launch Vehicle76
Apollo Spaceraft78
Launch Escape System78
Command Module78
Service Module79
Spacecraft-LM Adapter Structure79
Lunar Module79
Crew Biographies81
Spaceflight Tracking & Data Support Network88
NASA Communications Network (NASCOM)88
Environmental Impact of Apollo/Saturn V Mission90
Program Management91
Conversion Table93
Tables and Illustrations
Apollo 16 vs Apollo 15 Operational Differences11
Apollo 16 Flight Profile12
Comparison of Apollo Missions13
Launch Events13
Apollo 16 In-Flight Activities14
Apollo 1614
Powered Descent Vehicle Positions16
Approach Phase17
Apollo 16 Crew Post-Landing Activities17
Apollo 16 Alternate Missions17
First View of Descartes20
Film Retrieval From the Sim Bay20
Apollo 16 Recovery21
Apollo 16 Traverse Comparison with Apollo 1521
Descartes LRV Traverses22
Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Timeline23
Summary Time Line23
Near LM Lunar Surface Activity24
Apollo 16 Walking Traverse24
Apollo 16 Traverses - Geologic Sketch27
Apollo Landing Sites28
Lunar Surface Science Experiment Assignments28
Lunar Surface Experiment Scientific Discipline Contribution Correlation29
Apollo 16 ALSEP Deployment30
S-IVB/IU Impact32
Lunar Impact Target for Spent LM Ascent Stage32
Lunar Magnetic Environment34
Active Seismic Experiment37
Active Seismic Experiment Mortar Mode Concept38
Soil Mechanics Experiment Penetrometer40
Lunar Portable Magnetometer41
Tripod-Mounted Schmidt Electronographic UV Camera/Spectroscope42
Lunar Geology Hand Tools47
Lunar Geology Sample Containers48
Apollo 16 Orbital Timeline50
Apollo 16 Potential Lunar Orbit Coverage51
Mission SIM Bay Science Equipment Installation52
Apollo Mapping Camera Systems53
Apollo Subsatellite54
SIM Bay Subsatellite Experiments Concepts54
LRV Without Stowed Payload60
LRV Components and Dimensions61
LRV Wheel62
LRV Crew Station Components Control and Display Console63
Hand Controller64
LRV Deployment Sequence66
Lunar Field Geology Equipment Stowage on LRV67
Apollo 16 Television Events69
TV and Photographic Equipment70
Extravehicular Mobility Unit71
Apollo 16 Menu - Blue74
Apollo 16 - LMII Menu75
Apollo 16 Pantry Stowage Items75
Saturn V Launch Vehicle77
Command Module78
Lunar Module80
Manned Space Flight Tracking Network89
Apollo/Saturn officials92
Conversion Table93
Pre-Mission Operation Report
Summary of Apollo/Saturn Flights96
NASA OMSF Mission Objectives for Apollo 1697
Mission Operations97
Launch Windows97
Launch through TLI98
Translunar Coast through LOI98
DOI through Landing99
Landing Site Descartes Region100
Lunar Surface Operations100
EVA Periods102
Lunar Orbit Operations105
TLI through Landing106
Post Landing Operations107
Alternate Missions107
Experiments, Detailed Objectives, In-Flight Demonstrations, Operational Tests108
Detailed Objectives114
In-flight Demonstration115
Operational Test115
Mission Configuration and Differences115
TV and Photographic Equipment117
Flight Crew Data118
Mission Management Responsibility120
Abbreviations and Acronyms121
1Apollo 16 Flight Profile98
2DOI, Separation, & CSM Circularization99
3Apollo 16 Landing Site100
4Descartes LRV Traverses101
5Near LM Lunar Surface Activity102
6Apollo 16 ALSEP Deployment103
7Apollo 16 EVA-1 Timeline104
8Apollo 16 EVA-2 Timeline104
9Apollo 16 EVA-3 Timeline105
10Apollo 16 Prime Crew119
1Launch Windows97
2TV and Photographic Equipment118
Post Mission Operation Report
NASA OMSF Mission Objectives for Apollo 16123
Assessment of Apollo 16123
Launch, Earth Parking Orbit, & TLI124
Translunar Coast124
LOI and S-IVB Impact126
Descent Orbit126
Undocking Powered Descent & Landing127
Lunar Surface127
Ascent Rendezvous & Docking130
TLI and Coast130
Entry & Landing131
Astronaut Recovery Operations131
Command Module Retrieval Operations131
Systems Performance131
Flight Crew Performance132
Surface Science132
In-flight science137
1Landing Site & Traverses129
2Moon Positions Relative to Earth-Sun Line136
1Apollo 16 Objectives & experiments139
2Apollo 16 achievements141
3Apollo 16 Powered Flight sequence of Events141
4Apollo 16 Mission Sequence of Events142
5Apollo 16 Translunar & Maneuver Summary143
6Apollo 16 Lunar Orbit Summary143
7Apollo 16 Lunar Orbit Summary144
8TransEarth Maneuver Summary144
9Consumables Summary145
10Launch Vehicle Discrepancy145
11CSM Discrepancy Summary146
12LM Discrepancy Summary146
13LRV Discrepancy Summary146
14Crew/Experiment Discrepancy Summary147
Technical Crew Debriefing
Suiting and Ingress149
Status Checks and Countdown149
Powered Flight152
Earth Orbit and Systems Checkout155
Tli Through S-IVB Closeout156
Translunar Coast160
LOI, DOI, Lunar Module Checkout175
Activation Through Separation180
Separation Through LM Touchdown186
Lunar Surface191
Third EVA220
CSM Circumlunar Operations228
Lift-Off, Rendezvous, and Docking235
Lunar Module Jettison Through Tei239
Transearth Coast242
Landing and Recovery260
Command Module Systems Operations275
Lunar Module Systems Operations281
LRV Operations283
EMU Systems284
Flight Equipment286
Flight Data File288
Visual Sightings295
Premission Planning295
Mission Control296
Human Factors296

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