Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Europe and China, 1500-1800

Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Europe and China, 1500-1800

by Peter N Miller, Francois Louis

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This book is a project in comparative history, but along two distinct axes, one historical and the other historiographical. Its purpose is to constructively juxtapose the early modern European and Chinese approaches to historical study that have been called "antiquarian." As an exercise in historical recovery, the essays in this volume amass new information about the range of antiquarian-type scholarship on the past, on nature, and on peoples undertaken at either end of the Eurasian landmass between 1500 and 1800. As a historiographical project, the book challenges the received---and often very much under conceptualized---use of the term "antiquarian" in both European and Chinese contexts. Readers will not only learn more about the range of European and Chinese scholarship on the past---and especially the material past---but they will also be able to integrate some of the historiographical observations and corrections into new ways of conceiving of the history of historical scholarship in Europe since the Renaissance, and to reflect on the impact of these European terms on Chinese approaches to the Chinese past. This comparison is a two-way street, with the European tradition clarified by knowledge of Chinese practices, and Chinese approaches better understood when placed alongside the European ones.

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ISBN-13: 9780472028269
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Publication date: 06/13/2012
Series: The Bard Graduate Center Cultural Histories of the Material World
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 426
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About the Author

Peter N. Miller is Dean and Professor at the Bard Graduate Center. He is the Series Editor for Cultural Histories of the Material World. 
François Louis is Associate Professor at the Bard Graduate Center.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction: Antiquarianism and Intellectual Life in Europe and China - Peter N. Miller and François Louis Part 1: Antiquarianism and the Study of the Past One: Writing Antiquarianism: Prolegomenon to a History - Peter N. Miller Two: The Many Dimensions of the Antiquary’s Practice - Alain Schnapp Three: Far and Away? Japan, China, and Egypt, and the Ruins of Ancient Rome in Justus Lipsius’s Intellectual Journey - Jan Papy Four: Comparing Antiquarianisms: A View from Europe - Peter N. Miller Part 2: Authenticity and Antiquities Five: The Credulity Problem - Christopher S. Wood Six: Artifacts of Authentication: People Making Texts Making Things in Ming-Qing China - Bruce Rusk Part 3: The Discovery of the World Seven: Styles of Medical Antiquarianism - Nancy G. Siraisi Eight: Therapy and Antiquity in Late Imperial China - Nathan Sivin Nine: Wang Shizhen and Li Shizhen: Archaism and Early Scientific Thought in Sixteenth-Century China - Kenneth J. Hammond Ten: The Botany of Cheng Yaotian (1725–1814): Multiple Perspectives on Plants - Georges Métailié Part 4: Antiquarianism and Ethnography Eleven: The Study of Islam in Early Modern Europe: Obstacles and Missed Opportunities - Noel Malcolm Twelve: Thinking About “Non-Chinese” in Ming China - Leo K. Shin Part 5: Antiquarianism and a “History of Religion” Thirteen: From Antiquarianism to Philosophical History: India, China, and the World History of Religion in European Thought (1600–1770) - Joan-Pau Rubiés Fourteen: Whose Antiquarianism? Europe versus China in the 1701 Conflict between Bishop Maigrot and Qiu Sheng - D. E. Mungello Fifteen: From Antiquarian Imagination to the Reconstruction of Institutions: Antonius van Dale on Religion - Martin Mulsow List of Contributors Index

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